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3 Great Benefits of Using a Dog Playpen Plus Multifunctional Ideas

Many dog owners will consider buying a dog playpen, or dog pen if I’m being technical, to keep their puppies contained when they’re camping or home. Of course, we all want to make sure we’re taking the best care of our pets so, you might be on the fence (pun intended). 


If you’re trying to decide on whether you should use a playpen or not, read on. After you understand the uses and multifunctional benefits of them, surely you’ll be able to decide.

Dog pen, Dog Playpen

Things to Know About the Use of a Dog Playpen

A dog playpen usually consists of several pieces of metal or plastic panels, one of which will be designed as a door for easy access. The number of panels is optional, which is largely decided by the size of the area you plan to enclose while the height of the playpen is varied and is related to the size of your dog


Normally, a puppy or small-sized dog needs a 60-80cm high exercise dog pen, while an 80-100cm high playpen is more suitable for medium-sized dogs, such as Labrador or Golden Retriever.


If you raise a large or strong dog, it’s recommended to buy a dog pen with a height over 100cm (or 39in).

Dog pen, Dog Playpen

The Ultimate Benefits of Using a Dog Pen

More Freedom

The biggest benefit of a dog pen to dog owners is that it provides a larger free area (compared with cages) for dogs to play and roam. As the playpen can be built in different shapes and sizes as wanted, you can put more than one dog in, and it won’t be too crowded. 


Reduces Anxiety

Moreover, the see-through semi-open design can keep dogs calm and feel safe because they can still know what is going on around them. If you want to go camping with your puppy, a portable dog playpen will be a good helper.



The design of easy assembly and disassembly allows you to carry a puppy playpen with a car or RV when going out. 

However, the benefit of a playpen goes beyond that.

Bunny Pen

Multifunctional Uses for Dog Pens


Now that I’ve concluded the main benefits of buying a dog pen is benefits you to know that there are some multifunctional uses that a dog pen can serve whether you have a dog or not.


Whether you need to separate pets, contain small animals, block off areas of your home or property, or fence in areas, there is a variety of ways to use a dog pen that goes well beyond dogs. First, you should know a few things about using dog playpens for small pets.


bunnies, rabbit


Things to Know When Using a Dog Pen for Small Pets

Basically, a small pet playpen should include a house, a bathroom, toys, eating, and a water container. A house is a must-have piece because it allows pets to hide when they’re scared. Both bunnies and cats like to destroy things, so you can place some boxes or tunnels for them to have fun. 


Although some kinds of animals are small in physique, they can jump 1-6 times their height. To escape them jumping out, you may select a pet playpen as tall as possible.


Besides, some pet owners will buy dog playpens to separate different kinds of animals, which is helpful to avoid unpleasant fights. 


Here are some various ways to use a playpen for other needs.

bunnies, rabbit

Use It As Pet Playpen for Small Animals


You don’t have to own a dog buy a dog pen. Many consumers use them for small-sized animals, like rabbits, cats, and more. As their traditional cage is not big enough for them to stay in there 24/7, small animals require a larger place to run around, play, and socialize. A dog playpen is a perfect solution!


Because dog playpens are sold in different sizes and heights, they perfectly adapt to your pet’s size and habits. If you own bunnies or cats, you can set up a playpen indoors or outdoors as you like.


pool fence

Protect a Specific Area or Kids from Damage by Fencing


If you have a vegetable or flower garden, you must have experienced your dog eating the plants. One of the solutions is to fence off the garden, which could also keep other small animals, like rabbits out of your favorite gardens. 


A dog pen is a good option for fencing a garden because it’s cheap, sturdy, and easy-moving assembly. If you own large or strong dogs, you may buy a metal playpen to prolong the serving time.


Gardeners also find the playpen is easy to use because it can be shaped in different ways, not just round or square, which could perfectly match different kinds of gardens. Moreover, with the panel design, you can easily remove a panel for easy access. 


Besides, some people would use a playpen to protect a turtle pond or swimming pool from dogs, which keeps both the inside and outside safe and well-ordered. 


When kids are playing in the yard, parents need to keep their children in their sight all the time. However, sometimes parents need to go back to the house to answer the phone or pick up things.


Under this situation, some parents will use a dog pen to enclose a play space for toddlers or small kids, which protects them from dogs and other dangerous things. 


dog playpen, dog pen

Use Fully Open As a Temporary Barrier


Fences are popular to many homeowners while setting up a fence could cost them a lot. It’s estimated that the average cost for a fence is $2641. This is a big expense!


Thus, some homeowners start looking for a cheap alternative. A dog playpen could work as a semi-permanent fence in your home, which can be afforded by most people.


dog playpen, dog pen

Firstly, the panel design makes it possible to enclose a large space as wanted when fully open. Next, a semi-through playpen won’t block anyone’s insight lines, so your neighbor won’t complain to you because of a traditional fence.


Lastly, a dog playpen, especially a metal one is cheap but looks nice, which will easily blend with your homes, yards, and the neighborhood. 


I use my dog pen to keep my two small dogs in the garage when I am working out there. I installed a hook on either side of the doorway, and with the pen completely open from end to end, I hook the sides to the door frame.


This keeps my little dogs safe and from running into danger.


Apart from that, you can enclose your patio area with a metal dog pen, which not only gives you an independent recreation area but adds a stylish vibe to your yard. Can I use a puppy playpen in the house?


The answer is: Yes! A homeowner mentioned that he uses playpens all over the house in small sections to block off some areas. 



In Closing

A dog pen can serve you in more ways than one. With a bit of imagination, you can use them for all kinds of needs. Do these hidden benefits of a dog playpen surprise you? If you think these functions can also be applied in your home, try a dog pen to make your life happier and more convenient!


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