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19 Beautiful Movie Destinations You Have to Visit

Movie fanatics have wished to visit the locations of their favorite films at least once in their lifetime.


Whether these are the filming locations of the Harry Potter series, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the Star Wars films, or any other, this article lists nineteen locations with filming significance.


These beautiful movie destinations will inspire you to visit these places and experience the rich cultures, histories, and habitats surrounding them. This way, your favorite movies will feel much closer to your heart.

movie, movie destinations

19 Beautiful Movie Locations You Have to Visit 

 Notting Hill

If you like romantic movies and are a Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant fan, you must have watched Notting Hill. Yes, the name comes after the neighborhood itself, located in London.


The picturesque pastel location makes one of the best movies set in London. Famous movies such as Cruella, The Italian Job, Paddington, and Portobello: Attack of the Clones were also made in this brilliant location.


Notting Hill is also famous for its markets, nightlife, and Notting Hill Carnival.

movie, movie destinations

Leadenhall Market

Another famous location you must not miss visiting, especially if you’re a fan of the Harry Potter movies, is the Leadenhall Market.


Quite a few Diagon Alley scenes were filmed in this 14th-century market in the heart of the City of London.


Besides its use in the Harry Potter films, the architecture is very eye-catching, making it one of the most beautiful movie destinations when visiting London.


A walk on the cobbled floors under the 19th-century roof in Leadenhall Market is bound to make your visit worthwhile.

movie, movie destinations

Alnwick Castle

This is one of the best-known film locations in Northumberland, UK, and possibly in all of Europe.


This is yet another location used in the Harry Potter films, especially for the scenes of learning the flying broom and landing the flying car.


This castle is no stranger to filming, making it a prominent movie location. In other movies such as Robin Hood, Downtown Abbey, and Transformers, you have seen may notice the same location.

movie, movie destinations


Of course, we had to mention another Harry Potter filming location, Oxford in England.


Oxford University, among other locations, was shown as the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the scenes with the infirmary, the college courtyard, the sports ground, etc.


Visit the Christ Church College in Oxford, and you’ll find the Great Hall, the carved staircases, the ornate paintings, and many more.

movie, movie destinations

The Ancient City of Petra

The ancient city of Petra, located in Jordan, is a major tourist attraction thanks to the movie ‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade.’


This rosy location among sandstone mountains is one of the world’s seven wonders, with beautiful and skillfully carved tombs, temples, and dwellings.


It also has great historical and mythological significance. This is reportedly the location where Moses gushed water out of the ground. However, the city was abandoned due to its structural risks caused by some major earthquakes.

movie, movie destinations


If you’re a fan of musical movies, then you must have watched ‘The Sound of Music.’ This movie was shot in Salzburg, where the original Von Trapp lived.


Besides, it’s also the birthplace of Mozart, making Salzburg a beautiful musical location.


Apart from that, Salzburg played a huge role in bringing Italian and German cultures together.


Great architects Vincenzo Scamozzi and Santini Solari carved a lot of architectural attractions, enhancing much of this place’s beauty. The historical and cultural significance makes it on the list of beautiful movie destinations.

movie, movie destinations

Nijo Castle

Have you watched the movie ‘Inception’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio? Then you must remember the beautiful Japanese castle there.


That’s the Nijo Castle in Kyoto, Japan, showcased in the subconscious of one of the characters in the movie.


This castle was named one of the UNESCO world heritage sites in 1994. To make the most of your Japan trip, look up ways to save money and explore surrounding locations for a wholesome experience.

movie, movie destinations

Lake Como

Star Wars fanatics will definitely remember this place from one of the Star Wars movies. You’ll recognize Villa del Balbianello, a bank on Lake Como, or Lago di Como in Italy, where Padme and Anakin got married.


Lake Como, or Lario, is one of the deepest lakes in Europe. The lake branches into three sections, all of the equal lengths, forming a Y-like shape.


You can visit this picturesque location from March through November, enjoying boat tours and its scenic towns.

movie, movie destinations


The movie ‘Avatar,’ a wonderful mix of action and CGI, was filmed in Hawaii, which was shown as the habitat of the race Na’vi.


Of course, many of the scenes are modified using advanced technology, so you may not find many visual similarities here.


You can visit many active volcanoes on this island, of course, with a tour guide. Besides, who can resist diving into that beautiful turquoise water, snorkeling underwater, and going scuba diving?


The botanical gardens here are rich in unique species, and you can hike on gorgeous trails.

movie, movie destinations

Wallilabou Bay

Wallilabou Bay, located in St Vincent of the Caribbean Sea, is one of those beautiful locations showcased in the first two movies of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.


The anchorage here is where you’d see Captain Jack Sparrow conspiring his mischiefs!


