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6 Top Places to Visit in Southeast Asia While Traveling With a Group

With the holiday season just around the corner, it is time to make the most of the time you have and spend it with family and friends! How about a trip to Southeast Asia?


During the holiday season, many people prefer to head to travel destinations that allow them to spend quality time with their loved ones and friends and colleagues that matter to them.


While Europe is the most preferred choice for couples to enjoy the private and personal time you can always choose Southeast Asia destinations that allow you to have fun when you travel in a group.


With more than 10 countries to travel to, Southeast Asia can provide you with the best destinations that offer you fun, adventure, and even private moments where you can experience tranquility and peace of mind.


If you are planning to travel in groups you can look for small group tours to Asia that can allow you to make the most of the time and money you have.


Even if you are just a couple you can choose these small group tours that offer plenty of benefits that you can avail.


Let’s take a quick look at the 6 top places to visit in Southeast Asia when traveling in a group.

southeast asia

6 Places in Southeast Asia Your Group Must Explore 

Koh Samui, Thailand

There is no doubt that Thailand is among the most popular Southeast Asian countries in terms of tourism with major crowds heading to popular destinations like Bangkok, Krabi, and Phuket.


However, if you are visiting Thailand to spend quality time with your friends or in a group you can head to Koh Samui. If you are not looking for crowded places, Koh Samui can offer you the peace and tranquility you seek.


You can relax on the beaches here and not be bothered at all.


Koh Samui is also the spa capital of Thailand and therefore a perfect spot for you to rejuvenate and unwind with the best spa centers and holistic wellness resorts.


If you love Thailand food, Koh Samui can provide you with the best southern Thailand cuisine that uses a lot of coconut ingredients.


If you are interested in wildlife, you can explore the Samui Elephant Sanctuary and the Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park.


Koh Samui is also a great place for those wanting to dive deeper into Thailand’s heritage and culture as it holds many festivities that are significant to local Thai people.


With plenty of shopping malls and high-end stores, Koh Samui also provides a perfect laidback shopping experience.

southeast asia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Although, not all people are history buffs certain places continue to fascinate people from all walks of life. Angkor Wat is one of those places that might not seem like a place to visit but more than 2 million people visit it annually.


So, what attracts so many people to this place? Firstly, the magnificent architecture of Angkor Wat is simply spellbinding. With its intricate carvings all over the place, it is an architectural wonder.


Also, if you are into history, you would want to explore and learn more about the history of this place.


During the 11th century, Angkor Wat was the largest pre-industrial urban center in the world and the architecture of the place stands testament to this fact.


The Angkor Wat park also is home to more than 200 Hindu temples making it the largest concentration of temples outside India.


Hence, it is the world’s largest religious structure. The structures here are engineered to provide natural cooling and are connected to a complex irrigation system like no other in the world.  

southeast asia

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Over the years, Vietnam has quickly grown into a popular tourism destination with people flocking to various locations like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and many others.


However, Halong Bay has been among the top destinations to visit when you are in Southeast Asia with friends and groups.


With its limestone islands, pristine beaches, and marvelous cave system it can offer a lot more to people looking for some adventure and fun in Vietnam.


Unlike other places in Vietnam, Halong Bay is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers a picturesque setting and landscape that none other can provide.


This place also offers a great adventure for nature lovers. You can trek through the Cat Ba national park and experience the local flora and fauna.


Halong Bay also has one-of-its-kind geological formations of numerous stalactites and stalagmites. You can also find some great food choices and enjoy the local Vietnamese cuisine.


If you love hiking and trekking through the jungles you can do that here. However, make sure that you have the right tips on how to prepare for a hike to ensure that you stay fit during the trip. And don’t forget when traveling to Vietnam, you’ll need your Vietnam e-Visa | Apply for Vietnam Visa Online.

southeast asia

Bali, Indonesia

Over the years, Bali has remained synonymous with tourism and you can find plenty of tourists from all over the world flocking to have a great holiday time in Bali.


With idyllic beaches and spectacular green landscapes, Bali has something to offer to everyone. Hence, it is a perfect destination in Southeast Asia when you are traveling in groups or enjoying the holiday with friends.


Of course, you should not miss out on the beaches here in Bali as they offer you a perfect setting to unwind and relax. With so many things to see and explore, you must read useful travel tips for first-timers when visiting Bali.


However, Bali isn’t just about the beaches. You can explore other locations like Ubud which transports you instantly into a rural green environment that offers the right relaxation and calm.


Bali also has a captivating cultural and religious scene and you can enjoy some great Indonesian cuisine when you are staying at some of the best resorts and hotels in Bali.

southeast asia

Bagan, Myanmar

When you are traveling in a group you would want to look for destinations that offer you much more than just peace and comfort.


Bagan, Myanmar looks like a place right out of a fairy tale with disintegrating temples, pagodas, and structures from the 11th century that is still standing the test of time.


With these old pagodas and towering structures, Bagan looks like a place to explore and instantly gives you the Indiana Jones movie vibe.


The city feels completely cut off from the modern world we live in and you can hop on horse carriages to explore the local area.


As you go about your day, you can talk to the locals and learn about the preserved culture and the teachings of Lord Buddha.

southeast asia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is probably on the other end of the spectrum when compared to Bagan in Myanmar.


This modern and exotic capital city of Malaysia offers pulsating nightlife, fabulous shopping experiences, mouth-watering cuisine, pristine beaches, and several local attractions.


Known as a shopper’s paradise, Kuala Lumpur has plenty of high-end stores, shopping malls, and even street stores where you can shop till you drop. The city is also home to Aquaria KLCC which is the largest aquarium in the world.


If you are looking for some places to picnic around the city, Kuala Lumpur has plenty of green areas and tropical parks like KLCC Park, Deer Park, and KL Lake Gardens.


Lumpur also provides vibrant nightlife to those who want to continue having fun even after the sun goes down. You can also visit some of the popular restaurants and bars that would introduce you to unique Malay cuisine.

southeast asia


To conclude, we hope that you will find one of these places interesting in Southeast Asia to visit with your group! 


Will you be traveling to Southeast Asia with the kids? Check out our guide to traveling with kids


Happy traveling! 

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