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6 Beautiful Destinations to Visit On a Sailing Holiday In Singapore

Singapore is surrounded by some of the most beautiful destinations in Southeast Asia which is why so many opt for a sailing holiday in Singapore. The region is rich with stunning tropical beaches, rich cultures, exclusive cuisines, ancient forts, and natural wonders.


That’s why it is no surprise that many tourists from different parts of the world include visiting these places on their sailing holiday in Singapore.


If you are thinking of spending a holiday in the area, Simpson Marine has a range of yachts for sale. After all, there’s nothing more luxurious than having your yacht on a sailing holiday in Singapore. This is also the best way to visit undiscovered gems and do island hopping during your sailing holiday.


Here are a few must-visit locations to consider when planning your sailing holiday in Singapore.

Langkawi Singapore, sailing holiday in Singapore

Destinations to Visit On a Sailing Holiday in Singapore

1. Langkawi – 381.14 nautical miles from Singapore

First on our list of places to consider for your sailing holiday in Singapore is Langkawi. This destination is located in Malaysia and is among the most famous sailing destinations in the region.


It consists of 99 breathtaking islands that were once hidden gems before they became popular tourist spots.


The strategic geographical location of the area is home to pearl-white beaches, ancient mangroves, and geological formations that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world.  The natural landscapes in Langkawi are one of the many things that attract people to visit the place. Aside from island hopping, you will also find many things to do in it.


The wildlife in the area caters to over 200 bird species, monkeys, lizards, and more. Tourists interested in native species would find that enjoyable on the island.


They also offer The Langkawi cable car, which allows you to see the island’s beauty in a bird’s eye–the perfect view to appreciate the natural wonders of Langkawi.


Langkawi also offers watersport adventures, cave exploration, and all sorts of outdoor activities that would keep you busy as you spend your days around the island.


Langkawi holds the Global Geopark status provided by UNESCO. If you decide to go, more than a day would be needed to experience most of what these great Malaysian islands offer. It’s a must-see destination for your sailing holiday in Singapore.

Belitung Singapore, Sailing holiday

2. Belitung – 345.68 nautical miles from Singapore 

Belitung is a smaller one of the two islands located on the southeast coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. It features beautiful rock formations near calm waters, making it truly a wonder to see.


This is the perfect place for a peaceful sailing holiday in Singapore, whether you are an experienced or beginner sailor. The waters in the area are calm so you can do different water activities like swimming and kayaking.


One unique thing about Belitung is the large boulders surrounding its shores. You will surely love taking beautiful pictures with its one-of-a-kind geographical features. 


The Balancing Rock is one of the wonders you would want to see in Belitung. This landmark is a large boulder located near Tanjung Tinggi Beach.


You can take beautiful photos from every angle and be amazed at Belitung’s peculiar sights. You would also love to see the infamous Kaolin lake on the island. It used to be a mining spot up until 1971.


Now, it has become one of the most famous sights in the area, and it was made famous by its turquoise-colored waters and white sand.


After you visit Belitung’s fantastic sights, you should stop at their restaurants. Belitung is relatively new in the food scene, but there are some great options you surely don’t want to miss.

Raja Ampat, Reef, sailing holidays in Singapore

3. Raja Ampat – 1605.10 nautical miles from Singapore

Raja Ampat has a direct translation to “Four Kings” in Indonesian, and some would say that the name is well-deserved. It is home to over 1.500 small islands, cays, and shoals.


You will love the majestic marine ecosystem of the area that caters to more than 1,300 types of coral fish and around 75% of the world’s hard coral population.


If you love snorkeling, you will surely enjoy the beautiful marine life Raja Ampat has to offer among tourists and sailing enthusiasts. The place is excellent for both yacht and kayak exploration making it a perfect Singapore sailing holiday.


Raja Ampat offers many natural attractions to everyone who would want to take a break from the bustling cities of Singapore. You can mingle with the locals and observe their unique traditions.


It is not every day that you would be able to see such beautiful scenery Raja Ampat has to offer. The marine biodiversity in these islands is globally recognized, so it’s understandable why many people go on their way to spend a day or two in the area.

Bintan Singapore, sailing holidays

4. Bintan – 43.13 nautical miles from Singapore

Looking for a place where you can find luxury resorts and turquoise waters on your sailing holiday in Singapore? Look no further because everything is waiting for you on Indonesia’s Bintan island.


It contains both natural and man-made attractions that you can enjoy if you choose to spend at least a day in the area on your sailing holiday inSsingapore.


Bintan is great for private yacht explorations, and don’t forget to try the Asian dishes available in multiple parts of the island. The place is known for its white sandy beaches and offers the most luxurious resorts in Indonesia.


One of them is the Bintan Lagoon Resort, which has over 400 rooms, villas, and suites that overlook the sea. That is a luxury you should try experiencing at least once.


For exploration, you can go swimming and snorkeling with tropical fishes along beautiful corals around the island in peace.  This makes it a prime location for a sailing holiday in Singapore.

Batam Singapore

5. Batam – 14.95 nautical miles from Singapore

Batam is a part of the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle, free from trade zones, allowing tourists to have plenty to check out as they go to the island.


It only takes 40 minutes on a boat ride to reach Batam from Singapore, making it a well-loved sailing destination in the region. You will be greeted with several golf courses, shopping malls, and a luxurious spa as you visit the place.


Unlike the other suggested places to explore on your sailing holiday in Singapore listed in this post, Batam is more sophisticated and offers outdoor activities that everyone in the family can enjoy.


Aside from that, it also offers religious tourism with The Laughing Buddha Temple–one of the largest Buddhist temples in South East Asia. Speaking of Temples, you should also visit the Tua Pek Kong Temple.


Many people consider this a must-see place for tourists and a well-loved location for locals to pray.


If you are into adventures, numerous activities are available in the Waterfront City and Nongsa Coast. You can also visit the iconic Barelang Bridge that connects the three islands of Batam, Galang, and Rempang. 

Kupang waterfall, sailing holiday in singapore

6. Kupang – 1364.95 nautical miles from Singapore

Kupang is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular sailing destinations for tourists from Australia. Hundreds of yachts from all over the place make their way to Kupang for its historic port that reflects the country’s past during the Portuguese and Dutch colonization.


Despite its contemporary significance and illustrious history, Kupang remains one of the top destinations for a yacht sailing holiday in Singapore. If you choose to visit the place, you can experience serene beaches, calm seas, less crowded, delectable cuisines, and the overall luxury that you deserve.


The Crystal Cave, located west of Kupang, used to be a secret location where you could bathe in crystal blue water. As you explore the area down to the coast, you will reach the Pantai Tablolong, which features clear beaches and stunning blue water, creating a perfect picturesque environment for sunbathing and being with nature.


Whatever you choose, all of these places are stunning locations for a sailing holiday in Singapore.

sailing holiday in singapore

Start Planning Your Next Yacht Holiday In Singapore

These are only some of the places that you can visit on a sailing holiday in Singapore. If you are a fan of serene beaches and undiscovered gems, there is more to see surrounding the country.


What places will you choose for your sailing adventure?

sailing holiday in singapore

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