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10 Fairytale Adventures Found throughout The United States

Fairytales are found throughout every country and culture worldwide, and so are your own fairytale adventures!


These stories tell of enchanted places, beautiful scenery, magic, and adventures with fantasy creatures. Some of these stories even have a lesson, while some are just a wondrous story to ignite children’s imaginations worldwide.


Eventually, those children grew up. Yet, as technology continues to blur the line between fantasy and reality, those children have used these advancements to make their favorite fairy tales a reality. 


Now, it’s time to grab your luggage and get going because you are about to embark on a wondrous adventure of your own, finding fairytale adventures throughout the United States.


fairytale adventures, enchanted forest, salem, oregon
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Fairytale Adventures – U.S.A.

Enchanted Forest: Salem, OR


From the Old West to the Old Woman in the Shoe, the Enchanted Forest is a magical place for kids and adults alike. 


There are kiddy rides and attractions for younger kids, and for older kids, there’s a haunted mansion and a bobsled roller coaster.


Although, the theme of enchantment and fairytales is alive and well throughout the entirety of the park.

adventureland, altoona, iowa
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Adventure Land: Altoona, IA


AdventureLand theme park is a wonderful place for kids of all ages. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the water park or get your thrill on some rides, Adventure Land has everything you need for a fairytale vacation.

Storybook Land: Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Storybook Land opened in 1955 and has brought fairytales to life for more than six generations. This theme park is generally for younger children, but parents will also enjoy the adorable attractions, all themed around storybook characters. 

Story Land: Glen, NH


Story Land is a safe entertainment environment with everything from dinosaurs to swans and more than thirty attractions for little ones. There is plenty of fantasy and fun to be had at Story Land. 

fairytale adventures, dutch wonderland, lancaster, pennsylvania
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Dutch Wonderland: Lancaster PA


Dutch Wonderland is a magical place where your whole family can find their fairytale day. Whether you’re looking for rides, shows, or events, Dutch Wonderland has something for everyone. 

Highfield Discovery Garden: Cincinnati, OH


This fairytale attraction is full of the animals that live in the forest. Here, among the 25-foot Discovery Tree and the Wizards Garden, you will discover the natural world, up close and personal.


However, this garden’s fairytale theme makes the adventure family-friendly, associating the animals and natural elements with well-known storybook characters.

fairytale adventures, fairytale town, sacramento, california
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Fairytale Town: Sacramento, CA


When you visit Fairytale Town, you never have to grow up. Rediscover the magic of being a child and watch your kids light up when they see their favorite storybook characters come to life. 


Check out The Three Little Pigs, Mary’s Little Lambs, Peter Cotton Tail and his sisters, and The Three Billy Goats Gruff in the animal section. Then, stroll through the gardens before catching a show. 


Fairytale Town is an adorable non-profit attraction that is great for younger kids.

Children’s Fairyland: Oakland, CA


Children’s Fairyland is the perfect place for kids to be kids. The San Francisco magazine hailed this fairytale children’s oasis “as miniature and uncynical as a toddler’s beating heart.”


This beautiful description encapsulates the wonder and excitement children experience while enjoying this unique experience.

castles and coasters, amusement park, phoenix, arizona
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Castles and Coasters: Phoenix, Arizona


Castles and Coasters have it all! Whether you like mini-golf, water rides, coasters, or arcades, this amazing theme park offers a fairytale for fans of a range of entertainment. 


Plus, without the castles, is it even a fairytale?

Funderland: Sacramento, CA 


Funderland is a story that starts with a Flying Dragon, whirls into the Crazy Teacups, tames the Wild Stagecoach, and ends with a calming trip around the park on the Funderland Train. However, that is just one adventurer’s story!


Funderland offers a little something for everyone and caters to families. This fairytale park is known for doing its best to make your trip a magical experience. 


Only take what you need, because you will likely need the room to fit some souvenirs and you don’t want to stress after having such a nice vacation. So, plan ahead and leave some room for whatever treasures you discover on your adventure.


As you can see, regardless of whether you are traveling with small children or just taking a family vacation, there are plenty of fairytale attractions throughout the United States. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or young at heart. Your fairytale adventures are waiting at these attractions.


Carissa Shuman

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