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My Fairytale Traveler Bucket List of Magical Places

If you’ve always wanted to visit the most magical places on Earth but never knew where to begin, you’re at the right place. Let the magical world of fiction and imagination inspire you and discover the side of the world you never thought existed for real.


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Magical Places


My Bucket List of Magical Places


Get ready for a jaw-dropping adventure as we explore 20 different magical places that will transport you into a lovely dream. Prepare to be astonished.


Game of Thrones filming locations in iceland 7, magical places


1. Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice


If you had to describe Iceland in one word, what would it be? Magic. And if you had to describe it in multiple words? The land of fire and ice, and elves.


In these magical places your powers will rise from the depths of your core, allowing you to fully experience the power of Iceland and the world it holds inside.


Ireland's Ancient East, Loughcrew, Christa Thompson
Loughcrew a 5,000-year-old tomb, photo Christa Thompson


2. Ireland, Where Castles and Fairy Sites are Magical


One of my all-time favorite magical places, the Wild Atlantic Way is your opportunity to leave everyday life behind and embark on a ride of a lifetime.


This coastal road will show you things you only thought existed in your imagination.


As well as that, get ready to see Ireland as the representative of otherworldly places that it is, thanks to this eye-opening road trip.


You can also find spectacular ancient tombs in Ireland‘s Ancient East. 


Edinburgh to Isle of Skye-2, magical places
A section of the fairy pools.


3. Scotland, Home of Magical Landscapes and Fairy Folklore


Have you ever wanted to see and experience fairy pools? How about the Storr? Well, the Isle of Skye is famous for both.


The marvelous landscape goes on for ages, allowing you to soak in the environment and breathe in the fresh and clean air, thus feeling your lungs with joy, hope, and happiness.


Best places to travel in December, lapland


4. Finland, Where Snow Covered Forests and Northern Lights are Otherworldly


As one of the most magical places for Christmas Eve and one of those fairytale places you’ve seen in pictures, Finland is the perfect family destination.


Revel in the spirit of Christmas and joy of the season in a place where Christmas is guaranteed to be special and magical. The experience would be nothing without the softest snow you’ll ever touch right at the palm of your hands.


magical places, neuschwanstein castle


5. Germany, Home to Magical Castles and Fairy Tales


Magical places and fairy tales in Bavaria are what are going to keep you up at night and leave you wanting more. There’s always something new to explore and a new fairy tale to live through.


Germany is the home to the most inspiring stories you’ve been in love with since you were little, and Bavaria is your chance to step into the unknown.


Chateau de Chaumont, magical places


6. France, Where Storybook Villages Meet Fairy Tale Castles


Romance can be found in the Chateaus in the Loire Valley and half-timbered homes in Colmar where love grows until it fills every inch of your starved body and mind.


These magical places take you whole and make you a prisoner of their charm, beckoning you to come back each time you leave. 


Cinderella Film locations
Photo by Sheila Sund under the Creative Commons License.


7. England, Where Fairytale Cottages, Castles and Folklore are Magical


Fairy tale cottages, castles, and folklore are the top three things an avid traveler will find in one of the most magical places on Earth.


England, the land of the most beautiful literature in the world has once again provided a fairytale world anyone is welcome to explore.


Travel bucket list ideas


8. New Zealand, Land of Magical Landscapes and Hobbit Homes


In the land of Hobbiton Home of the Shire, you are the ruler. New Zealand is the Middle Earth and you are the brave explorer which takes the country by the reins and treks every bit.


Tolkien would be proud to know you’ve become part of his world and opened your heart to the power of his imagination.


mostar, magical places


9. Bosnia, Where Cobblestone Streets and Old Stone Buildings Tell Stories of Heroes


Mostar has that old storybook feel with its cobblestone streets that echo the stories of heroes who walked them. This is one of the types of most magical places on Earth every traveler wants to visit.


Bosnia, you are a dream come true for the curious mind.


Game of thrones filming locations in northern ireland, tollymore forest


10. Northern Ireland’s Game of Thrones Territory


Seeing the Game of Thrones filming locations and Giants Causeway has never been more thrilling.


