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The Vampire Diaries filming locations, Mystic Grill

The Vampire Diaries Filming Locations – A Guide to Covington

I’m obsessed with The Vampire Diaries so, when I ran out of episodes I did what I do best, travel. And what better way to get the fix of your favorite neck-biting vamps than by squeezing in a weekender to Covington to explore The Vampire Diaries filming locations?


The Vampire Diaries Filming Locations in Covington, GA

If you’re a total Vampire Stalker you are going to flip out when you go to Mystic Falls, or as we call it in the real world, Covington, Georgia. Like you, I’m a huge fan, and hitting up The Vampire Diaries filming locations has been on my bucket list for a while.


No, I haven’t been watching it since 2009 when it started, but when I finally got on the wagon, I binge-watched every single episode in a matter of a month. Yes, a month. Let me tell you, it’s a whole new level of geekery and I highly recommend it. 


How much will that cost me? Some budget-friendly tips to keep your money in your pocket.

Okay, okay, you’re budget-minded and I get that. Naturally, you want to get right to it. Is this even a feasible trip? No sense in getting your fangs out if you can’t actually afford it.


The good news, visiting Georgia is actually pretty budget-friendly. Here are some pointers to keep you winning:


Flying Into Atlanta

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is a flight hub, one of the largest in the U.S. This means your flights are much cheaper than say if you were trying to fly into Tampa. Hey, even I like to save money (there’s always a kid or an animal who needs it more than I do).


Renting a Car

Really, you’re going to have to do this. Covington is a hot minute outside of the city. Plus, it’s the kind of place to check out and deserves more than a once-over. I always rent from Kayak… It’s just plain cheap.


Where to Stay

Well, this depends on your “Katherine” level. I’m a total Katherine when it comes to lodging. Call me spoiled but the hotel industry was my first career. I like unique places to stay, especially historic (and in light of the theme here, a historic inn is perfectly fitting)!


I can recommend the Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast. Firstly, because they actually use this property for filming and secondly, because it came highly recommended to me by the Covington Visitor’s Bureau (and they don’t just put travel bloggers anywhere…we get the goods).


Apart from this, you can always save when using Kayak in Atlanta which is just a half-hour away. I’m not paid by Kayak, I just really love Kayak.


While you’re at it, if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you may as well knock that geek trip off your list too! It’s just an hour from Covington! 

The Vampire Diaries filming locations

Vampire Stalkers Mystic Falls Tours – Winging it Versus Having a Guide

Okay so, now that we’ve sorted that, let’s start talking! The Vampire Diaries filming locations in Covington A.K.A. Mystic Falls, are pretty much public property which gives you one of two options. You can either wing it, or you can take a guided tour.


Personally, I prefer the guided tour (and I generally dislike tours they bore the crap out of me), but when it comes to a film (the one you know darn well you’re crack-addicted to) a guided tour is anything but boring.


The ONLY tour to take for this is the Vampire Stalkers Mystic Falls TourIt will run you $55 USD/person and worth every dime. Plus, it’s partnered with the Ian Somerhalder Foundation which I love.


There are three and only three reasons I opted to take a guided tour of Mystic Falls with Vampire Stalkers over chumming it along on my own:


Jessica, the guide (and founder of Vampire Stalkers Mystic Falls Tours) knows more than you I do about The Vampire Diaries filming locations. She’s from Covington, Georiga, she’s been watching The Vampire Diaries filming since it began in 2009, and she knows the cast.


This means that taking this tour will leave you with insider knowledge and backstories you otherwise NEVER would have known. Oh, and her startup story is awesome too. She is overall just a ball of sunshine and adored by the cast and of course now me.


Mystic Falls Tours has access to the VERY private Lockwood Mansion estate where loads upon loads of scenes have been filmed. When you wing it you just get the creepy drive-by version. AND, you don’t get to meet George Lockwood, the infamous fabulous feline.


