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Stylish Hiking Boots

Ridgemont Monty Hi Hiking Boots – Review

This is an unpaid honest review of Ridgemont Monty Hi hiking boots. These stylish hiking boots were provided to me for review purposes only. These opinions are my own.

Ridgemont Monty Hi Hiking Boots – Review

If you’re tired of wearing your dad’s hiking boots, then look no further. Ridgemont has some of the most stylish hiking boots I’ve ever seen on this side of the US. Not only are they unisex, but they are fashionable enough to pair with any street look.


In this Ridgemont Monty Hi hiking boots review, I’ll discuss quality, style, and comfort.

Ridgemont Monty Hi Hiking Boots

About Ridgemont Monty Hi Hiking Boots

Ridgemont calls these their “ode to the classic light hikers of the 80’s” and they’re pretty on the mark with this assessment. If the kids from Stranger Things had to wear hiking boots, these would hit their wardrobe mark.

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My Ridgemont Monty Hi Review

These boots were sent in a size 9 for my 13-year-old son. If you have a 13-year-old, then you know how picky they can be. Shockingly, he had no complaints.


I chose the brown/blue/orange color which seemed like the most versatile for my son’s wardrobe.

Stylish hiking boots

Overall Quality

There’s no doubt when you pick up these hiking boots that, they are made with the best possible quality. They look and feel much more expensive than they are. I actually had to double-check the price after I opened them as they easily could sell for $150+, but alas you can buy them for under $100.


The quality of Ridgemont Monty Hi hiking boots is due in part to the “vulcanization” process used to build them. This is the beloved high heat chemical bonding process that seasoned skateboarders look for because of its durability.


Anyone landing bolts on lock knows the necessity of having vulcanized shoes.


Ridgemont leveled up the vulcanized shoe game by adding a harder “70 A rubber” and a 3mm thick foxing which improves the rigidity of their boots and allows for more feeling of the terrain beneath the feet. And this isn’t a fluffer gimmick.

Stylish hiking boots

Anyone who puts on a pair of these hiking boots will surely notice the difference among others.


In addition to the strength and feel of these hiking boots, the oiled suede used to create this hiking boot comes with a DWR (durable water-resistant) coating which makes them perfect for knocking around trails or whatever else my kid is doing with his feet.


I swear some of the junk I clean off his shoes is absolutely befuddling to me.


Having a boot that repels water is not only handy for keeping them in good shape, but for keeping feet dry. The last thing you want on a hike is damp feet. Especially in the cooler months when you can get cold quickly.


Another quality feature that won me over was the impact-absorbing gum rubber lugged sole. They are not only stylish but provide excellent grip. If you’re anything like me or my kid you like to scale big boulders.


These soles offer great stability, grip, and durability, a must if you want to avoid sore feet after a good hike.

Stylish hiking boots

Overall Style

From the moment I unboxed these Ridgemont Monty Hi boots, I was in love with their look. A throwback to the 80’s retro look of skater shoes, these high-top hiking boots have all the street style you could want.


Pair them with straight-legged denim or cut-off shorts; they’re good to go for running errands, going to class, and just about anything else you can do during an everyday stretch. Check out Ridgemont’s hiking boot style guide here for more tips on rocking these boots.

Stylish Hiking Boots

Overall Comfort

Regardless of function and style, what you wear on your feet must be comfortable, especially if you plan to clock hiking miles. The last thing you want, no matter what terrain your feet are trekking, are blisters and/or aches and pains.


Wearing the wrong shoes for your feet can add insult to existing injuries like foot pain, bunyons, or arthritis. The Better Health Channel states“Even a short duration in the wrong shoes can cause stress and pain to your bones and joints, and the soft tissues that support them.”


Something I love about Ridgemont Monty Hi boots is that they are made with a lightweight Eva-cush footbed designed to be antimicrobial, supportive, and extra comfy. Have you ever smelled the foot of a 13-year-old boy? Please don’t, I promise you can’t unsmell it.

Stylish hiking boots

The antimicrobial feature is a necessary bonus to this exquisitely comfortable hiking boot. It means that no matter how much you sweat, the inside of these hiking boots works to eliminate odor-causing microbes keeping the stink out.


Another bonus is that the antimicrobial feature not only keeps the stink out but extends the life of this footwear so you can get the most use.


Moms cheer in unison.


Ridgemont Monty Hi hiking boots also boast a Variflex lasting board, making the boots “stiff in the mid-heel, softer in the toe” providing protection against jagged rocks but allowing for enough flexibility to retain the necessary comfort needed for long wear.

Ridgemont Monty Hi Hiking Boots

My Take

I love them and my son loves them! These boots are made to last.


They are comfortable and stylish and provide the necessary support and grip for off-road trekking and everyday wear. If you’re looking for stylish hiking boots, whether it’s for a gift or yourself, look no further than Ridgemont Monty Hi hiking boots.

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