Northern Ireland will literally transport you into the universe of your favorite TV shows and let you live out your wildest fantasies.


Magical places


11. The Czech Republic, Where You’ll Find the Fairytale Village Cesky Krumlov


If you’ve wondered where mystical beings hide, it’s in the fairytale village Cesky Krumlov.


Here you’ll fall in love with the unique culture and language, as well as uncover many quirky details of the Village which you’ll only be able to prescribe to magic.


Amazon lily pad


12. South America, Where the Amazonian Rain Forest Looks Like Something From a Fairytale Dream


The Amazon is bound to capture your mind and soul completely. No one can walk away from the purity of nature as an unchanged man.


This Rain Forest will make you see the world from a different angle and fuel your desire to preserve every bit of the dream you can.


Angkor Wat


13. Cambodia, Where You Can Explore Mysterious Ancient Temples


The mysterious ancient temples of Angkor Wat are one of the most magical places on earth you’ll ever find yourself in.


With extensive devotion and research, you might be able to uncover the mysteries that have troubled mankind for years. If not, at least you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.


Banff, magical places


14. Canada, Where Banff National Park Looks Like Something From a Unicorn Dream


Banff National Park is one of those storybook places you read about when you were a child.


So don’t be afraid to see it through the eyes of a child and let your imagination run free as you walk the magnificent Canadian trails.


Sacred Mayan Journey Xcaret, Gauge Rybak, Kidfriendly
Climbing the ruins at Xcaret Park


15. Mexico, Where You Can Explore the Ruins and Cenotes of Ancient Maya


Rise from the ashes along with the rich life of the ancient inhabitants of the Riviera Maya.


Our whole civilization lies on the backs of such powerful tribes, so it is your duty to explore the depth and effects of their magic.


yacht vacations, greece


16. Greece, Where You Can Explore Greek Gods, Goddesses, and Sea Monsters


Adventure, your name is Greece. Ancient myths and legends can be discovered on the Ionian Islands. There are many parts of Greece where you can live through the mythology that you read so much about.




17. California, Where You Can Adventure into the Magical Woodlands of the Sequoia National Forest


California isn’t only a place for the sun and the beach, as you’ll also get to go on a magical forest adventure.


This is one of those otherworldly places you’ll always carry in your heart, regardless of where you might be.


Washington State, Fairytale Places


18. Washington State, Where You Can Escape to Another World in the Dreamy National Parks


Washington State is a place where you can appreciate the earth in its rare form where man is yet to ruin its beauty. Nothing spells bliss more than fresh air and unspoiled nature, ready to be explored.


Fjord Safari Tour
Approaching a village in Flam on the Safari tour


19. Norway, Follow the Footsteps of Vikings and Norse Gods


Norway is the land of the great and the brave, proven by the ancient mythology and inhabitants the country is famous for.


You’ll be free to explore everything this country has to offer and live through its rich history with every folk story you hear.


The journey will be tough and rewarding, fit for a Viking, so make sure to pack some protein snacks for energy and warm clothes for endurance.


Glacier National Park, fairytale places


20. Montana, A Place Fit for Unicorns


The Glacier National Park, aka a place fit for unicorns with a magical landscape for the outdoor adventurer, is the perfect destination for any fan of nature.


The sights you’ll see will make you forget you’re still in the real world, and they can simply not be explored in any other way than by foot.


Otherwise, you risk missing the details of the landscape that might make your entire trip.


Magical Places

In Closing


The most magical places on Earth are only waiting to be discovered. Pack your bags and get a move on, as this will be an adventure like no other.


As you can see, Alice’s Wonderland has nothing on the fairy tale places our wonderful Earth has to offer.

Christa Thompson

Christa Thompson is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Fairytale Traveler. She started traveling the world in 2003 when she attended a summer abroad study at the University of Cambridge in England. Since then, her wanderlust has been fierce. Her three passions in life are her son, traveling, and being creative. The Fairytale Traveler brand gives Christa the opportunity to do all of these things and to live intentionally every day. "It's never too late to believe in what you love and to pursue your dreams." -Christa Thompson

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