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12 Magical Places to Visit in Croatia This Year

If you’re planning an epic trip to Croatia, things to do are probably high on your planning task list. Especially since there are some places to explore that you won’t want to miss. This Croatia travel guide will help you gain some insight into visiting this popular European destination. 


Many people know Croatia for its prowess in football, especially since they came so close to bagging the World Cup in 2018.


Apart from their incredible talent, the country has so much more to offer which is why we put together this Croatia travel guide.


Chances are if you’re here then you’re already planning a trip to Croatia. Things to do there are easy to nail down on the surface, but there are many hidden gems. Keep reading to discover more.




Croatia Things to Do, Croatia Travel Guide


It’s no mystery why so many people travel to Croatia. Things to do like sightseeing historic ruins, medieval cities, and a plethora of stunning natural attractions and coastlines make Croatia travel candy for the modern-day wanderluster.


This Croatia travel guide will help you learn about tips like these and some of the must-visit spots in Croatia. 


croatia travel guide, zagreb, croatia things to do
A cathedral in Zagreb


Croatia Things to Do for the Modern Day Wanderluster, Croatia Travel Guide

Explore Zagreb, Croatia


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. Things to do here are rich with culture as a result of its metropolitan nature. It is home to thousands of people who boast of fantastic street art, stunning luxury villas, and food. 


For broken-hearted singles who want to purge their hearts of their past relationships, the Museum of Broken Relationships is a definite must. 


croatia travel guide, Rovinj
The storybook alleys of Rovinj


Rovinj, a Magical Old Town of the Adriatic Sea


There are plenty of magical places to explore in Rovinj, Croatia. Things to do here include beaches, sightseeing historic cobblestone streets, medieval and ancient architecture, shopping, and dining.


Rovinj is part of an archipelago of about 20 islands on the Croatian Istrian peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. The Old town of Rovinj sits on an even smaller Peninsula. Its narrow streets of cobblestone, stairways, and some fascinating ancient architecture make the old town a sight to see.


Its historic gems include several medieval city gates, St. Euphemia’s Basilica which is a baroque church with incredible artworks and a town clock from the 12th century.


Rovinj, croatia travel guide, Croatia things to do
The breathtaking waterside of Rovinj


Rovinj also has quite a scenic harbor and the epic Carrera Street with many shops and art galleries. Don’t forget to grab a couple of souvenirs from Grisia Street where vendors provide you with a wide range of options


Zadar Church
Church in Zadar


The 3,000 Year Old City of Zadar


Sitting on the coastline, Zadar is a 3,000-year-old city that often captures the attention of tourists. This destination offers quite a lot to see with fewer crowds as compared to other towns in Croatia. Things to do here include; the Roman ruins, numerous old churches, and medieval architecture.


The coastline is also quite ideal for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing. It’s a must-visit for this Croatia travel guide if you’re looking for sun and sand.


Split, Croatia, croatia things to do
Cityscape of Split


Must-Visit Destination, Split


If you’re looking for historic scenery in Croatia, things to do in Split are many. As Croatia’s second-largest city, Split is so visually appealing that it even became a Game of Thrones film location.


With regard to Split, Croatia, things to do are; seeing the Diocletian’s Palace of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, swimming in waterfalls, island hopping to amazing beaches, wandering storybook streets, and ziplining canyons.


The city is easily accessible with a ferry from Hvar to Split that gives you 1 hour, 38 minutes of pure adventure.


Pula, Croatia, Croatia things to do
Amphitheater in Pula Croatia


Pula, the Roman City of Croatia


Pula sits at the most southern tip of the Istria Peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. Since Roman times, Pula attracted tourists from all over the world to watch gladiator fights at the Amphitheatre.


The area has seen different governments from several sovereign countries, but today it belongs to Croatia. Things to do include; exploring ancient Roman buildings, enjoying good wine, dining, and fishing.


