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5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Data Privacy While Traveling

People usually worry about finding their accommodation or packing everything necessary when traveling.


But what most forget is that when going to another place, they’re automatically exposing themselves to digital security threats since there’s no data safety surrounding their devices anymore.


According to a survey, in 2022, 39% of the UK’s businesses have experienced a data breach because they haven’t focused on cyber resilience, which causes system vulnerabilities that affect people. 


For example, when traveling to another country only for a few days, you may be tempted to use public WiFi to cut costs and have a good signal.


However, that’s only making your device defenseless because you’re not the only one with access to that network. So, your data may be stolen if you’re not careful with what you share on such networks.


Just like you’d protect your wallet or your luggage when out traveling, you need to consider protecting your data as well. In all actuality, your data is very important- it’s your whole life!


Your banking information could be stolen, your identity could be stolen, and so many other things if you aren’t careful.


A lot of people don’t even consider their data privacy when they’re out traveling. However, don’t worry. This article will provide helpful insight into protecting your data so you don’t get scammed. 


Let’s see how you can protect your personal information while enjoying your vacation. 

data, technology

5 Ways to Protect Your Data When Traveling

Use Secured WiFi Networks 

Anyone, even hackers, can connect to public WiFi networks, which is why you don’t want to use them too.


When entering your login credentials and making a purchase, for example, they may be able to steal that information and use it for personal purposes.


The problem with such an occurrence is that it would be difficult to track the hacker because even though the network is public, they may be using a VPN that allows them to lurk on the internet without being monitored. 


To ensure your accounts are safe, try to avoid public networks, especially if you want to use them to access sensitive information.


Even WiFi networks from hotels and other accommodation services are better to stay away from. They may seem like the most convenient option, but they can prove to be dangerous for travelers. 


Next time you travel, try to get an internet connection from a certified provider, even though it might be more expensive. Or, if you want to take the next step toward security, try a VPN provider. It could be helpful! 

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Try VPN Services 

VPN is short for a virtual private network, a digital service that allows users to surf multiple networks securely, especially public ones.


The purpose of using a VPN is to hide your IP address so that your internet service provider and other third parties won’t be able to see your browsing activity. Moreover, hackers can’t decipher the data when using a VPN. 


Another impressive advantage of using a VPN is that you’ll have access to regional content, which can come in handy when traveling to another country with distinct content.


For example, many people use VPNs to watch series from Japan since many of them are unavailable in other countries.


VPN services are usually affordable, so if you need them for only a few days or weeks, it’s the best thing to have for securing your data.  

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Use a Password Manager 

Having to memorize passwords is difficult because we need so many apps, but the way you hold them is essential.


You mustn’t keep your passwords written on a piece of paper, especially when traveling, since you can quickly lose them, and keeping them in your note app is even riskier.


So, the best thing to do is to have a password manager that holds all your passwords in one place, and you access it with only one code you need to memorize. 


Why is this necessary in the first place? Well, one of the most common cyberattacks relies on people that use the same password on all their accounts, which allows hackers to access everything with only one code.


Therefore, the consequences of such an attack can be disastrous because you may lose all control over your finances and information, which can eventually affect your mental health.


If you ever experience such damages, you can claim for a data breach in the UK, which can cover your losses.


If necessary, you may even get psychological help because some people find it challenging to get over the fact their information is so vulnerable and develop PTSD. 

data, technology

Turn on MFA on All Devices 

MFA (multi-factor authentication) is a second security layer you must consider when accessing your apps.


This tool allows you to choose between security questions, biometrics, a physical security key, or authenticator apps to provide you with a safety backup that no one else can ever know or access.


For example, when logging in to your account, you may choose for the app to ask you for a code from the authenticator apps that’s available in only a few seconds, so no hacker can know such information or use it since the logging time is too short.


Be wary to avoid SMS security codes because of the SIM swap scams that can send you some codes with which they’ll access the account.


This practice is among the best ones because it provides more data security. Even Microsoft stated that using MFA blocks 99.9% of account hacks

data, technology

Keep Your Information Private

Finally, besides digitally securing your information, it’s also important to keep everything for yourself when going to another country or city.


Many scammers devise ingenious ways to get valuable information about you by using it to get into your digital privacy.


For example, some of them will ask you to help complete a survey their work requires and present you with a fake company and scenario that, even if it sounds legit, you shouldn’t do. 


Others will ask you to contribute financially to some causes and ask for your phone number or email to keep you updated with the social cause’s development.


Some people know that tourists tend to be friendly and helpful and don’t know the local practices and fully take advantage of them, especially in the biggest and most famous cities.

data, technology

Wrapping Up 

In the age of technology, it’s essential to think about your data security even when traveling because you may be tempted to relax and not think about unpleasant scenarios.


But the reality of the situation is that thieves are lurking everywhere, seeking to take your information when you’re most vulnerable. 


In this day and age, pick-pockets are not just after your physical belongings, but your IP too. We keep everything on our phones- our whole lives and identity are basically up for grabs!


It can be tempting to connect to public networks, especially when traveling abroad. But there are certainly some dangers to doing so, and we hoped this article provided a way to help you. 


Still, it’s best to consider security a top priority if you want to avoid scams and keep your data intact when going to another place. What other data safety tips do you think are notable when traveling? 

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