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Travel to Asia, Come and explore with us the best places in Asia. Explore the beautiful countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Maldives. Plan your trips according to Fairytale experience and make your journey comfortable.

Macau Travel Guide – Macau Travel Tips and Advice

If you’re planning a trip to Macau, then this Macau travel guide is for you. The island of Macau is one of the world’s most popular island destinations.   For a small chain of islands located in the South China Sea, Macau culture and history are rich as are things to[…]

Exploring Shanghai: The Hidden Gem of China

Shanghai is the largest city in China that attracts millions of local and international tourists each year. The city offers a great deal to art lovers, historians, religious groups, and general tourists.    From art galleries to museums, shopping districts, fancy tea houses, restaurants to science museums, and sightseeing tourist[…]

3 Days in Mumbai, India

If you are going to be in India as part of your quest for the perfect vacation, make sure you get a chance to spend a few days in Mumbai. This picturesque city is definitely a destination to visit, especially if you are looking for exotic places to go to[…]

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