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8 Best Places to Visit Around the Great Lakes

The five Great Lakes, namely Erie, Ontario, Michigan, Huron, and Superior, form the most extensive freshwater system worldwide. The Great Lakes borders two Canadian provinces and eight US states.   America has been emerging from the haze of the pandemic, which makes travelers explore their backyards and local places.  […]

Top 4 of Canada’s Most Luxurious Casinos

While gambling was illegal in Canada a few decades ago, things have since changed. It started with the legalization of casual gambling such as bingo and raffle games at races and charity events.   Then, the government legalized gaming machines and soon new luxurious casino sites started springing up around[…]

16 Places to Travel in Canada Fall 2021

There are so many reasons to travel in Canada Fall 2021. Canada is a stunningly gorgeous country with beautiful scenery. There is natural beauty in every area of Canada, from the thunderous waters of Niagara Falls – possibly the most famous cascade in the world – to the jagged peaks[…]

5 Tourist-Favorite Sites to Explore in Canada

Canada is an amazingly beautiful place to visit both with family and with friends. With its inviting landscapes, scenic beauty, rich culture, welcoming people, and adventurous locations, it is definitely a top choice to make when planning a relaxing yet fun-filled tour. With so much to choose from, here’s some[…]

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