8 Tips to Travel Economically as a Broke College Student

I get asked a lot of travel tips. Especially from students have to travel on a budget. Even as a broke freshman college student I traveled to 11 countries.


Most people don’t know they can find a number of deals on the internet. And as a travel blogger, I see a lot of them.


So, I’m happy to share with you the ways you can save on just about any trip.


How to Travel on a Budget When You’re a Student


Flights are always very costly. And while there is no secret brand to fly for cheap, you can still use a site like Scott’s Cheap Flights that gives you substantial flash sales to your inbox.


I could manage to buy tickets to fly next month to Thailand and Bangkok for just $460.


In fact, the low season is a great time to buy flight tickets at the lowest price.


Summer season is the low season in Asia whereas winter season is low season for Europe. So, you can get plane tickets at tremendously low prices if you consider low seasons while planning your trips.


Of course, there are some other pro blogger budget flight hacks to know too.


Another smart alternative is using a travel gift card from companies such as Skyhour.


If you have a birthday or special occasion coming up, you should let your friends and family know that you’re interested in getting skyhours to make sure you end up getting something you actually want and will make the most out of.


These skyhours can be accumulated and used towards booking your desired flights. How perfect is this?


What’s the Right Time to Start the Trip


The low season is the best time to start your trip, as mentioned above. In the winter season, I traveled to Europe and experienced a number of benefits.


Tourists usually show you pictures of Europe in the summer season. Unfortunately, everything becomes very costly during the summer season due to an increase in demand.


Spring can also be a good season to visit Europe but still, things can be a bit more costly than winter.


However, if you travel to Europe in winter you can see a lot of things that summer tourists miss out on, like going to Lake Como in Italy or skiing on the Alps in Switzerland.


Honestly speaking, during winter season nothing can be more beautiful than Amsterdam.


Bring a Friend with You


In the long run, bringing a friend with you on a foreign trip can help you save a lot of money. The division of the costs of food and accommodation etc. between the both of you will save money which can reduce the overall budget of your trip.


You can use these savings to make your trip more enjoyable and have extra funds to spend on yourself during your travels. 


Places to Stay on a Budget


In Europe, Airbnb is a very good option for accommodation during the winter. Airbnb can provide travelers with some really nice flats, unique overnights, rooms, or even entire homes.



In this way, you can save a lot of money through Airbnb along with meeting a number of locals. However, if you do not want to do an Airbnb then you can also find a number of deals offered by various hotels.


I opted to stay at the Marriot for the free breakfast they offered me.


Avoid Eating Out to Save


Eating out can increase your travel budget. My experience of eating out in Europe was not always good. However, a few things can be worth eating out like pizza and pasta.


Still, you can save lots of money for things like souvenirs by stocking up some food whenever you go to the supermarket.


Or, if you stay in a hotel with breakfast, get a big breakfast, a snack for lunch and then you only have to eat out once a day.


places-to-eat-in-dusseldorf-christa-thompson, travel on a budget


Search for Free Tours


Many European cities offer free tours. You can search for such tours instead of traveling at your own expense. This can be a good way to save money for other things like eating out or buying gifts for friends and family. 


You also want to make sure you’re not spending too much money on transportation. You could easily spend more money on Uber cabs than riding the public transit (like the Metro in Paris or the Tube in London). 


Make Money While You Travel so You Have Income Coming In


If you want to earn money while you travel you can share your experiences as a broke college student traveler with others. You can even start a travel blog as I have!


You might find that a lack of time can hinder this plan. So, I the beginning I can recommend you try an essay writing service like RapidEssay.com to help you with content.


It is a service which can solve some of your problems relating to academic writing such as essay, research paper writing or you can order write my book report as well.


Travel on a budget does not have to stop you from seeing the world. And if you want to document your travels in an editorial manner so you can later publish a blog, you have options to help you along the way.


Now you just have to worry about getting amazing photos!

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