Korcula, Croatia things to do


The Magical City of Korcula


You’ve heard of the famous merchant traveler, Marco Polo. Well, Korcula is where he was born. It’s a magical city in Croatia. Things to do include exploring its lush green forests, olive groves, vineyards, sandy beaches, and welcoming villages.


Korcula Town has quite a lot of history to give us as well. From the ancient wall designs to the Venerian Rennaissance architecture, to colorful markets and other tourist facilities, it is a place worth visiting.


Krka National Park, Croatia things to do
Relax by the falls in Krka National Park


Krka National Park for Wildlife, History, and Landscapes


This national park is a protected area within Central Dalmatia of Croatia. Things to do here include a myriad of natural scenery, wildlife, and historic sites. The park has numerous waterfalls and pools of clear, blue-green waters flowing into the Krka River within Sibenik-Knin County.


There are boat excursions available to get around and well-maintained walkways for you to strut and explore the area. Plunge into the pools for swimming and do not forget to take photos of your memories.


Plitvice National Park, Croatia things to do
Plitvice National Park, Croatia


Plitvice National Park Offers Some Of The Most Breathtaking Scenery in All of Croatia


If you’re reading this Croatia travel guide for breathtaking sceneries then you want to visit Plitvice, Croatia. Things to do here include enjoying its several lakes, lush forests, and beautiful waterfalls.


It truly is a magical place to explore.


Croatia Travel Guide, Plitvice
A lake in Plitvice


The most outstanding feature of its interconnecting lakes is that they are carefully divided into upper and lower clusters. You are free to roam the area by strolling on the wooden walkways or by the boats made available at a fee.


So, if you’re an enthusiast of being outdoors and exploring the nature of a destination or you just want to bring home some incredible photos, Plitvice is for you. It’s one of the most pristine and lush places on our Croatia travel guide.


Dubrovnik, croatia things to do
The ancient city of Dubrovnik, Croatia


The Ancient City of Dubrovnik, Home of Game of Thrones Filming Location


Dubrovnik is another famous tourist city in Croatia. Things to do here include taking in its mind-blowing history, spectacular landscapes, and exploring its Game of Thrones filming locations.


If you fancy a little history, then visit Rector’s Palace from the 14th century. For the adrenaline lovers, kayaking is available at the place to Lokrum Islands which has idyllic landscapes to offer you. 


Hvar, Croatia
Ancient Hvar, Croatia


The White Sandy Beaches in the Magical City of Hvar


A must-see destination on this Croatia travel guide is Hvar. Hvar is an island off the Dalmatian Coast with white sandy beaches and lavender fields.


For those planning a destination wedding, put this in your ‘to review’ list. 


Hvar Town has retro 13th-century walls, Gothic Palaces, and old fortresses. The beauty of Hvar and its town offers a perfect location for outdoor recreational activities such as hiking on the cliffs to swimming in the sandy blue beaches and secluded coves.


Take it further by taking a ferry ride from Hvar to Split to continue the adventure.


Vis, Croatia
Old church in Vis


Vis, Venetian Architecture, Beaches and Seafood


The filming of Mamma Mia 2 movie happened here. Cool right? The historical Venetian architecture of the buildings here offers a great place to shoot the scenes.


However, there are many more reasons to visit this island, such as great beaches and enjoying some excellent seafood. And for the purpose of this Croatia travel guide, we have to admit that the restaurants here have the best food in all of Croatia.


varazdin, croatia
Fortress in Varazdin, Croatia


The Musical Culture of Varazdin


Last on our Croatia travel guide is Varazdin. If you’re going to explore Croatia after all, you might as well exhaust the place.


Many people overlook this small town which is just 80 kilometers north of Zagreb. The area has many baroque-type buildings and a musical culture that is to die for.


In Closing


I hope you’ve found some inspiration for your trip to Croatia. Things to do in this spectacular European country are many. It’s a destination rich in culture, history, adventure, scenic beauty, and great food and hopefully, this Croatia travel guide will help you to explore it.

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