You can go snorkeling and dive deep to enjoy the rich marine life. It’s a wonderful location if you’re planning for your honeymoon or just a random romantic getaway, where you can enjoy the turquoise water under coconut shades.

movie, movie destinations


Many films were shot in Matamata, New Zealand, including Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy. The scenic small town is an ideal shooting spot with its cottage-style accommodations and beautiful streets.


You can enjoy climbing tall mountains, visiting waterfalls, relaxing in the hot springs, and enjoying Lord of the Rings-themed food.


Although it is a small town, it’s one of those rare yet beautiful movie destinations that people include on their travel bucket lists.

movie, movie destinations

North Carolina

Fans of ‘The Hunger Games,’ who have also watched the movie adaptation, will remember the location where the games took place. It’s in DuPont State Forest in North Carolina.


The movie was shot in many other locations in North Carolina; however, the forest takes the center.


This lush forest has three beautiful falls, tourist attractions, and trails you can bike through. There are plenty of steep and ragged mountains as well.

movie, movie destinations

 Ko Phi Phi Leh

Another Leonardo DiCaprio movie, ‘The Beach,’ was shot in Thailand’s gorgeous Ko Phi Phi Leh.


This paradise-looking beach has soft white sand and a translucent turquoise sea, with tall rocky green-headed mountains as the glorious backdrop to the whole scene.


Ko Phi Phi Leh is one of the must-visit places for budget travelers who have Thailand on their bucket list. You can go boating between the rows of mountains in the sea and enjoy authentic Thai cuisine and the nightlife.

movie, movie destinations

Mehrangarh Fort

Hollywood has many films filmed in gorgeous locations in India, one of which is the Mehrangarh Fort located in Jodhpur city of Rajasthan.


Movies like ‘The Dark Knight Rises and ‘The Fall’ featured this place.


Rathores and many other elite clans once lived here, making Mehrangarh Fort a historically significant place sitting majestically on the top of a hill. Its rich history is stored inside for all the history enthusiasts.

movie, movie destinations


Enlisted as a UNESCO world heritage, Ait-Ben-Haddou is a glorious example of Southern Moroccan architecture.


If you’re a fan of ‘Prince of Persia or the Oscar-winning movie ‘Gladiator,’ you’ll recognize this location with collective houses protected by high walls and towers on the corners.


Many other movies were shot in the ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou, including ‘The Jewel of the Nile,’ ‘The Mummy,’ and ‘Marco Polo.’ You can tour the ksar and purchase souvenirs like their traditional clothes or jewelry.

movie, movie destinations

Vatican City

The Vatican City is well-known as a holy city and the center of Christianity and is home to many pristine architectures.


Many films had some scenes shot here, including the remarkable ‘Angels & Demons,’ one of 007 movies ‘Spectre,’ and the horror film ‘The Nun.’


You can visit Vatican City for the museums, beautiful historic artworks, the Sistine Chapel, and Raphael Rooms. However, you’ll have to maintain certain rules when visiting this pious city.

movie, movie destinations

Hotel Sidi Driss

The production of various scenes from the Star Wars movie ‘A New Hope’ repeatedly occurred in Hotel Sidi Driss, a unique hotel situated in Matmata in the Tunisian desert.


The earthen yet bright hotel consists of tunnels, pits, and staircases.


Apart from its presence in that particular Star Wars movie, it also has cultural and traditional significance, mainly through food and housing, bringing out the history of nomadic settlement in that area.

movie, movie destinations

The Tikal National Park

The Tikal National Park in Guatemala enlisted as another UNESCO world heritage, has also been a famous shooting shot for many films, including ‘Star Wars: Episode IV- A New Hope,’ ‘Moonraker,’ and ‘Th Adventures of Tarzan (I).’


You can also see this place portrayed in the Sonic Adventure video game.


Once you visit the park, you’ll find striking archeological and cultural significance and incredible biodiversity. You’ll find savannah, tropical broadleaf, wetlands, and palm forests with diverse ecosystems and habitats.

movie, movie destinations

Bayon Temple

The Bayon Temple, a gorgeous Buddhist state temple in the Angkor empire in Cambodia, is historically known as the temple with many faces due to multiple smiling faces carved on the fifty-four towers.


The movie ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider was mainly shot in this temple where Croft was on a mission in this temple.


Other movies such as ‘In the Mood for Love,’ ‘Baraka,’ and ‘Cosmos’ had scenes filmed in this beautiful temple.

movie, movie destinations


Movies transport us to thrilling, nerve-wracking, soothing, and sometimes mystical, magical experiences.


While you can give credit to the editing and special effects used while filming, you also got to give it to the locations selected for the movie sets.


We hope these nineteen beautiful movie destinations will inspire you to travel to these locations and make new life experiences.

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