Nice to meet you! I’m Christa, here’s a big virtual high-five and what the heck, here’s a hug. I’m a big hugger! I’m also a huge geek. I think there’s a Comic-Con in my brain…at the very least there’s a unicorn.

I absolutely LOVE TV, film, mythology and the obscure. In fact, it wasn’t a love of reading which started my obsession of geekdom, it was a love of great movies and amazing television that led me to the greatest literary works of all time. I’m a complete product of the ’80s (the best decade ever to grow up in period), and I’ve always been a nostalgic person so, digging through old books and comics has become a favorite hobby of mine.


Another favorite hobby I have is traveling! Building a travel & lifestyle blog inspired by books, film, TV and mythology was a pretty obvious choice for me, and one which suited being a single mom to an intrepid little boy.


About the Fairytale Traveler and Why I Started Blogging


I’ve traveled since I was a child. There was nothing more exciting to me than hopping on a plane and going on an adventure. When we stopped traveling I missed it sorely. I would actually pretend to travel in my backyard. Then, at twenty-three, I had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Cambridge in England. I’m no miss smarty pants, but I learned a thing or two about Darwin, the Romantics, and Ancient Egypt. My biggest takeaway, however, was wanderlust. I could never quite shake it. Some say it’s a genetic thing, something congenital which drives a person to explore. Whatever it is, it’s here to stay. So, when blogging changed the landscape of media, I knew I had to be a part of it.


Launching a blog as a single mom wasn’t easy, but I knew I wanted more out of life than just a 9-5 job. I found myself at a crossroads with a degree in Hospitality and Travel Tourism and a Certification in Surgical Technology. I had just paid off my car and I knew if I was going to do something crazy well, I had better do it while my living expenses were minimal.


I did a bit of reflecting and decided life is too short and this world is far too interesting to sit in an operating room all day just to end up too exhausted to play with my little boy. So, I abandoned my medical ventures and decided to make it my life’s work to travel and enrich my son’s life with culture, amazing adventures, magic, and possibility. Four years later, we’ve done some pretty epic stuff, and we’re just getting started.


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