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DermRollers: Travel Without Cosmetics And Still Look Great

Keeping up with a skincare routine is hard. Applying those creams and goops every day takes a lot of time (and money). When you travel, it’s even more difficult. You’re timing is all off-kilter, and you can only bring those little 100ml bottles on the plane. It’s easier to travel without cosmetics altogether.


That’s why I switched to a different kind of skincare routine. Now, I microneedle (also called derma rolling) every few weeks to keep my skin refreshed and full of vitality.


Microneedling is 100% natural and liquid-free, so you can bring it on planes (and anywhere else). And, it’s free to do at home (or on the go) as long as you have a microneedling tool.


I use a DermRollers microneedling tool because it’s made of medical-grade titanium and it’s designed by dermatologists. Oh, and it makes my skin look amazing without the need for a lengthy or expensive cosmetics routine.


You may not know much about microneedling, and that’s precisely why I’m writing this post. I think it’s about time everyone learned about this easy skincare hack that’s perfect for travelers and busy moms.


travel without cosmetics, travel beauty tips, dermrollers


Travel Beauty Tips

What is Microneedling?


Microneedling is a skincare treatment that triggers your immune system to heal your skin from the inside out. It’s 100% natural and pharma-free, and it really works.


The treatment involves creating thousands of punctures in your skin with tiny needles. Don’t freak out! These needles are sooo small that you can barely feel them, and they don’t leave a mark.


However, on a microscopic level, they make enough of an impression to light a fire under your immune system’s engines. Your body goes to work creating tons of elastin, collagen, and other vital proteins for skin health. Then, it sends them to your skin to repair and rebuild.


But it doesn’t just repair the punctures. It replaces the entire affected area with new, firm, youthful skin. 


And it works as fast as your body can heal. That means that in just a few days, you can see an improvement in conditions like acne scarring, wrinkles, fine lines, and a lot more.


Microneedling is easy, safe, and FREE—which is one reason why you don’t hear about it much. It’s not profitable for cosmetics companies that want you to buy the same product over and over again.


Now, with a DermRollers microneedling tool, you can improve your skin at home or anywhere else without spending a fortune or hours of your time. It only takes 10 minutes! 


Does it Really Work?


Microneedling really works, and there’s not much debate on the matter. That’s because microneedling has been practiced by dermatologists for over a century. Though they call it microdermabrasion therapy, and they charge an arm and a leg for it.


Now, home microneedling tools like DermRollers are making it easy to microneedle when and where you want—without the costs.  


There have been studies done on tools just like DermRollers, and the evidence shows that they really work.


One study found that after just two treatments, 90% of the participants experienced “significant and visibly reduced” signs of aging. The researchers remarked at how the anti-aging effects of microneedling were almost immediate!


It might sound hard to believe. But remember, microneedling isn’t a miracle treatment. It’s just harnassing the power of your own immune system. Your immune system is the most powerful healer in the world, so it’s no surprise that it can work fast to turn back the clock on your skin.

 travel without cosmetics, travel beauty tips, dermrollers


Travel Without Cosmetics

Easier Travel, Better Skin


I use my DermRollers tool at home and on the go, but I originally got into microneedling because it made traveling a lot easier.


Here are just a few reasons to keep one in your travel bag at all times:


  •     It seriously lightens your load: I didn’t realize how much weight I was adding to my bag by cramming a bunch of bottles into my checked luggage. It turned out to be multiple pounds worth of cosmetics alone! DermRollers weighs a few ounces, and it’s the size of a shaving razor. Taking those liquids out of my bag and deciding to travel without cosmetics made me a lot more comfortable.
  •     It’s liquid-free: Worried about the 100ml rule for liquids on planes? No need with DermRollers. You can bring it with you in your carry-on bag without an issue.
  •     You only need to do it once a week (or less): Every moment of your vacation should be spent exploring or relaxing—not sitting in front of the mirror slathering on goops and acid treatments. You only need to microneedle once every 1-2 weeks to experience the restorative effects. 
  •     It saves a ton of money: How much do you spend on cosmetics every month? The average American woman spends over $300 a month. That’s nearly $4000 a year on your skin! Imagine where you could travel with that money. Using DermRollers can cut your cosmetics spend in half, leaving you with more cash for your next trip.



Microneedling with DermRollers


If you’re into traveling, natural skincare, or just saving time and money, I can’t recommend microneedling enough. I started doing it to make skincare easier while traveling. And now, I use it at home too.


It saves money, sure. But the reason I keep using it is that it makes my skin look amazing.


One DermRollers tool only costs about as much as a vial of fancy serum, and you can use it for life. So, what have you got to lose?


If you click this link, you can get an EXTRA $10 off a DermRollers microneedling tool AND free shipping too.


All those expensive cosmetics only scratch the surface. Let your immune system heal your skin from within with DermRollers. Learn more and check out some before-and-after pics now at 


And remember my best travel beauty tip is to travel without cosmetics. Take care of your skin and let it glow. 


Carissa Shuman

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