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Smartphones and the Rise of Portable Gaming

Although smartphones were considered luxury items when they launched, they’re now accessible to every ‘Tom and Harry’.


Among many other functions, these devices host your favorite online and offline games – all available in one tap! The gaming industry in the smartphone market currently brings in over $86bn yearly.


The mobile gaming industry is booming so much that mini sectors within it are raking up the numbers themselves.


Numerous online casinos host a ton of online slots of real money alternatives and are estimated to be worth a whopping $59 billion. 


With casino sites and sportsbooks releasing mouthwatering offers daily, patronage has never been higher.


The invention of smartphones has contributed significantly to the continuous uptrend of mobile gaming, and below we’ll highlight some reasons why.

smartphones, gaming

7 Ways Smartphones Helped Portable Gaming 

 A Wider Audience Reach

Many people around the world own a smartphone, maybe two. While these devices may have been costly initially, they are becoming more accessible and affordable. Their uses for communication have made them a necessary commodity.


Smartphones have bridged the gap between demographics when it comes to gaming. Games are now available to a wider range of people regardless of age.


Both the young and old have smartphones, and both young and old can enjoy mobile games. Game developers have taken to creating apps that you can download for free on the App Store and Google Play.


Not everyone feels the need to purchase a gaming console, but the chance to play on mobile phones makes it easier to develop an interest.

smartphones, gaming
Smooth Gameplay Made Possible by High FPS Rates

As we’ve established, smartphones have been at the forefront of mobile gaming.


With game developers taking things further each day, smartphone OEMs are stepping up the ante by releasing devices with hardware capable of delivering more seamless gameplay every time.


Each year, the top smartphone developers embed more powerful CPUs in their releases. 


So, beyond the improved cameras and phone design, newer versions of smartphones actually come with more processing power.


For example, CPU forms such as the Snapdragon 865 5G and Snapdragon 888 5G processors have given smartphones the ability to execute gaming on the most graphics-intensive titles possible.


With these CPUs, gamers can engage their favorite games at the highest FPS (frames per second) setting possible, with practically zero lag. 


This higher FPS might not come in handy while scrolling through the pages of Instagram, but it does when playing Call of Duty: Warzone or any other exciting GPU-intensive games.

smartphones, gaming 
Stellar Graphics

Remember the unrefined graphics on titles such as Super Mario back in the day? Well, today’s smartphone games reveal a total deviation in the graphics department.


Games available for mobile devices have crisp designs and immersive visuals. On some titles, you’ll be able to engage virtual reality (VR) technology to heighten the engagement levels.


The smartphone is paired with a VR device to create an exciting gaming experience. Also, the mobile version of VR stands as the most scalable among all the versions, with the smartphone serving as the brain and also the mode of display.


The introduction of mobile VR has really taken portable gaming to another dimension, providing game interaction via Bluetooth, gaze or even touch. 


Also, these titles are compatible with the latest smartphones. Although you might not get the highest FPS setting, depending on your device’s CPU and GPU, the experience will be memorable.

smartphones, gaming 
Limitless Offers

Mobile gaming has witnessed the release of many titles across multiple genres. Rather than the scarcity of selections available back in the day, the numerous titles available today will improve your gaming dexterity and help you become a better gamer.


So, what’s the reason for the availability of many games?


Game manufacturers discovered a sea of untapped potential when the mobile gaming industry witnessed its first boom.


Many began pushing the ‘pedal to the metal’ to produce stellar gaming alternatives. This strive for perfection has seen multiple game developers make deliberate efforts to outperform their rivals.


This healthy competition cuts across all aspects of mobile gaming – not just the high-end titles but even down to the more basic games such asvideo slots and other casino offerings.


In this industry section, numerous software developers come up with titles, themes and features to top what already exists. 

smartphones, gaming 
Surge in Creativity 

The new game releases have no limits or restrictions regarding creativity. You’ll find unique designs and jaw-dropping features, and they’re available on major smartphone operating systems (iOS and Android).


The competitive element has also gone up several notches with massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) titles, where hundreds of players battle with others within a virtual community.


These MMORPG titles capture the full potential of mobile gaming as players are immersed in a new world with different tasks and stages that require coordination and interaction.


The increased prominence of mobile gaming and widespread use of smartphones is a catalyst for this game genre.

smartphones, gaming 
Increased Gaming Convenience

Here’s one of the major benefits that mobile gaming brings to the table. Gone are the days when you had totravel several miles to access the nearest slot machine or a casino table.


There are now numerous casino games that you can play from the comfort of your mobile phone with realistic simulations. You only need a stable online connection and perhaps the mobile app of the gaming platform.


From your smartphone, you can play some of the most thrilling games on your way to work or even during coffee breaks. 


The convenience extends to the wide selection of games available. The mobile casino isn’t barred by physical limitations, so it houses lots of software from different studios and providers.


With a few clicks, you can switch from a retro video slot to MMORPG titles or any other game type you prefer.More games are popping up daily from different creators, and some partner up to deliver groundbreaking offerings.


The sea of games available to mobile gamers makes them conveniently spoilt for choices. 

smartphones, gaming 
Improved Social Features

Another aspect of this industry that is linked to the prominence of smartphones and mobile gaming is the inclusion of social features.


The explosion of social media came almost simultaneously with that of mobile gaming. As such, the industry has found it easy to incorporate some aspects of the former to attract even more gamers.


Many online gaming platforms now create chat rooms that mimic your favorite social media platforms. This gives mobile gaming an edge over other forms asit allows more appealing interaction between gamers.


Also, you can share your gaming progress with friends and invite them to play along.


Most gaming platforms now have social media accounts, which allows them to interact with customers through social media.


The best operators will provide giveaways through their social media accounts, enablinggamers to earn free credits and coins.

smartphones, gaming 
Major Takeaway

The rise of mobile gaming wouldn’t have been possible without the development of smartphones. The future of online gaming is mobile.


Many game studios recognize this fact and are already keying into it. Similarly, smartphone companies are also creating devices specifically for gaming.


With these devices, you can play top-tier, graphics-intensive titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota2 and League of Legends.


Although these games are available on most devices, getting a high-end smartphone will certainly revamp your experience, making mobile gaming even more worthwhile.

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