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7 Beauty Essentials You Need for Your Longest Flights

While there are important things to remember on your beauty packing list, one of the most important beauty travel tips is to pack for all the specific situations you will encounter. The long flight is the first one. When you pack the right travel beauty essentials for a flight, you will be able to look and feel a whole lot better.


This is especially the case on long flights.


Whether you’re going trans-Atlantic or taking a long international flight to Singapore or Australia, there are travel beauty essentials you’ll want in your bag to make sure you look and feel your best.


It doesn’t matter if someone is greeting you at the gate or you’re traveling solo, when we feel good we typically look good. Feeling good is an essential part of travel.


Wherever you are going, keep reading below to learn the travel beauty essentials we all need for those long flights.

beauty must haves

Travel Beauty Essentials We We All Need to Pack

Hydrating Mists

You can’t go wrong with this beauty essential. Something that burst onto the beauty scene a decade ago was hydrating mists, and people grabbed them up. After all, whether it’s hot outside or you suffer from dry skin, who doesn’t love a soothing and refreshing hydrating mist sprayed on their face?


A hydrating mist product is a great addition to your carry-on because it can moisten your skin and face from the dehydrating cabin air. A couple of sprays in the plane’s bathroom will make a huge difference to how it feels.


Depending on your skin type, you can apply this product midair or right before landing making it one of our favorite travel beauty essentials.

travel beauty essentials,

Hydrating Masks

Whether you’re flying first class or economy, the chances are, if your flight is long, you’ll fall asleep, hopefully for most of the trip. Before shutting your eyes, you can apply a hydrating face mask. 


This might be a favorite among travel beauty essentials because of how easy it is to execute, and the fact that it doesn’t really require any rinsing.


You are likely comfortable with using a hydrating face mask for fall or winter weather, but hydrating masks are an addition to your travel kit you want to keep in mind. Keep your skin plump and hydrated while you drift into sleep with your noise-reducing headphones.


You’ll wake up feeling and looking refreshed. And best of all, most of these are invisible.

beauty must haves, lip balm

Lip Balm

One of the first places on our faces to show dryness and wear of travel is our lips. Including a nourishing lip balm in your handbag or carry-on is an easy way to ensure your lips don’t get chapped, cracked, or uncomfortable.


You don’t even have to splurge on an expensive balm. When you are in a windy and dry place, you will be happy that you have balm to moisturize your lips.


It’s something to bring on every trip, no matter where you go.

travel beauty essentials, vaseline


One of the less popular but very versatile and important among these travel beauty essentials is Vaseline. vaseline is one of the best things you can use to keep the perfect pout during travel.


A travel-sized Vaseline is a must-have while jet-setting. Vaseline can be used anywhere, from your lips, face, and hands to keep you moisturized, looking your best, and feeling great.


You may even remember walking in on your mother or grandmother while growing up with their entire faces slathered with the stuff because it works. Vaseline has been around since 1870 and was originally marketed for wound healing, but its uses are virtually limitless today.


It can really come in handy when you are on the road.

beauty must haves, hand sanitizer

A Good Hand Sanitizer

It’s not necessarily a beauty product but a hygiene product, hand sanitizer is a must have beauty essential for any flight. Think about how many people have been on that plane.


Some parts of an aircraft don’t get direct sunlight, which kills various germs, viruses, and pathogens. Bringing hand sanitizer can make a huge difference.


Use it after you touch handles on the bathroom doors or sanitize your armrests before takeoff. Hand sanitizer will come in handy when you’re off the plane too.

travel beauty essentials, under eye pads

Under Eye Pads

We all know that facial skin is more delicate than the rest of the skin on our bodies, but our most delicate facial area is around the eyes. Cabin pressure can do a number on causing puffiness in this area too.


This next item on our list of beauty must haves is a game changer. By applying a soothing eye cream and then layering some under-eye pads on top, you can avoid puffy under eyes and keep your peepers fresh.


Many under eye pads come with their own serums incorporated, so depending on the type you purchase, you may be able to forgo a cream underneath the pads.


This will help you stay feeling fresh on a long flight.

beauty must haves, neck pillow

Supportive Neck Pillow

While it isn’t a beauty product you apply, neck pillows can help you stay looking and feeling good because they allow you to sleep on the flight. This product can be lifesaving on the longest of journeys.


Nothing makes you look as bad as when you don’t get enough rest. Keep yourself comfortable during the flight by implementing a neck pillow while catching some z’s on the plane.


Not only will you protect your neck and spinal health, but you’ll also actually look and feel refreshed when you wake up from your midair naps. A supportive neck pillow is, in fact, a beauty product on a flight because you will look a lot better when you are well-rested and ready to go.

beauty must haves

Acne Face Soap

Everyone is prone to acne when they’re on a plane or traveling somewhere new. You might find that this beauty essential is a no-brainer. With all the dirt in the air, you’re going to want to be ahead of acne.


At some point on the flight, getting up and going to the bathroom to wash your face will make you feel a lot better too. You will be able to refresh and feel decent in your skin.


Furthermore, you will be preventing pimples, blackheads, and other acne from forming. Nothing is worse than taking photos on your vacation and hating the way you look because you have acne.


You shouldn’t leave your skincare routine at home. On a flight with stale air, you could dry out or get irritated. Avoid all this by bringing some acne face soap with you.

travel beauty essentials


Finally, no matter who you are, bringing the right lotions with you on a flight can be a game changer. It’s probably the most common among travel beauty essentials too.


Do you have dry skin?


Bring moisturizing lotion with you!


Are you irritated?


Aloe vera can heal and soothe!


Is your skin cracked?


Cocoa butter can help!


Whatever kind of skin you have, lotions make you feel and look good during and after a flight. Lotions will prevent irritation in all kinds of ways.


They can also provide nourishment to skin that has been injured or blemished. Remembering to bring this item in your carry on will likely make you feel a lot better.


Final Thoughts

Traveling can be arduous and difficult even if you are going to the most luxurious place in the world. By making sure you include the above-mentioned travel beauty essentials on your next trip, you can ensure you’ll have a smoother flight and feel confident as you disembark to head out to your new adventures.


It’s important to note: While you should make sure you check your airline’s regulations on the size limits for products you’re allowed to carry on, bringing the right cosmetic, hygiene, and beauty products will provide a way to feel and look good, whether you are on a flight or in a foreign place.


When you take the proper precautions to feel and look good when you are traveling, the whole trip will be more enjoyable.


You don’t need to overpack, but keep in mind that these beauty must haves will make you feel good at the moment. And that is necessary.


So, next time you are traveling make a checklist of these items. They can change the way you look and feel in the most important moments.

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