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10 Most Coolest and Futuristic Cities in the World

Ever seen a city skyline that looks like it came from the Jetsons? You know the ones with super-tall skyscrapers and twinkling lights wrapped in miles of highway. I’ve always wanted to visit these futuristic cities.   Cities where global preservation, advanced telecommunications, and artificial intelligence are common. From epic[…]

Montreal Weekend Trip from Michigan

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming of a place brimming with cultural flair, echoing history, and seducing your taste buds at every corner? Well then Montreal may be your dream destination.   There’s a variety of things to do in Montreal for just about any travel style. It’s like walking[…]

Is Propel Water Good for Travelers?

Whether you’re hiking the Hobbit’s journey in New Zealand or reliving Anakin and Padme’s wedding on Lake Como, you know that any good traveler needs to stay hydrated on their long journey. From regular water to an abundance of flavored and enhanced beverages, it can be difficult to find the[…]

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