You may get to actually see (some of the former) cast of The Vampire Diaries while you’re there.


Now, I’m not guaranteeing anything, but let’s just say they are known to ham it up with fans when they are done, and being seen with Jess is never going to hurt the situation.

Mystic Falls Square in Covington, The Vampire Diaries filming locations
The Courthouse from the Square.

Here are some of The Vampire Diaries’ filming locations I was able to see on the Mystic Falls Tour.

Just so you know, there’s a pretty little photo gallery at the end of this article for you to explore. Back in the day before Google updated a million trillion times, I had these images embedded under each location. But, in order to optimize this post to its fullest potential, I had to make a gallery so, keep reading to check that out.


The Square

Many scenes are shot here. Bench scenes, town scenes, and more. As soon as you stand in The Square you feel like you’re in the show. It’s pretty cool.


Elena’s Father’s Doctor’s Office

The show has to remove the props because people tend to steal them. This one got to stay though! Pretty cool!


The Mystic Grill

Gah! The Mystic Grill like for really reals! So cool hearing about all the scenes filmed here. You can actually eat inside, however, keep in mind all the inside stuff is filmed at a soundstage. P.S. the food is UHMAZE!


Mystic Falls Courthouse

When you roll into Covington this hits you! Boom, you’re in Mystic Falls. This is really the icon of the exterior set of Mystic Falls.


The Damon and Elena Rain Kiss Scene

We all melted when we saw this one. Like c’mon, this is one of the most memorable scenes in the series!


Whitmore Campus

Movie magic turns this into Whitmore Campus. Pretty cool! This is actually a local park which is very peaceful and serene.


Where Bonnie Stops Matt’s Heart

In the current season, we all just saw how Bonnie used her witchy magic to stop Matt’s heart and barely start it again. Whew! That was here!


The Lockwood Mansion

Such an amazing estate. This historic real-life home is Tyler Lockwood’s home in Mystic Falls. Lots of cool parties and scenes shot here. You can’t miss George either. He’s the resident spotlight stealer. He loves attention, so expect him to come around when you’re there!


The Cemetery

Most of the cemetery scenes are done at the soundstage, but this has been used for scenes before.


And just for fun! The stars in town:

All around The Square, you will find pavers in the sidewalks. Among them are the pressings of Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore), Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore), Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert/Katherine), and the Worthington Manor (Lockwood Mansion).


Check out my gallery of Covington!


In Closing

Now I know you’re stoked. If you’re like me you’re an uber-fan and you swear you have to make it to Mystic Falls or you’ll die. Please remember while we all love TVD, there are some things you just shouldn’t do.


As in… don’t be that person that ruins it for everyone. No one likes that person.


If you see talent (they are really cool and often will come by to say hello if they have time), please keep in mind these people work 12-16 hour days. They have a lot of responsibility to remember lines and get into the characters we all love.


Don’t be an ass. Use your best judgment.


Don’t ever steal anything from the set. Sure it’s a trophy but at what cost? This type of move will cause nothing but problems for the people who aren’t doing these things. For more information on visiting Covington and the greater Atlanta area to explore The Vampire Diaries filming locations, please visit: The Covington CVB

Christa Thompson

Christa Thompson is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Fairytale Traveler. She started traveling the world in 2003 when she attended a summer abroad study at the University of Cambridge in England. Since then, her wanderlust has been fierce. Her three passions in life are her son, traveling, and being creative. The Fairytale Traveler brand gives Christa the opportunity to do all of these things and to live intentionally every day. "It's never too late to believe in what you love and to pursue your dreams." -Christa Thompson

164 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries Filming Locations – A Guide to Covington

    1. I want to take my daughter to stay at the bed and breakfast for her birthday and do the tour. It’s September 2020, are all of these places still open? Is Covington still dedicated to honoring the show and fans?
      T. Sanderlin

  1. OMG I love this so much. I never thought to visit the place where it’s filmed, but I LOVE this show and want to get down there someday!

