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Weed Tourism, it’s a Thing – A Guide to Planet Earth’s Weed Friendly Destinations

Weed tourism. Had you said that to me 20 years ago I would have said: “as if.” With marijuana legalization on the rise, people are actively seeking places to trail blaze (pun intended).


Fact: when researching this article I found over 100k monthly google searches just for legal marijuana, weed legalization, marijuana legalization, and so on.


This is probably due to people within legalized states, like Arkansas, interested in obtaining a medical marijuana card in order to find the different products available to them.


Even though research is limited when it comes to some cannabis variations, there are big hopes that many of the cannabis products being brought to market today will have medical benefits for those that wish to consume medical marijuana in some form.


Travel with marijuana, history of cbd


I aspire to be a stoner when I’m retired. Why? Because God knows I don’t have the time, money, or caloric deficit to be one now. But oh those college days…Still, there are tons, literally tons of people firing it up on the reg.


Recreational marijuana legalization is not as taboo as it once was. But what about those who can’t toke up? They live in one of the 46 states where burning a fat one is still illegal or maybe, like me, they don’t have the time to spare. Ding, ding, they travel!


I mean, after all, a vacation is meant to decompress, regroup and relax right? So, if you’re up in smoke, surely your mission will be accomplished.


And for this reason, I’ve put together this guide of weed-friendly places to visit. So whip out that bucket list!


Weed is either legal or decriminalized — which means you can possess small amounts for personal use — in more places around the world than ever before.


Marijuana legalization opens new doors for tokers.


Enthusiast Tip: Now I by no means condone anything illegal, but if you live in a place where growing a plant or two of your own is on the up, then let me recommend cannabis seeds online which I discovered while researching this for this article.


Cannabis Weed Marijuana Pot Ganjah Marihuana
Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash


The Weed Tourist Guide to Weed-Friendly Places to Visit


Toker’s Tip: Don’t be “that guy” smoking weed in public in most places is a no-go. The general rule applies to keep your smoke to yourself. 


Even if laws are 420 friendly or the destination has legalized recreational use be considerate of those around you.


Consider portable vaporizer as an alternative to smoking as it is a more discrete option and more convenient for travel!  Make sure you get the most up-to-date info on a destination’s laws before you go.


These things are always changing. 


Finally, always use the low profile method. Just because these places are cool with it, that doesn’t mean you should start passing the bong around on a park bench. 


And while you’re at it, check out Bud and Breakfast the lodging search engine for weed-friendly accommodations.  


North America marijuana legalization weed tourism


marijuana legalization weed tourism
Colorful wildflowers, green fields, white clouds, and blue skies at Molas Pass (el. 10,910 ft./3325 m.) in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. Photo by Robert Cross under the Creative Commons License



Marijuana legalization happened in January of 2014 for recreational marijuana in Colorado. This means you can possess up to ONE ounce of the funky monkey. Anything over that is a no-go.


You must be 21 and if you’re a traveler (more than likely this is you if you’re reading this) you can buy a quarter of an ounce with each transaction.


Colorado is a beautiful place to explore, fire it up and take it all in (the sights and the smoke).


Oregon marijuana legalization weed tourism
Cannon Beach, Oregon  Photo by Diana Robinson under the Creative Commons License



This is a new one on the list. Marijuana legalization made recreational marijuana legal here this year, on my birthday of all dates! July 1, 2015.


If you go this year you’ll be able to tell people you went the year it was legalized.


BUT this is one of the medical marijuana legalization states which means you can’t buy unless you HAVE A MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD. Like Colorado, Oregon has countless places rich in natural beauty.


Alaska northern lights marijuana legalization weed tourism
This was a good weekend for aurora watching up at Wickersham Dome  Photo by FairbanksMike under the Creative Commons License



Another newbie in the land of marijuana legalization is Alaska as it became the third weed-friendly state in February of this year. Still, like Oregon, it’s one of the medical marijuana states.


So the same rule applies as in Oregon. But if you’re there and you’re baked, can I just say seeing the Aurora Borealis is a must and will make your high school laser light show at the local planetarium seem like child’s play.


Washington state marijuana legalization weed tourism
The forest at the top of the Lake Serene trail near Index, WA Photo by NullSynapse under the Creative Commons License



Washington was the second of the U.S. states to pass marijuana legalization.


Recreational marijuana in Washington is much like Colorado whereas adults can possess up to one ounce of retail marijuana, but unlike Colorado, out-of-staters can buy as much as residents (one ounce).


This is another amazingly beautiful place to visit with countless breathtaking vistas and natural landscapes.


Jamaica marijuana legalization weed tourism
Seven Mile Beach Jamaica Photo by Jenni Konrad under the Creative Commons License



Despite popular belief, weed legalization in Jamaica just happened this year. People are allowed up to two fat ounces of the dank.


