6 Travel Destinations Perfect for Thrill Seekers

In a culture where we burn the candle at both ends, the idea of taking a break – goodness, the very word “break” – feels taboo, as if we’re about to do something illegal. But what about being a thrill seeker?


Being a thrill seeker doesn’t sound as lazy as simply taking a break. And after all, you’re an adventurous person! You want physical challenges, thrills, and legendary experiences in magnificent locations.


Here’s the truth: Adventure travel comes in never-ending arrangements. And no matter which way you dice it, one can discover escapades in every nook and cranny of the globe.


Of course, there are specific places have a little more of an adrenaline pump than others, thanks to a combination of tourist attractions and natural resources. 


So, listen up; if you’re dying to ditch your cubical for an out-of-state tour, take a look at our top six best destinations for thrill seekers. We chose them especially for people like you – adventure lovers! 


Cruise to alaska, vacation with a limited budget


Destinations for Thrill Seekers

Get Barren in Alaska


Alaska is famous for two things: wildlife and breathtaking scenery – the perfect combo for adventurous thrill seekers.


While Alaska is well-blessed with fantastic experiences like zip-lining, heli-skiing, and glacier hiking, it truly outshines at water sports.


That said, Alaska has some of the best whitewater rafting in the world. With class five and six rapids, you can have the time of your life!


On the other hand, if rapids aren’t your forte, you may prefer to kayak through the fields of glacier-carved fjords and icebergs. It feels right, doesn’t it?


But that’s not all Alaska has to offer. There are also dips in hot springs, wildlife tours of the Arctic Circle, ice fishing, snowmobile tours, or Alaskan fjords’ catamaran cruises – something for everyone.


Whatever you end up doing in Alaska, expect lots and lots of mud, incredible wildlife sightings, and bumps!


Montreal winter activities, ski, skiing


Gatlinburg: The City of Smoky Mountains


Gatlinburg is pretty much the best destination for anyone looking for adventure, romance, as well as the usual sight-seeing activities. However, there’s one spot that outshines every other – Gatlin’s Rugged Ropes Adventure Course. 


The Adventure Course is in downtown Gatlinburg, among other activities like go-karting, arcades, and mini-golf. For those who crave an adventure without leaving the city, this is the best place to be. 


The ropes course takes flight above three floors, where you’ll face approximately 40 different midair challenges. You can walk across ropes and shaky bridges, as well as test both your courage and balance in other ways. 


Bonus: You’ll be perfectly safe throughout your venture.


Suppose you want to make your stay in the Smoky Mountains even more memorable and exciting. In that case, a swimming pool is all you really need.


Luckily, you can dip your toes in the water anytime at the comfort of your cottage by booking Gatlinburg cabins with pools. The houses are available in different sizes – so there’s a match available for both loners and families.


best things to do in Nepal


Climb the World’s Tallest Points in Kathmandu, Nepal


The primordial city of Kathmandu is a sweet-spot for thrill seekers. After all, who wouldn’t want to run wild in a place where there’s direct access to a series of epic treks? Nobody! 


On a lighter note, if you leave Kathmandu without throwing a bone at Mt. Everest – we’d have to call you a weakling. But, in all seriousness, Everest is only one of the hundred adventures and summits to be had.


For a different kind of thrill, you can take a trip to base camp and skydive over the Himalayas – truly one of the most heart-racing activities anyone could ever do!


Destinations for thrill seekers, 2010 winter olympics, canada


Play Olympian at Whistler, B.C., Canada


A handful of adrenaline-pumping activities surround whistlers – you’ll get to experience them any time of the year. You’ll also witness there’s more to the Great White North’s most significant ski zone than just the hills.


Whistler even includes ski runs that turn into intricate mountain bike passages in the summer. And if that isn’t exciting enough, it’s also home to the remains of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.


Let your adventurous side play Olympian at the remains and try your luck with bobsledding. Real madcaps will dive head-first on the skeleton track!


Unusual travel experiences in shark cages.


Go Cage Diving in Cape Town


Let’s get one thing straight: there’s more to Cape Town than sight-seeing and wine tasting. From sailing the open seas to hiking in Table Mountain, there are plenty of awe-inspiring activities for thrill seekers to do.


You can take to the skies and participate in a tandem paragliding experience from Lion’s Head to Signal Hill. And for the real daredevils among you, shark cage diving with the giant white sharks of Gansbaai is always a live-or-die kind of an option.


Destinations for thrill seekers, Cerro Negro volcano, leon, nicaragua


Trekking in Leon, Nicaragua


A 2,400-foot black sand volcano and a few tiny pieces of plywood put this Central American town into existence on the adrenaline addicts’ map. Why is that, you ask?


Well, the sport of volcano boarding sends people hovering down an energetic volcano, either standing or seated on a homemade board.


This trek starts in tiny Leon, a place where the Cerro Negro volcano busted out of the ground about 160 years ago. Additionally, it is the freshest in Central America and was created from slackly crammed black sand, ideal for sliding down.


If you can manage to survive the 65-mph ride to the base of the mountain, you can change boards and smash the waves on any nearby coast to maintain your adrenaline level.


Conclusion: Let Your Spirit Run Wild In These Destinations


For people seeking undiscovered destinations, these are just the ticket!


Anything that gets your heart racing is probably worth a try; it could be overland traveling, communing with nature, or exploring the urban terrains. Whatever you choose, unbeatable memories are bound to happen.


So instead of spinning an artificial globe with your eyes closed and going wherever your finger lands, why not pick a place on our list of destinations for thrill seekers and unleash the fearless traveler in yourself!


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