    1. Question. Does anyone know where the scenes of the water falls and quarry were shot? It reminds me of Tahlloula Falls but im not positive and I can’t find it online.

  2. We drive through Georgia on almost a yearly basis to Florida. I had no idea the show was filmed there. I just started watching this show on Netflix and cannot seem to get enough of it. I feel somewhat obsessive…I need to tone down a bit. haha I am bummed that Elena moves on to Damon. I really like her with Stephan. However, they are both actors gorgeous and very charismatic. 🙂

  3. I’ve only seen clips of the show before, but this is the kind of thing that excites me. I would love to see those places. We’re in NC so I think that’s not too far from here. Going to check it out.

  4. I’ve never watched this show but I would totally travel for a TWD tour. I love that shows and movies are filmed partly in real cities. It’s so cool to literally walk into your favorite shows and walk the same places as your favorite stars have. If shows were purely on a sound stage it wouldn’t make the show as real, I think.

  5. Still jealous of your Walking Dead tour. ;( But I have never seen this show, even though I’m vampire obsessed. I would only stay in B&Bs in the South, for sure. Theyre always amazing.

  6. Omg I just love Vanpire Diaries! How cool to see photos of all the places I’ve seen in the show!!!!! Soooo cool!!!!

  7. This is so cool!
    I am going to Covington in 2 weeks and I am super excited about it!
    Do you by any chance remember what cemetery you went to as well as what local park the kissing scene took place?

  8. im from the UK and love love TVD… I am currently trying to get enough moolah together so I can visit site. Thanks for this info page. debz xx

      1. TVD Christmas episode where they did the pub crawl and there were all the Santa’s and Santa’s helpers was filmed in Stone Mountain. It is a very cute town we went there to try and see filming that day.

        1. Thank you Michele! I appreciate your reply. How did you know this? I am curious to know where a fan can get this kind of information for future reference. 🙂

  9. Is there a list of the locations with address for people who come when tour isnt available or it isnt in the budget? Thanks

    1. There is! Google vampire diaries locations in Covington GA and most will pop up on Google maps

  10. Loved it! Do you know how long the tour takes? Like what time it starts and what time it ends? thanksss

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  12. So I actually love in Georgia and have still never been on this tour (sad) but do they take you to the Salvatore mansion and are the plate things on the ground with their names on them in the town square of Covington?

  13. Pingback: Interview with Todd Lasance of The Vampire Diaries
    1. It’s in the park in town. Very easy. I forget the name of the park tho but our town is small, you could roll up and ask anyone where the park is and they will tell you 😉

  14. This is the final season, with not as many episodes to film. Do you think they will still be filming in September?

  15. Hi!! i’m from Chile, and i’ll be in canada this fall term and it’ll be the closest i’ve ever been to Georgia!, so i’m planning on going on september… do you think maybe the will be filming there?, and do you know when is it more probably for me to run with someone of the cast??? on the weekend, during the week ? .. etc
    and the last question, how do I reach Covington? any bus service and from where can I take it?, i’ll be traveling from Detroit 🙂
    i’m super excited!!

    1. Okay well for one, the filming is very top secret. No one knows in advance when they are filming unless it will be on their property or disrupting business. This is for obvious reasons. They film both on the sound stage and on location… Second, there is not bus service to Covington and Canada is over a day’s drive from here. You would need to fly into Atlanta and rent a car. Covington is 30 minutes out of the city and 45 minutes from the airport. There is not public transport to Covington. It is a small town. I recommend you rent a car and take the tour.

      1. I love when people say Covington is a small town.. Lol ive been by it several times and to it once and got lost in like 5 minutes of being there.. But i never made it into the town center, just the outskirts. Lol I live about an hour south East in a smaller city outside Augusta.

  16. I am getting the amazing opportunity to go the Atlanta area for business and I plan to extend my trip to go on TVD set tour! It’s an hour drive- but totally worth it! Do you know if filming is going on the first week in October or is filming already over for the season? Thanks!!