With its beautiful beaches, this is definitely a place to smoke out and chill.


Costa Rica marijuana legalization weed tourism
Near the Arenal Observatory Lodge – Volcanoes, rainforests, waterfalls, surf, and mountains, what more could you really want? Photo by Sathish J under the Creative Commons License

Costa Rica


Another destination that is rich in natural beauty, is Costa Rica. Possession of small amounts of marijuana is decriminalized here.


With the surfing and rain forest, breathtaking waterfalls, and wildlife, it’s no wonder there’s a huge weed scene here.


South America marijuana legalization weed tourism


 Machu Picchu marijuana legalization weed tourism
Machu Picchu Photo by Bruce Tuten under the Creative Commons License



Not as lenient as some places in the states, but how much weed do you actually need to take up and see amazing places like Machu Picchu. With weed being decriminalized in Peru you can hold up to eight grams before you’re in trouble.


If you ask me that’s pretty dope.


Colombia marijuana legalization weed tourism
San Bernardo, Bogota, Distrito Especial Photo by Liz under the Creative Commons License



Another great place to explore mountains and hills. Not my favorite destination of choice but nonetheless a place where weed has been decriminalized since 1994.


You can have up to 22 grams without being charged!


Uruguay marijuana legalization weed tourism
Paragliding in Punta Ballena Punta del Este, Maldonado, Uruguay. Photo by Jimmy Baikovicius under the Creative Commons License



Weed is legal here! Again, marijuana legalization for all! Oh wait…you can’t actually buy it here BUT you can smoke it all day long. How does that work? Do you just have it given to you?


Ecuador marijuana legalization weed tourism
Quilotoa is a water-filled caldera and the most western volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes. Photo by Daran Kandasamy under the Creative Commons License



Decriminalized but not legalized. Still, there are plenty of beautiful places to explore where you can toke up and chill.


Argentina marijuana legalization weed tourism
Lago Argentino, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina Photo by Aldo Carettoni under the Creative Commons License



Marijuana use here is decriminalized for recreational use which gives you plenty of opportunities to burn one and kick it in one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Europe marijuana legalization weed tourism


Amsterdam marijuana legalization weed tourism
Amsterdam is a beautiful city. Photo by faungg’s photos under the Creative Commons License



Where everyone went before everyone else started marijuana legalization. Here you can have up to five grams of marijuana in public, and possession is legal in coffee shops and decriminalized for public use. 


Amsterdam is a beautiful city rich in history and art. I highly recommend it. And I highly recommend a space shake or two.


Portugal marijuana legalization weed tourism
Lagos, Faro, Portugal Photo by Tim Venchus under the Creative Commons License




This is a free-for-all country where, in 2001, they decriminalized the use of ALL drugs. You can possess up to 25 grams of weed for personal use.


There’s tons of history and natural landscapes to explore. Definitely one of my top choices.


Christiana marijuana legalization weed tourism
Christiana Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark Photo by Valentin d’Ersu under the Creative Commons License

Christiana, Denmark (in Copenhagen)


In this one little spot in Copenhagen for some reason, marijuana is legal. Its laws are separate from Denmark. You can actually buy up to several kilos on “Pusher Street” like what?!


Asia marijuana legalization weed tourism


Nepal marijuana legalization weed tourism
 This mountain is called ‘Aama Bhujung’, which means a pregnant mother in the local language. Locals believe that visiting this mountain can cure one’s infertility. This mountain couple is located few kilometers north of the Nghe Kharka, a Himalayan Shangri-la. Photo by Dhilung Kiratunder the Creative Commons License



Talk about finding your Zen. I mean, isn’t this like the poster child for stoner paradise? Hitting the old peace pipe with Buddhists… All true and need I say stunning!


Cambodia marijuana legalization weed tourism
The beauty and mystical ambiance of Ta Prohm. Angkor, Cambodia. Photo by Peter Nijenhuis under the Creative Commons License



Here is the one exception where burning a fatty in public is legit. Weed is decriminalized here, and with their loose laws, It’s a very common sight to see people buying and smoking marijuana in public.


Look for “happy” restaurants for weed-filled foods. But seriously though, how about Angkor! Completely breathtaking.


Call it what you may, the 420 vacay, marijuana lust, stoner’s weekender…whatever you call it, weed tourism is pretty dope. Marijuana legalization around the globe is inspiring more and more people to travel.


Happy burning and safe travels!



Christa Thompson

Christa Thompson is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Fairytale Traveler. She started traveling the world in 2003 when she attended a summer abroad study at the University of Cambridge in England. Since then, her wanderlust has been fierce. Her three passions in life are her son, traveling, and being creative. The Fairytale Traveler brand gives Christa the opportunity to do all of these things and to live intentionally every day. "It's never too late to believe in what you love and to pursue your dreams." -Christa Thompson

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