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The Fairytale Traveler lifestyle content focuses on mom life and features categories on gift guides, home improvement, kids, parenting, money tips & savings, pets, product reviews, beauty, and technology and gadgets. 

Since 2016 founder, Christa Thompson, has been regarded as a top Atlanta lifestyle blogger and travel blogger. After purchasing her home in the greater Atlanta area of Northern Georgia, she’s been focusing on everyday mom life and the athletic journey of her son, Gauge, AKA, “The Little Fairytale Traveler.” Although, not so little anymore. 

Check out what we’re sharing in the Mom Life section of The Fairytale Traveler blog!

Christa Thompson, The Fairytale traveler, lifestyle, mom lifeMom Life 

Mom life is about getting it all done and finding enough balance to spend time with family, friends, and still manage self-care. It’s about waking up before everyone and being the last one to bed. It’s planning, saving, running all the errands, shopping, and making all the appointments (and keeping them).

It’s never having enough time, yet always finding the time for what’s most important. 

Mom life is the greatest juggling act of all time. The Fairytale Traveler is always looking for ways to make life easier by focusing on areas like money saving tips, parenting tips, product reviews, gift guides, and pet care.

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save moneyMoney Tips and Saving

No matter what you’re planning for, there are always ways to save. Whether you’re looking to save for the future or you want to save for a big trip, we share money tips and savings tips for just about anyone. 

In addition to saving for the future, we share travel expense saving tips so you can get the most adventure for your dollar. From finding cheap flights to hotel savings, we know a lot about travel.

Christa Thompson, Gauge Rybak, mom lifeParenting Tips

Since zero kids come with an instruction manual, many parents rely on finding parenting tips online. From traveling with kids to picking out their first car, we share advice that’s practical and helpful through all stages. 

Mom life, product review, Christa Thompson, Tom Ford sunglasses

Product Reviews

Our honest, unpaid product reviews feature travel gear, outdoor gear, beauty products, gadgets, car reviews, video games, home goods, pet care, and more. 

We love finding the latest and best products that make traveling and life simpler.

And we love when a brand lives up to its mission. Our product reviews all contain original images taken by us for the purpose of the review. 

Gift Guide for Tweens, Gift Ideas for TweensGift Guides

We know how hard it can be to find that perfect gift. That’s why we, as Amazon Partners, love creating gift guides for all occasions. You can guarantee that our gift guides are individually sourced based on products we love, what’s trending, and popular gift ideas. 

As Amazon Partners, our affiliate links earn us a small commission at no cost to you which helps us pay for costs so we can bring you the content you love.

dog, relax on vacationPet Care

We love our pets! And we travel with them too! Our pet section features content on pet care products, travel with pets, and overall pet care tips. We like to see our pets happy and healthy, and we know you do too!

Christa Thompson, Gauge Rybak, Creekview Grizzly FootballComing Soon – Football Mom

Coming this summer our ‘Mom Life’ lifestyle section will begin featuring “football mom” content!

This section will cover everything from football camps, private football training, youth football, high school football, recruiting, academics, football product reviews, youth athlete tips for diet, exercise, recovery, hydration, mental wellness, sports travel, interviews, college planning, and more. 

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