    1. I think they film through October… it’s hit or miss. But I can tell you when they are filming it’s very secure. They have had so many issues with vampire stalkers that they’ve had to block a lot of the actual town off. But much of their filming is done on a sound stage. They aren’t out there all the time you know. As in, I live here and I’ve yet to see them filming around town…

  17. Hi there!!! We are planning a trip to Mystic Falls Covington GA in 2 days!!! I only live an hour away but just found out about 6 months ago where they filmed!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this trip. I’ve been waiting for this trip for about 3months. All your information on this was so helpful as to what to do and not to do. Especially what to expect and not to expect thanks for all your information. Hopefully I will be able to give more information after my tour!!!!

    1. That’s so awesome!!! I’m so excited for you, you’re going to flip out when you see Mystic Falls. Head over to Conyers too and check out where they film the Originals! Super rad! xox

      1. The school is real and you can visit. The football field is in Monroe, Ga. It looks the same as when they filmed there. Hope this helps.

  18. Where did they film the scene in season one episode eleven where Elena and Damon stop on the side of the road in Georgia

  19. I love the vampire diaries i got my sister into liking it too we’re going on a road trip to Georgia to go on the tour we’re both super excited i don’t know what im going to do when the show ends

  20. Coming from Richmond Virginia this weekend for the vampire diaries finale. Have taken a tour with Jessica before but she is all sold out this weekend. Looking to cram as many tvd filming locations into the weekend as possible. Have heard several shows have shot in and around Walton mills, starrsville plantation and gathier plantation, that willouby is really stone mountain, etc. Where are these locations? Are there coordinates I can put in the gps?

      1. This place looks like a place I live but I wanted to know for sure, no need to broadcast just curious of where the bar was?

  21. Is Wickery Bridge a real location in or around Covington? That would be a pretty awesome place to see. Thank you for all of this info, can’t wait to “geek” out on the tour!

  22. The High School is real. The football field is filmed in another location in Monroe, Ga. It still looks like it did when filming.

    1. Do you know the address to the Gilbert lake house? My friend and I have been searching high and low for the address. It’s a gorgeous view!

  23. the film “Vamper Diaries” was so epic, i felt so emotional in several scene. I really enjoyed it, i just wished it never ended because i miss it every day, but right now i am on “The Originals” looks so much like vampire diaries with some same characters of Vamper Diaries”.. i just wish i could travel and see mystic falls..

  24. Do you know the name of the park the Delena kiss scene was filmed?Been twice to Covington and haven’t found it yet.Email me Please??!!

    1. It’s in a small neighborhood called Dorchester Place right off the square in Covington. It’s the second or third from the last on the cul de sac. You’ll know it when you see it. 😉

  25. I just got into this show a few years ago and I totally love it. Its an epic story. Just watched the last episode, wish the last series had been longer (it didn’t have as many episodes as the earlier series’s) especially regarding the last plotline which seemed squashed into a couple of episodes especially after the other storyline took over the whole series. Sorry this sounds confusing I wanted to say this without spoilers, but I believe that people who watched it will get it. About places my totally favourite set over the whole series had to be the Salvatore Mansion, their furniture was totally gorgeous, it was like a character in itself. Does anyone know where it is and if it is in the tour (yes I know the interior had to be a stage). I really like how Caroline evolves over the course of the show, I didn’t really like her character in the first few episodes but she really grows into such an admirable person. The guys where totally gorgeous, Damon, Stefan, Alaric, Matt, Enzo, Tyler’s uncle. The girls grew into really great role models, who were strong intelligent women who stood by their friends through thick and thin. I didn’t think I’d like it cause I thought it would just be a teen show but this show is more directed at different ages ( I fit into the Alaric and Damon age group). So this show was great in that it had storylines across the age ranges. The thing is its not just about vampires, its an epic love story and its about loyalty, bravery and friendship in adversity. And it is the camaraderie between the characters that make it stand the test of time. Not all the storylines were as enjoyable as others, i know there were times I felt like shouting at the screen, there were a couple of times characters and laughed with them too. There aren’t many shows like that today that you can suspend your disbelief and get so immersed in the story that you feel the emotions alongside the characters. Thank you vampire diaries. I am sorry the show is over but since it is still on Netflix at the moment I am sure I will step inside their world again for a little while. And its nice to share with other fans.

