Traveling On a Diet How to Stick to It Like a Boss

While traveling is one of the greatest joys of life, it presents its own challenges for everyone. Perhaps you have food sensitivities and allergies. Or maybe you follow a stricter dietary lifestyle than the average person – whatever the reason for eating the way you do, it can sometimes be a struggle to stick to a diet while traveling.


However, there are ways to stick to a diet while traveling with a little bit of know-how and a lot of planning. While other people may consider it a lot of work to take on or that it could detract from the fun of travel, sticking to your lifestyle and needs is rewarding. It can actually add benefits to your travel experiences.


Still, one of the best things about waking up in a new place is the fun of enjoying your breakfast with a different view than you’re used to. Let’s look at some tips on what you should eat while on vacation while sticking to your specific diet while traveling.


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Ways to Stick to Your Diet While Traveling

Plant-based Paradise


Waking up in a tropical location is ideal for people that live a vegan lifestyle. When you’re on an island, fruit is typically in abundance – eliminating the need for preparation on your part.


It’s easy to order a bowl of oats topped with a beautiful array of fresh fruits in the morning, and there is also likely a fresh juice bar nearby. Sure, there are options for your companions that may eat meat, but there are likely plenty of healthy vegan options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and any snacks in between!


Thankfully with the rise in popularity of leading a plant-based lifestyle over the last decade, it’s easy to go virtually anywhere in the world and be able to enjoy not only restaurant meals but on-the-go convenience items that are vegan friendly as well which can help you stick to a vegan diet while traveling.


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Oil or Salt-Free


If you’re stricter with your meals and don’t partake in eating oils or salt, or both, it can become a little bit more challenging to have breakfast in a restaurant and stick to your diet while traveling.


Typically there is always a fresh fruit bowl on the menu, but that may not satisfy you entirely. Opt for some healthy whole-wheat toast or a hardboiled egg to give you energy until lunchtime.


There is nothing wrong with traveling with your favorite spice in your day bag or some tahini to use as a dressing in a pinch. Fresh ground nut butter with no added oils is a great item to bring with you if you need a good snack on hand during a road trip or on a plane ride.


Additionally, dried fruits and nuts are fantastic without added sugar, salt, and oil.


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If you are new to living gluten-free, it may seem like sticking to your diet while traveling will be difficult. However, just like veganism has taken off in the last several years, so has choosing to eat gluten-free.


While those with Celiac disease are surely delighted that options are more abundant, it still may seem like you don’t have the same variety you do when you’re at home. Thankfully, it’s easy to find gluten-free bakeries in most big cities you’ll travel to, not to mention options at restaurants.


And when in doubt, always double-check with your waiter.


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Paleo Eating


If you follow the Paleo lifestyle, it’s easy to find options to suit your needs so you can stick to your diet while traveling. Paleo is also an easy dietary choice to make snacks for the road!


With the abundance of jerky options, dried fruit, and cheeses, you can feel satiated even while you’re hiking. Canned tuna or chicken is another easy thing to throw in your bag if you’re going to be on a plane or train for a long time.


It’s also a good idea if you’re paleo to take a bottle of balsamic vinegar or olive oil to substitute as a dressing while you’re out to eat.


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If you’re used to forgoing sugar, it’s not so much of a challenge. Whether you choose to go without added sugars or even consider bread a sugar source, there are still plenty of healthy options for you while you’re traveling.


In order to stick to your diet while traveling it’s essential to stay sugar-free because if you’ve gone a long time without sugar, adding it back in, even as a small indulgence, can make you feel off.


Fresh fruits are a great snack option as most convenience foods contain added sugars. Of course, plenty of organic meat and vegetable options will help you feel your best and keep your energy levels up for your adventure.


Final Thoughts


Staying energized and healthy is important all the time, yet it’s easily thrown to the wayside when we can’t maintain our diet while traveling. While variety is the spice of life, you’ll feel great and have more energy if you stick to your healthy choices even while traveling. So, use the tips mentioned earlier to keep eating healthy on the road or out of the country. 

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