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8 Best Fishing Apps for Traveling Anglers

Are you gearing up for a fishing trip and confident that you’re going to snag a big one? Do you feel like you’ve covered all the premium local fishing spots?


If your answer to both of these questions is a resounding no, keep reading. In this post, we’ll talk about the best fishing apps on iOS and Android and what they’re best used for.


That way, whether you’re packing bags or just staying local, you’ll have the best tools at your fingertips. Literally. 


The Best Fishing Apps for the Modern Angler

While fishing is a popular recreational activity, it is not as easy as it appears to be. A productive fishing session requires the perfect blend of success analysis, accurate weather prediction, and data to track your progress.


And this is where having the best fishing apps takes the cake. 


The best fishing apps aren’t just equipped with top-of-the-line GPS tracking and spot-saving features. They are also incredibly easy to use and pack additional advanced features under the hood to truly elevate the fishing experience.


That said, below are eight of the best fishing apps for you to use whether you’re staying local or packing up the old tackle box for an adventure. 

fishing apps, places to fish

1. FishAngler

First on our list of fishing apps is FishAngler. Planning your fishing trip has never been easier, thanks to FishAngler, one of the best fishing apps available.


This app is trusted by millions of anglers around the world—so you know it’s good. Using real-time meteorological data, FishAngler provides accurate predictions of where and when is best to throw your bait.


Want to know what the weather conditions will be like? From water temperatures to wind speeds, the seven-day marine forecast will let you know what to expect when you’re out on the water.


And with the Advanced Map Layers feature, you can explore an extensive database of oceans, lakes, and rivers that will include fishing spots, buoys, catches, and more. 


The elaborate in-app logbook allows you to keep track of your biggest catches and the conditions behind them, so you can repeat your successes again and again. It also allows you to connect with anglers in your locality and from around the world.


Create groups, share your catches, and bond over your favorite fishing tips and techniques. Best of all, FishAngler offers all of these services—and more—to you for free.

fishing apps, places to fish

2. Fishbrain

Next up on our list of the best fishing apps for anglers to have this year is Fishbrain. Recording catches manually is a real hassle, but Fishbrain makes it a breeze with a one-click logbook.


It will keep track of what you caught, where it was caught, and the gear you used to catch it, which will help you identify the patterns that lead to fantastic catches. Have you ever found yourself in a great fishing spot that you want to return to?


The waypoint feature is perhaps the coolest feature on Fishbrain, which allows you to mark all the special places you’ve been to and the kind of fish you caught while you were there. It also includes a forecast feature that can help you identify the best species to target at specific times of the day or month. 


Fishbrain offers these high-end features for $9.99 per month or $74.99 per year with the Fishbrain Pro option, but they also offer a more basic app for free.

fishing apps, places to fish


The fishing industry is experiencing a revolution in data usage thanks to the ANGLR Bullseye. From weather reporting to tracking your fishing history, this multi-dynamic app automatically records your current GPS location as soon as you launch it.


You can map out previously visited places you wish to return to and discover new ones!


Built with an integrated weather tracking system, ANGLR can track weather conditions minute by minute. The application receives weather data from nearby buoys and weather stations and transmits it to you so you will always be aware of when any impending bad weather will arrive. 


Instead of squandering a whole day, the app can also forecast future fishing expeditions by analyzing patterns and trends.


And the best part? With its automatic spot recording features, you don’t have to worry about losing lucrative fishing spots. It’s not hard to see why ANGLR made it to our list of the best fishing apps to have this year.

fishing apps, places to fish

4. ProAngler:

Designed for saltwater fishing, ProAngler has become one of the best fishing apps to have for a few reasons.


First of all, the app comes with a built-in map with prime GPS fishing hot spots. There are 7,500 hot spots to pick from spread over 60 major sites on the map. 


In addition to tracking your location, you can find the optimal time to go fishing as per the moon’s phase with its solunar forecast. 


The app also publishes weekly reports from local captains with pertinent information about the current fishing conditions. However, its most distinguishable trait is the Species Identifier feature.


You can photograph the fish and use species identification to determine what sort it is. After you unhook the fish, the species identification will advise you on how to handle it safely.

fishing apps, places to fish

5. Fishidy:

Fishidy is another one of the best fishing apps to have. It comes with free and paid membership. Anglers can document their catches and trip statistics, share them with friends, and link them to real-time locations on maps integrated with Fishing Hot Spots.


The app also allows anglers to upload images of their fish to the online “bragging board” and obtain hundreds of pro tips through the Fishidy app.


The fact that their whole network is based on maps makes it possible for anglers to quickly identify patterns and trends in their data without maintaining their records.


The premium version even provides access to depth information like bottom composition, submerged flora, submerged buildings, and fishing hot spots with GPS coordinates. It also offers offline mapping when you don’t have internet access.

fishing apps, places to fish

6. Navionics:

Next on our list of the best fishing apps to have for those of you who are out on a boat often is Navionics. Having access to software for detailed chart analysis can be a life savior. The Navionics app does exactly that.


The Navionics Boating app delivers thorough offshore marine and interior lake maps to your mobile device for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving, and other water-related activities.


Based on chart data and navigational aids, the software can automatically generate a suggested route from a beginning point to a real finishing position. It offers sophisticated route planning, including ETA, travel time, heading to waypoints, fuel consumption, and more.


Because it places the contour map wherever you are, the Navionics app is especially fantastic for ice fishermen who frequently lack GPS capabilities.

fishing apps, places to fish

7. Angler’s Log:

Don’t want a complicated app with excessive functionality? Check out Angler’s Log. This straightforward but practical journaling tool allows you to record your catches while keeping tabs on the spot, bait, and size of the fish.


The app also allows you to share this information with your contacts and even lets you store pictures of your catches for display purposes.

fishing apps, places to fish

8. GoWild:

Finally, the last of the best fishing apps to have this year is Go Wild Hunting Fishing Outdoor if you’re looking for other fishermen who share your interests to chat with online. It’s the equivalent of Twitter for the fishing community, where you can create a feed of your fishing exploits to share with others who share your interests.


Along with gear reviews, there is a retail element, putting more of an emphasis on finding and buying new equipment.


Your Next Great Catch is Just an App Away

Some fishing apps are the perfect blend of tried, tested, and true. Some of them are available for free while others require a premium subscription, but they all serve one purpose: to make your next catch the greatest one yet.


A day on the water should be a thrilling and fuss-free experience, not another headache. The last thing you want is to be on an incredible fishing trip and find yourself frustrated. These are the best fishing apps to make sure that you’re fishing trips are flawless.


Not all of these apps can be found on both iOS and Android. Please check your device accordingly.

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