    1. Thank you for all of your wonderful comments. If ever you want to share more of your thoughts on the UK feel free to send me an email! I’m always looking for a good story to publish 😉

  26. The most awesome part for me is watching the show and seeing the town I grew up in. Planning to stop at the Mystic Grill on my next visit there

  27. Hi just wondering is the cemetery a real place? And the forest scenes? Or is that on set ? I would love to take my daughter and do the tour. We are coming from Sydney Australia.

  28. Ahh I have to go here sometime is the salvatore house here or is it just a random house? has anyone ever been to the originals set, Coming from UK

  29. Covington, Georgia is actually what got me into watching TVD. I came here once, a couple of years ago, when we were visiting my aunt, who works in a shop on the square. I had no idea that Covington was where TVD was filmed, and I was pretty confused once we parked and I saw groups of people walking around with t-shirts that said stuff like, “Damon’s wife”. So I guess thats the story of how I came to the set of TVD by accident lol

  30. I live in the North Georgia Mountains (Hiawassee, GA) and just finished watching s2e20 where Stefan takes Elena to the top of a mountain. What location did they film the scene where they get to the top and the view is so beautiful?

  31. Very cool!!! I didn’t read any of the comments yet so it’s possible this has already been asked and answered, but did you ever see Elena Gilberts home? When watching the show you can totally see the clock tower from her home/street in the background… that home looks to be in Covington? I live in California and I’m a huge fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.. In 2015 I went to “Sunnydale” aka Torrance, and found “Buffy’s home”.. I walked down her street just like she would in the show…. I geeked out in front of the house lol.. took pics and some vids.. and then I went to “Sunnydale High”… which is literally walking distance from “Buffy’s house”… again, just like in the show.. geeked out there too and took pics!! It was so surreal and a very amazing experience!!

      1. Elena’s house is a real home that I know they used for exterior shots but I think all of the interior scenes were filmed on a soundstage.

  32. Do you know if they will book a tour by walking up or is it required to book online. I looked online last night and there were 28 spots left then went to book for tomorrow and now it is saying they are booked. My luck!

  33. I’m rewatching Vampire Diaries for the fourth time, lol. In Season 2 Episode 5 The Historical Society Volunteer Day scene next to a stream, do you happen to know what location it was filmed? Thanks in advance!

  34. Where is the cabin that is in season 5 episode 20? its gorgeous I just wondered if it really exists

  35. Do you have a list of locations and their addresses? We really want to do the tour but do not have the three hours they say it will take.

  36. Im trying to find where the location of the bar that Enzo has stephan and elena tied up and questioning them about the death of his love maggie. The one on “campus” where the blonde witch works (i forget her name) right before stephan kills enzo. Do you know where it is? Season 5 episode 19

  37. Does anyone know where Stevens Quarry was filmed? It’s where Silas dumped Stefan and where they killed Cade.

  38. Currently rewatching TVD and falling for Stefan all over again. I just watched S2E14, does anyone know where the Gilbert family lake house location is? Living in East TN it made me think of the lake cabins we have here.

  39. Do you know the address for the Parker house. My friend and I want to go there and I can’t find the address to that house.

  40. I am going to covington and was trying to book the tour but I guess I was to late and all the spots have been taken. so I was trying to write an itinerary for my friends and I that love the vampire diaries. what are some of the best spots to visit? We would love to do the tour but we will have to wing it this time.

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