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days in Mumbai, India

3 Days in Mumbai, India

If you are going to be in India as part of your quest for the perfect vacation, make sure you get a chance to spend a few days in Mumbai. This picturesque city is definitely a destination to visit, especially if you are looking for exotic places to go to (which is the total opposite of the west).


Also known as the city of dreams, Mumbai is home to Bollywood, the world’s second-largest film industry. And, as it turns out, Mumbai is also one of the most populated cities globally—with a population of 20 million people and counting.


So, if you’re adding Mumbai to your India itinerary, then get ready for quite a journey as we guide you through the sights and sounds of this magical exotic eastern land! Discover the best activities to add to your must-see list if you have only three days in Mumbai.


days in Mumbai, India


Itinerary for 3 Days in Mumbai

Day 1: Walking and Ferry Riding


On your first day in Mumbai, you can take a stroll through the city. But, you better make sure you have your travel camera ready and strapped on as you will undoubtedly see a lot of interesting architecture, such as the Gateway of India.


While we’re on the subject, make sure you add the Gateway of India to your itinerary for the day. If you get tired of walking, you can turn the first of your three days in Mumbai into a ferry day. You can ride the ferry to get to nearby islands.


One of the nearby islands is Elephanta Island. It is on our must-see list because it’s known for mysterious stone structures built centuries ago. The Elephanta Island structures are just as awe-inspiring as other ancient architecture such as Stonehenge. They are definitely a sight to see!


Pro tip: It is always crowded in the Gateway, so make sure you gather your patience before arriving and it’s probably a good idea to grab a bite to eat first.


days in Mumbai, India, food


Day 2: Culinary Exploration


Speaking of eating, a relaxing culinary adventure is exactly what you need after a tiring first day. So, make your second day in Mumbai into a day of experiencing famous and exotic Indian Cuisine. After all, a cultural trip wouldn’t be complete without trying local food.


We recommend you visit Bademiya and try their famous Seek Kebabs. These kebabs are made with tasty chicken, lamb, or mutton chops. Trust us, the flavorful authentic Indian spices will definitely blow your mind!


In the evening, you can wrap up your second day with a visit to Juhu Beach. It’s the perfect place to experience India’s famous street food. Foodies will definitely appreciate this place because of the sheer variety of food stalls and choices. So, make sure you come with an empty stomach!


days in Mumbai, India


Day 3: Shopping!


Following this itinerary, the third day is the last of your days in Mumbai. So what is the best thing to do? Shopping, of course! Many travelers love to buy souvenirs to remember the places they visited. If you are into shopping for something you cannot buy from home, you can go to the Colaba Causeway Market.


You can find beautiful silk paintings, jewelry, clothing, hats, and more at very competitive pricing. This shopping center is located in the Culture Square of Mumbai, meaning there are many other sights to see while you are out there. It’s the perfect way to wrap up your Mumbai excursion.


Packing Tips for Visiting Mumbai


  • Pack lightly when traveling to a place like Mumbai. There will be a lot of adventures on foot, and you don’t want to get caught carrying a ton of stuff you don’t need! Be sure you bring only the things you could use in a city like Mumbai and plan what to pack in your carry-on luggage.


  • Prepare to dress appropriately. India is a hot country, and Mumbai is a very congested city. Of course, as with any foreign culture, you should know the best practices when it comes to planning your attire.


  • Pack breathable clothing and comfortable shoes! Mumbai might not be one of the ideal travel destinations for thrill-seekers, but it can definitely be thrilling if you go to the right places.


Flying to Mumbai


If you are on your way to India, make sure you go straight to Mumbai. There are many routes that will take you directly to Mumbai, whether you are already in India or coming from a different country.


Some of the direct routes include flights from Singapore, Australia, parts of Europe, or flights from Dubai to Mumbai . Flying directly to your destination of choice will allow you more time on your adventure. That way, you can plan your trip by the hour if you want to. It’s one way to get the most out of your three days in Mumbai. 


Final Thoughts


Mumbai alone is definitely a destination that needs more than three days to enjoy fully. However, if you are on a limited-time trip to India, you probably want to make sure you get to see more places and cities than just Mumbai. That’s why we put this list of must-see places for you.


If you ever have at least three days in Mumbai, make sure you try to stay on schedule, and do all the activities mentioned above! You definitely won’t regret it!



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