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Magical Places around the world

Magical Travel, 5 Amazing Road Trips

What better way to open up new horizons in your life and in your thinking than to visit new, exciting, and decidedly “different” places. You’d be surprised how enchantingly different some road trip destinations right here in the US can be – some of them seem like something literally straight[…]

10 Most Coolest and Futuristic Cities in the World

Ever seen a city skyline that looks like it came from the Jetsons? You know the ones with super-tall skyscrapers and twinkling lights wrapped in miles of highway. I’ve always wanted to visit these futuristic cities.   Cities where global preservation, advanced telecommunications, and artificial intelligence are common. From epic[…]

10 Beautiful Gardens You’ll Want on Your Bucket List

Who doesn’t love beautiful gardens? Nature drawn into poetic perfection by human design — gardens have been an expression of beauty for every civilization throughout history.   In both private and public landscapes, people have created gardens that reflect culture, philosophy, and fairy tale fantasy.    We’ve chosen our ten[…]

A Journey of Discovery in Magical Malta and Gozo

There aren’t many other places that encapsulate the customs and characteristics of the Mediterranean more perfectly than Malta. Situated in the heart of this compelling sea, the Maltese archipelago boasts a fascinating history, beautiful architecture, an alluring coastline and several remarkable attractions.   While many tourists are more than satisfied[…]

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