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A Quick and Easy Hvar Travel Guide for First Time Visitors

If you’re planning a trip to Croatia and want to get the most out of your visit then, this Hvar travel guide is for you. It covers the basics of what towns are most popular for travelers to explore, the food, and exploring the sea.


So, read on and start planning your Croatian adventure!


Dubrovnik Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia


An Easy Hvar Travel Guide to the Towns, the Food, and the Sea


It’s no surprise that you’re looking for adventure in Croatia. After all, it’s one of the most charming and magical places in the Mediterranean.


Sure, there’s a wide and diverse variety of places in this world that are beyond our imagination, either for their natural beauty, architectural ingenuity, cultural richness, or just the historical legacy that is breathed through its streets.


But some places offer the conjunction of all these factors in one. And this Hvar travel guide is going to help you discover it all.


There are certain destinations that we all think of when we imagine our dream trip, but in some cases, they come unexpectedly and the surprise delights the experience. Now that mobility and travel have begun to stabilize, it’s time to know the steps to take and start planning your next dream destination to a place that will dazzle you.


This usually happens to a lot of people who go to Croatia, especially those who enjoy magical places, because there are many types of tourism, and if you can put Croatia in a guidebook, it would definitely be a fantasy one.


Even though we just emphasized the surprise element, having an itinerary and planning your trip in advance is a big plus that won’t diminish the “Wow” factor. There are many guidebooks to get to know Croatia, which include its famous tourist sites, such as the city of Dubrovnik, the filming location for Game of Thrones.


However, this magical country is full of contrast, and one of its most impressive points is its islands, and among them, one of the main highlights, most visited and a must-see when visiting Croatia, is Hvar. And of course, this Hvar travel guide will help you discover it in a big way.


Dubrovnik Beach Croatia


About Hvar


Crystal clear waters, white sand, gothic architecture, it is no surprise that the city’s image inspired the renowned Japanese animation studio Ghibli to set its film “Porco Rosso” for the locations in the Adriatic Sea.


The island has a number of outdoor recreational activities, either on land such as touring the coves or at sea such as sailing; in fact, tourists are known to take the ferry route from Split to Hvar as part of their Croatia tour.


hvar travel guide


Exploring the Sea


Up first on our Hvar travel guide are some quick tips for exploring the sea. Being an island, it is impossible that marine enjoyment or aquatic tourism would not be one of its main attractions, especially when the mere sight of its beaches invites you to spend at least a full day there.


Hvar has earned, after all, its reputation among the most famous islands of the Adriatic Sea, offering the enjoyment of the Mediterranean, and at the same time marking the presence of Croatian culture and history in each of its bricks.


The island has all the facilities for tourists, so if you want to have a maritime experience, living the splendor of the Mediterranean, there is access to Boat rental Hvar services, with different types of boats, to suit the most diverse groups, needs, and budgets.


In front of Hvar is the Pakleni archipelago, formed by 20 islands and islets that are a visual wonder due to the combination of their shapes, which have inspired the most diverse legends, from family misunderstandings by Greek gods, to superstitious interpretations of Christian iconography.  


Whatever your favorite interpretation, the reality is that sailing these waters and enjoying their natural formations is a religious experience.


If you want to enjoy and really get to know these islands the best option is to spend several days in Hvar and hire a boat rental. But if you are a bit more limited in time, you can also visit the island of San Clemente which is one of the most visited islands for its beach bars and botanical garden.


hvar travel guide


Tasting the Food


What would a Hvar travel guide be without some pointers on eating in Croatia? As you can expect from a Mediterranean island, the predominant food is seafood. 


In fact, you can try some of the most exquisite and exclusive ones on the tour of the archipelago in Palmizana, the port of San Clemente Island, whose facilities make perfect harmony with the ecosystem not only aesthetically, but also ecologically.


Among the most popular dishes you can find the Bordet, made from remnants of vegetables and seafood, it is important to note that the taste of the dish will depend on the place where you eat it, as each chef has his own way of cooking.


One of the most interesting points regarding the island’s cuisine, and also one of the most attractive, is to be able to eat exactly the same dish in two places and have it taste completely different. The culinary diversity is due to the fact that each restaurant is independent of the other with local owners who manage the entire procedure, including the supply of ingredients that also are usually local.


If you are not so fond of seafood you don’t have to worry, because in Hvar they cook all the typical dishes of Croatian cuisine. In fact, their main dish is a pork ham smoked in embers and dried in the sun.


Pork is one of the most consumed meats in Croatia, and the island is no exception, being home also to many of the best Kulen, a seasoned pork sausage.


hvar travel guide


Explore the Towns


There are magical towns in Croatia like Dubrovnik or Korcula, but Hvar is not far behind when it comes to offering historic architecture and dreamy views. In this part of our Hvar travel guide, we’ll discuss what towns are a must-see and why.


First up is Stari Grand, right on the harbor, founded by the Greeks in IV BC, its vineyards are now a world heritage site.


To immerse yourself in the real fairy tale you must go to Vrboska, whose stone bridges cross the canal and the view of the stone houses are like something from a fantasy.


The nightlife, and of course, the main entertainment and tourist centers are in the city of Hvar, where you can see the yachts, luxury restaurants, and the most dynamic and usually crowded movement of tourists.


In Closing


We hope this Hvar travel guide gets you started with some direction of your own adventure. From the sea to the towns and all the food in between, your Hvar adventure is sure to be full of excitement. 


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