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Travel to Australia

Travel to Australia, Planning for a trip to Australia? We will give you a glimpse of it by legends of Fairytale travelers who have experienced the best places to visit in Australia.

Small Towns In Australia Well Worth the Visit

You’ve finally booked your dream vacation to Australia. Now it’s time to plan your itinerary, which is jam-packed with activities, day trips, and adventure. Between the surfing and bbq, you won’t want to miss exploring the small towns in Australia!   If rich history and unique experiences are your things,[…]

Traveling Launceston to Hobart Via the East Coast

Off the radar, the hidden beauty of Tasmania is a national treasure that many have heard about, but may not have had the delight to explore themselves.   If you are looking for one of Australia’s iconic places to travel, sightsee, and wonder at the beauty of nature, the Island[…]

The Ultimate Guide to Camper Travel in New Zealand

Suppose you are thinking of the best way to spend your vacation, and you are considering a camper road trip around New Zealand. In that case, you are definitely making the best choice.   This is your ultimate guide to enjoying your travel around New Zealand in a camper.   […]

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