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How to Shop For & Spot Stylish, Quality Watches

There is nothing more timeless in this world than quality watches. Throughout the past few decades, quality watches have proved to be stylish timepieces that complete any outfit. 


We’ve all been there: You’re standing on the train. Waiting in line at the DMV. Eating at a nice restaurant. Then, something catches your eye on the passerby next to you: their watch. 


It might be simple, with a leather band, or ornately decorated with diamonds and quartz. A watch is a highly personal accessory that should complement whoever is wearing it. 


A nice watch ties together an outfit and gives off a professional, put-together persona. It’s also practical, of course. Watches nowadays can do a lot more than just tell the time. 


Quality watches come in all forms: simple and traditional, high-tech and ritzy. There are watches that tell the time, and there are watches that tell a story. Watches that can read your heartbeat and count your steps and remind you to breathe. 


But how does one go about choosing the perfect watch for them? Or, even harder, choosing a watch for a significant other. friend, or family member as a gift? 


No worries. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to shop for good-quality watches. Everything from spotting them and taking care of them will be covered in this article. Let’s get started, shall we? 

quality watches

The Definitive Guide for Finding Good Quality Watches

First, Prepare a Budget 

Okay, when you’re looking for quality watches, it can be easy to overstep your budget.


When you’re peering into the glass cases of glorious timepieces, it can be hard to pick your jaw up off the floor and refrain from emptying your entire wallet. 


However, buyer’s remorse is a thing, and you shouldn’t forget about budgeting before making a watch purchase. 


A good quality watch can run you anywhere from $600 for something like a Movado or it can go up into the thousands, like Rolexes. 


A good Rolex watch can range anywhere from $6,000 to $75,000, give or take. See why it’s important to pick a price point? 


Rest assured, though. Your dream watch doesn’t have to break the bank. Stay realistic about your monetary situation, and make room for your dream timepiece. If you need to save up for a few years for your dream watch, no worries!


The last thing you want to do is settle for something you didn’t really want in the first place. It would be a waste if your new watch just sat on your dresser instead of wrapped around your wrist! 

quality watches

Know Your Buying Options

A lot of people might not even know where to start when purchasing a watch. Sure, you might have seen them nestled into the back of a jewelry case in a department store like Dillards or Macy’s. 


You may have even seen them in antique stores or vintage resellers’ markets. However, with those, there are no guarantees that the watches are real or even that they work properly. 


But in 2022, there are so many options hidden right underneath our noses.


Online marketplaces are dedicated to the sale of just watches. You can buy through social media on sites like Facebook Marketplace and eBay, but again, you could run into scammers or potentially dangerous situations. 


That’s why a lot of people might opt for shopping in person, but in the wake of the pandemic, that still isn’t an option for a lot of people. 


Don’t fret, there is a solution: Chrono24, the leading online marketplace for luxury watches since 2003. It’s a trusted source to buy and sell quality watches online without even leaving your couch. 


The online marketplace boasts brands like Patek, Rolex, Tudor, Cartier, and more! They offer buyer’s protection and authenticity checks with every purchase to deter scams. 

quality watches

Things that Make a Watch Good Quality 

Regardless of how much you’re spending, whether that be $600 or $6,000, all watches need to include a few key characteristics. 


These include scratchproof sapphire glass, at least stainless steel or titanium, good-shape quartz, mechanical movement, as well as a good amount of water resistance. 


You need to be able to wash your hands, no? 


Keep this in mind if you’re intending to purchase a watch with a leather band. It will be prone to drying out and damaging if it gets wet. If you’re forgetful and don’t take it off before you shower, this could be a problem. 


At the end of the day, you can make your watch personal to you and your style. Or, make it personal to whoever you’re buying it for. 


You can get so many different customizations, from jewels to silver and gold, to ornate carvings or a glitzy band.


However, you cannot forget about the key characteristics described above that every watch must have to be functional. 

quality watches

How to Purchase Safely 

So, you’ve found the PERFECT watch. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and you buy it online. The money’s sent, and the weeks go by…


… But the watch never arrives. Or, it arrives, and it’s clearly a fake. You might feel scammed or cheated out of your money. 


That’s the worst-case scenario, albeit a scenario that’s all too common when anyone can buy & sell online. 


There are ways however to avoid that: marketplaces like Chrono24 offer things like a money-back guarantee, authenticity checks, and payment through escrow services. 


An escrow service means they hold your money in a special bank account for 14 days after you receive your watch. It’s only after 14 days that they actually send your money to the seller of the watch- in case you are not satisfied or never receive it.


All sellers who use the Chrono24 marketplace must provide authenticity of the watches they’re selling, and if the watch is damaged or not as described, buyers have a 14-day return period in which their money back is guaranteed. 


This is a great tool for purchasing quality watches online! 

quality watches

Bonus: Taking Care of Your Watch 

You’ve found the watch of your dreams. That’s great news! Out of all the quality watches, you found the one that suits you best. 


Purchasing the watch is really only half of the battle. The real tricky part is taking care of your watch. 


You might be thinking… it’s a watch, what more do I need to do than wear it and look beautiful?


Ah, don’t make that mistake! That watch, elegantly wrapped on your wrist, is a lifelong investment and could very well be a family heirloom someday. Plus, it was most likely a good chunk of change! 


Watches carry with them sentimental value, each with a personal story behind them. They can be passed down as a piece of family history. They do tell the time, but they are truly timeless. It’s time to take care of it. 


It would be beneficial if you get into the habit of taking a soft cloth at the end of each day and wiping down your watch face with it. Lightly swipe over the top, and gently scrub the details of the band. 


You can wash it ever so gently with soap and water every few months if you feel like it’s getting particularly dirty. 


Most watches do come with swank warranties, but even so, you should do your due diligence and get it serviced every few years. It’s like an oil change… just do it! Any watchmaker will do and can spot issues before they occur. 


Try to avoid any magnets, because they can mess up how your watch tells time! Try also to not bang the crystal watch face into anything like a wall or a hard surface. This can cause costly cracks. 


Avoid direct sunlight on your watch for long periods of time (like on the beach) and avoid harsh chemicals. We all know how much fun spring cleaning is, but harsh chemicals can ruin your watch. Be sure to just take it off! 

quality watches


Purchasing quality watches can seem overwhelming. You might feel as though you’re operating completely in the dark. Finding a good place to purchase, who to purchase from, and aftercare might seem scary.


It doesn’t have to be! Just maintain a budget, do some brand research, and purchase from a reputable seller. 


When you buy your watch, make sure you keep it clean and give it the proper maintenance it needs. It will last forever if you do this! 


Remember, a watch can be a priceless heirloom. Lots of people obtain watches that are passed down through familial generations. 


A watch also effortlessly pulls together any outfit. It is a staple piece that everyone should own at least once in their lifetime! 


Quality watches are the cherry on top of any outfit- they look amazing with every type of clothing. From biker jackets to frilly dresses, a quality watch can fit any bill.


If you’re giving a watch to someone, the same principle applies! For Christmas gift-giving, a watch can be the highlight of anyone’s experience. 


No matter who the watch is for, you know that you will have something precious forever when you buy it. 






Satyne Julianna Doner

Satyne Julianna Doner is currently a sophomore studying business management in sunny Tampa, Florida. A born bibliophile, she spends most of her free time curled up in a fantasy book or writing her own. When she isn't studying, reading, or writing, she is an avid equestrian and staunch supporter of rehabilitating retired racehorses. She owns one horse, named Hurricane, who keeps her grounded in all her endeavors.

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