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travel guide to Delhi

An Alternative Guide to Delhi for an Unforgettable Indian Vacation

There are a lot of travel guides out there that will have you going through this Delhi but never truly offering an authentic experience in this vibrant and incredible part of the planet. If you really want to embrace its culture, creativity, and life, then you need an alternative travel guide to Delhi.


The astounding history of this region is embraced and celebrated by modern technologies and cultural changes. But you really can’t get that kind of in-depth experience by visiting tourist hot spots.


Find your way to new and exciting experiences by checking out the five things to do in Delhi, India in this guide to Delhi that will make your trip unforgettable.  

travel guide to Delhi
The Giant Lord Hanuman Statue overlooks the city of Delhi

An Alternative Travel Guide to Delhi, 5 Things to Do

The Giant Lord Hanuman Statue

First in our travel guide to Delhi at a staggering 108 feet tall, this giant statue of the monkey god Lord Hanuman is definitely worth the visit. Not only can you stand in the shadow of this breathtaking statue, but you can also explore the Sankat Mochan Dham temple at the base. 


Building for this statue started in 1994 and after nearly thirteen years, it was finally opened to the public. It was embroiled in political red tape and controversy, but the statue has now become a major part of the Delhi skyline. 


To enter the temple, you need to first step through the huge mouth of a demon that was slain by the monkey god. Watch your head, because you might hit it on the gigantic teeth! From there you can learn more about Lord Hanuman and all of the god’s extraordinary feats.


Definitely a unique and alternative temple in Delhi!

travel guide to Delhi
Handmade rugs in Delhi

Hand Crafted Experience

Finding alternative things to do is a great aspect of having a travel guide. Delhi has so many places off the beaten path, especially when it comes to craft.


No matter where you are in India, you will find stunning, hand-crafted art pieces. But walking into a gallery wouldn’t be all that remarkable in a major city. No, in order to keep yourself off the beaten path, it’s time to get your hands a little dirty. 


Second up in our travel guide to Delhi is handmaking crafts. One of the best ways to experience Indian crafts is to take a course or see it created in real-time. Watch and learn, then take home an extremely memorable souvenir.


There are tons of street artists and creatives, but in order to find a class just for yourself, you’ll want to find the National Crafts Museum. 


The National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy in New Delhi is a fascinating and remarkable place. Not only can you see the creations brought to life yourself, but you can also participate! 


You can watch local artisans make all of the following: 

Traditional Indian Embroidery
Pottery Exhibitions


There are also actual historical exhibits for you to explore as well. Walking you through the elaborate histories and traditions in the various art forms. Enjoy art with a new perspective by having a hand-crafted experience at the National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy.


Dance Your Heart Out

Third, on our travel guide to Delhi is dancing and more dancing! No matter where you are in the world, from New York to Madrid, Riyadh to Delhi, there will always be dancing. One of the best ways to enjoy a traditional Indian dance is to learn how to properly do it yourself! 


There are lots of options for you as a visitor. You can learn one dance all the way through, or simply learn the technique and style. There are even a few classic studios that will teach you a traditional dance, or even a fun routine from a Bollywood movie!


There are tons of dance studios throughout New Delhi and the Delhi province. Simply call ahead to book an appointment with the studio of your choice. Choose the style of dance you want to learn or the routine, and you’ll leave your Delhi vacation with more than a few new moves! 

travel guide to Delhi
Champa Gali Delhi

Champa Gali Bohemian Heaven

The streets of New Delhi are crowded, and most tourists can be swept up into the bustling markets. However, if you’re looking for a quaint and unique travel experience, then make your way to Champa Gali in south Delhi’s Saidulajab village near Saket.


This secluded area has taken old sheds and transformed them. Creatives have filled them with art, coffee shops, handmade designs, classes, and all the bohemian vibes you could want. There are textile shops, T-shirts, and souvenirs, as well as incredible street food, coffee shops, and performances. 


So, if you want to hear an acoustic guitar, or learn how to make clothes without a needle and thread, then Champa Gali is the place for you. Be certain to check with local vendors or artists to see if there are any upcoming events for you to enjoy.


Indulge in this hipster haven, and have a unique, art-filled experience! You’ll find that this may be your favorite thing to do from our travel guide to Delhi!

travel guide to Delhi
Street Food and Spice Markets in Delhi

Street Food and Spice Markets

You simply can’t visit India without traversing one of the spice markets in New Delhi. If you are looking for a place to get lost in the sights and smells and glorious street foods, then look no further than Khari Baoli. It is Asia’s largest spice market and dates back to the 17th century!


Though this is quite a popular Indian destination, there are plenty of places within this market where you won’t find the typical tourist. Find some unique spices to take home, and fill your belly with delicious foods from the Khari Baoli market. 

This is definitely the most delicious part of this travel guide to Delhi, but perhaps not the most relaxing. This is one of the busiest markets in all of India. You need to be able to handle yourself in a massive crowd. But don’t worry, it’s worth it for the exciting experience alone! 


Final Thoughts

There is so much to see in Delhi. From the Red Fort to the Lodi Gardens and Akshardham. However, your experience in Delhi doesn’t have to be restricted to these popular tourist attractions. 


Whether you learn a new dance step or discover your new favorite spice, these five things to do in Delhi will definitely be memorable. Use this alternative travel guide to Delhi to plan out your Indian holiday and explore some unique and unforgettable Delhi locations! 

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