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Exploring Shanghai: The Hidden Gem of China

Shanghai is the largest city in China that attracts millions of local and international tourists each year. The city offers a great deal to art lovers, historians, religious groups, and general tourists. 


From art galleries to museums, shopping districts, fancy tea houses, restaurants to science museums, and sightseeing tourist sites, Shanghai has something for everyone.


When you are traveling to Asia, visiting Shanghai should be a part of your list. This city has a modern skyline while keeping history alive in its heart.


You can enjoy the modern Chinese culture and learn the background history at the same place. It’s just as exciting as Beijing


Here are some hidden gems in Shanghai that you can not miss at any cost. While Shanghai might be one of China’s big megacities, it is often looked over in favor of other places like Beijing! 


Expand your horizons and take a look at 7 of Shanghai’s hidden gems. 


Exploring Shanghai: The Hidden Gem Of China

The China Art Museum

The culture of any society can be learned by studying its art.


If you want to learn about Chinese culture, especially the Shanghai culture that has developed over a course of time, visiting the China Art Museum should be on your bucket list.


This museum has a very unique building that looks like an inverted pyramid and is the sole survivor of China’s expo event in 2010.


This building houses a huge collection of modern art pieces that depict Shanghai’s cultural development. You can also enjoy the performance art at Shanghai Grand Theater.


There are regular concerts, ballet performances, operas, and traditional theater at this place that form a great tourist attraction.


Shanghai Science And Technology Museum

China is rapidly developing its Science and Technology department. If you are a geek who is fascinated by science and different forms of technology, then visiting this museum is a must.


This is one of the largest museums in China that attracts millions of tourists each year.


The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum houses different animal and plant species that are indigenous to the region.


You can also fascinate yourself with the interactive multimedia exhibits, state-of-the-art theater, and permanent displays. You can also satisfy your robotic and space travel fantasy in this museum.


Nanjing Road Shopping Street

Shopping is the most touristy thing you can do when visiting Shanghai. Nanjing Road is known for its shopping and restaurants.


Whether you are looking for inexpensive roadside vendors or extremely expensive boutiques, this is the place to go.


Shopping at Nanjing road can be a shopping lover’s dream come true. You can find cheap but great quality everyday use products for street vendors.


You can also visit expensive designer boutiques and art galleries if you are looking for something expensive.  


Even if you are not looking forward to shopping, you can stroll in the street and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at a cute tea house that is abundantly located in this district.


The Oriental Pearl Tower

The Oriental Pearl Tower is a great tourist attraction in Shanghai. It is a TV and Radio tower that fascinates locals and foreigners because of its unique architecture.


This building is located near the east bank of the Huangpu River. Because of its location, the building gives a breathtaking view of the city when viewed from one of its pearl-shaped domes.


There is a skywalk with a glass floor where tourists can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the river on one side and the city full of lights on the other side.


At night, the Pearl Tower building itself looks breathtaking because of the light show it displays.


 Temples For Buddhists

Shanghai is not reserved for the people who love worldly pleasures only.


If you are a religious person or a historian who loves to explore religious history around the world, then you should know that Shanghai is a great attraction for Buddhists as well.


Here you can find several historical temples that are one of their kind in the world.


Jade Buddha Temple is one of the most famous temples on the list. This temple is home to two Shakyamuni statues which were brought here from Burma.


Another most impressive structure is the Hall of the Kings of The Heavens which displays four heavenly kings and two Shakyamuni sculptures.


Shanghai has the oldest religious site in China, the Longhua Temple. This site is regularly visited by Buddhists and is considered an important worship place.


Yu Garden

Shanghai’s oldest green space, Yu Garden, also known as the Garden of Happiness is located in the northeast of the old town.


This garden attracts many tourists because of its historical value as well as the pleasant view it offers. This 20,000 square meters area is covered by outer and inner gardens.


The impressive main Hall building gives a beautiful display of roof ornaments, figurative representations of bas-reliefs, window openings, and dragon-adorned walls.


The artificial rocks in this garden are also a great tourist attraction as they are the only remains left that were made by the original designer of the garden.


The inner gardens are more peaceful and serene and depict the true classical definition of a Chinese garden.


 Shanghai’s Promenade – The Bund

The Anglo-Indian name of Shanghai’s promenade is The Bund which provides a splendid walking area at the bank of the Huangpujiang River.


Many locals and tourists find this place fascinating because of its view of the river flowing in the city. You can take an evening stroll at this place or sit on one of the benches during the day to appreciate nature.


You can also take Instagram-worthy pictures at this place. A stroll in the evening can also be a great romantic date idea.


The Bund is lined with French and English buildings that represent the foreign settlements in the area. Today these buildings have been converted mostly into restaurants and coffee houses.


You can also take a boat ride for sightseeing around the port and confluence of the two rivers, Huangpujiang and Yangtze.


Final Thoughts

When you are visiting Asia on Cathay Pacific, then you should consider making a stop at Shanghai to learn about the Chinese culture, enjoy the local art, and learn something about the history of the region.


If you’re looking to enjoy shopping, then Shanghai has so many options for that such as the Nanjing Road. If you’re more interested in museums, consider the Shanghai Museum of Science and Technology.


The Oriental Pearl Tower is also exciting! You can also visit the China Art Museum if that suits your fancy. 


However if you’re looking to learn more about culture, consider the Buddhist temples or the Yu Garden. It’s extremely beneficial to learn more about different cultures and religions! 


Relax by strolling the Shanghai Promenade or simply explore the city. Shanghai has a plethora of experiences for everybody! It’s certainly a good place to vacation to if you’re looking for something different to experience. 


If you’re traveling with kids who are picky eaters, don’t fret. We have a guide on feeding picky eaters while you’re traveling in Asia.


Or, if you’re looking to expand your food horizons, try out some Shanghai resteraunts. The possibilities are truly endless!


Have fun on your trip to Shanghai and we hope that this guide helped inspire you to travel there! 

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