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Opera Concerts In Rome

The Best Theaters to See Opera Concerts In Rome

Most travelers going to the ‘Old City’ are looking to find Opera Concerts in Rome. And respectively, as Rome is one of the most culturally rich cities in all of Europe.


It is home to the sprawling Colosseum, the famous Roman Forum, and, of course, the Opera. In fact, The Eternal City has played host to some of the greatest operas ever written.


Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, Bizet’s Carmen, and Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro have all featured in spectacular opera concerts in Rome at one time or another.


And to make the grandeur and splendor of these timeless opera concerts in Rome even more special, these amazing performances are presented in some of the world’s oldest and most beautiful opera venues, which makes paying a visit to this stunning city complete.


If you’re looking to experience the awe and deep emotions that opera concerts in Rome can provide you, here are some of the most popular and world-renowned theatres that you may like to visit.

Opera Concerts In Rome

The Best Theaters to See Opera Concerts in Rome

Teatro dell’Opera di Roma

First on our list of places to catch opera concerts in Rome is the stunning Teatro dell’Opera di Roma as it stands at very the heart of Rome. Completed in 1880, the theatre is well-known for its opera, as well as its dance and ballet performances.


It has hosted many big iconic names in the operatic world, including Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and Enrico Caruso. 

The Teatro dell’Opera di Roma currently greets over 1600 art lovers and opera fans from around the world to sit and be a part of the venue’s powerful but intimate performances. In addition to indoor concerts, the Teatro dell’Opera also hosts some amazing performances outside as well.


With a breathtaking backdrop of the Baths of Caracalla amongst the historic Roman ruins, the summer outdoor shows they put on under the stars and moonlight are a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is not to be missed. 


Parco della Musica

Next on our list of places to see opera concerts in Rome is the Parco della Musica. This beautiful and modern music complex is home to the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (National Academy of Cecilia), which is one of the world’s oldest and most highly regarded musical institutions.


With a rich history dating back to 1585, the academy started life as a conservatory for both composers and musicians alike, before growing into the internationally renowned academy it is known as today.


Three halls populate the site, with the Sala Santa Cecilia able to accommodate 2800 enthusiastic operagoers. Conversely, the Sala Sinopoli can seat 1200 spectators and the smaller-scale Sala Petrassi, named in memory of Italian composer Goffredo Petrassi, holds approximately 700 seats. 


During its construction, this unique music complex became even more synonymous with the heritage and history of Rome when archaeological remains dating back to the sixth century BC were uncovered. Wanting to pay homage to and not disturb these newly found artifacts, its architect, Renzo Piano, took it upon himself to adjust his designs in order to accommodate the ruins within the complex itself. 

Opera Concerts In Rome

Teatro Argentina

Rich in Italian history, Teatro Argentina is a spectacular and awe-inspiring location to experience opera concerts in Rome and bask in the unique atmosphere it provides. Although the construction of this incredible theatre was completed back in 1731, its history goes back much further than that.


Teatro Argentina is built upon the curia section of the theatre of Pompey, which was actually the site of Julius Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC.


Inside, the theatre seats 696 people and contains six levels of boxes on the sides that seat a further 352 people. Much like the city it resides in, Teatro Argentina quite literally has thousands of years of Italian history in the very foundations of the venue.


For a true sense of where the unforgettable moments of Rome have taken place, and the chance to sit where so much history-changing betrayal and murder have taken place, the hallowed halls of the Teatro Argentina may just be the defining memory of your next opera outing. 

Opera Concerts In Rome

Teatro Valle

While there are a few spectacular places to catch opera concerts in Rome, this opera house may have unfortunately closed its doors for good in 2010 but it’s worth a visit for its historical value alone.


Built in 1726, this beautiful theatre was renovated three times and played host to a number of famous genre-defining operas throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries. But despite these wonderful shows and moments in history that the venue has endured through and even sometimes hosted, it’s the stunning architecture of the place that really captures the imagination and evokes the timelessly tragic spirit of true opera.


The columns to the front of the theatre give the Teatro Valle a deep and impactful sense of its Roman heritage, and while it can now only be imagined what it was like to visit the opera in such a grand theatre of years past, the legendary status of this opera house continues to echo through the ages.

Opera Concerts In Rome

The Capuchin Crypt 

Opera contains some of the most endearing elements of what makes art and storytelling so deeply immersive – love, death, fear, and tragedy alike. However, for those who prefer something a little more unconventional and unique, The Capuchin Crypt offers up an experience that also combines opera, art, and a rather morbid accompaniment to the beautiful music echoing through the venue. 


The elements of art and death make the crypt one of the most remarkable places to see opera concerts in Rome.


The Capuchin Crypt has the bones of hundreds of friars on display, with skulls being a part of the actual decor and adding a macabre touch to the beauty of an opera experience. And while this church crypt has other musical styles to choose from, there’s something truly jaw-dropping about an opera performance in such a powerfully emotive arena. 


One of the most compelling elements of opera is that everyone can have their own interpretation of what’s being performed and what it means to them on a personal level. This is particularly true of any opera performance at The Capuchin Crypt, as many spectators look past the darker impressions of these skulls and perceive them as reminders of the importance of life and the fleeting nature of our own mortality. 


Watching opera concerts in Rome is a deeply emotive experience in itself. It provides you with the opportunity to be present in a current moment while nourishing your soul with one of the world’s oldest forms of artistic expression. 


You’re sat in a venue, surrounded by hundreds of other spectators, collectively experiencing something while also taking away your own personal feelings from it, whether it be joy, sadness, or plain astonishment.


When you’re next paying a visit to Rome, it’s so easy to become lost in the romance and wistfulness of such a breathtaking part of the world. But if you’re really looking to breathe in the culture and passion of Rome, and you really want to make memories that’ll last longer than a weekend, it’s always a good idea to take in the most powerful forms of art that place of the world has to offer. 


So, when you start to feel the urge to try something a little different on your next adventure in Italy, don’t forget to make some plans to stop and take in a night for opera concerts in Rome at one of the above venues.


Not only will it give you a new appreciation of art, but it also invites you to let thousands of years of storytelling, song, and dramatic emotions rush over you all at once!

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