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How To Choose the Right Dog Collar for Your Fur Babies

Choosing the best dog collars for your dog(s) is almost as important as walking your dog regularly – and note that walking time is one of the most significant moments with your dog!


In addition to helping you exercise and expend energy, you build an even stronger bond.


But choosing the wrong dog collar can leave your pet unprotected, hurt it and even help it behave the wrong way during the walk.


At the same time, there is not just one type of perfect dog collar, although some types such as spiked dog collars are quite popular for larger breeds.


The most suitable option for your furry friend depends on their needs. To help mothers and fathers of dogs not to make a mistake in choosing the best dog collars, we have prepared a guide with the main types of collars. Look that!


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Choosing the Best Dog Collars

The Main Types of Dog Collars


These are the most common types of dog collars available on the market:


  1. Traditional necklace
  2. Obedience necklace
  3. Chest collars
  4. Anti-pull chest collar
  5. Gentle leader (halter collar)


To choose the ideal one for your puppy, you need to understand the main points of each one. Check out a little more about each type of dog collar:


cute dog


Traditional Necklace Collars


More discreet and popular, it has thousands of options in colors, prints, materials and sizes. Some models are manufactured with a very thick width and are usually used on elongated necks. This is the case, for example, of whippets and greyhounds.


Choosing the best dog collars


Obedience Necklace Collars


In this model, the guide and the collar are one. This means that when the dog pulls, the leash is tensioned. This decreases the size of the necklace by squeezing the neck. In order not to feel discomfort, he starts to avoid that behavior.


Precisely because of “hanging”, the use of this type of dog collar is quite controversial among specialists in animal behavior and trainers.


Choosing the best dog collars


Chest Collars


The most used in small dogs, the chest collar has positive and negative points. If on the one hand, it helps to preserve the neck region of these animals, which is more delicate, the guide can stimulate him to create the habit of pulling during the entire tour.


Choosing the best dog collars


Anti-pull Chest Collars


Also called the easy walk chest, it is very similar to the traditional model. But there is a fundamental difference: the guide hook is not on the back, but on the chest.


Thus, every time he tries to pull, he will be dragged to the side and end up turning inward (towards you).


Choosing the best dog collars


Gentle Leader (halter collar)

This dog collar is often mistaken for a muzzle or some kind of gag, because it has a strip on the top of the muzzle, very close to the eyes. If properly placed, it does not hurt, cause pain, or stress the animal.


On the contrary, it is one of the best options to educate dogs that pull a lot during the walk.


Choosing the best dog collars


How to Find the Ideal Collar

Nowadays, the different types of dog collars can be easily found on the market. From traditional collaring to educational guides, the best thing to do is to understand your dog’s specific needs.


Choosing the best dog collars doesn’t have to be rocket science. Follow this guide and you should find


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