The Number One Tip for Summer Travel Without Stress

Two things most people look forward to are summer vacations and stress-free moments. It’s even better when those things go together. So, we’re going to share with you one way to enjoy summer travel without stress.


We love how Nat King Cole described this upcoming time of year when he crooned, “Roll out those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer!” No doubt about it, summer is a time when just about anything wild and fun is on the menu.


We are hoping your idea of summer break includes traveling to enchanting summer destinations, like treasure hunting in Timbuktu, book-reading in Rome, or holding down a hammock in Hanoi.


Wherever your summer holiday takes you, we believe you deserve the most sensational summer experiences possible. That’s why we want to share the biggest tip ever for having good, stress-free summer travels.


summer Travel Without stress



Summer Travel Without Stress

The Biggest Life-Saver for Your Summer Travel Success


We know when the final school bell rings, or the time clock ticks its last tock, you’re ready to get jump-jiving into summer adventures, share memories with your kids, let your hair down, and laugh like loons.


However, we want to encourage you to take some practical steps first. Ugh, we know. When finally cut free from work and school for summer vacation, all we want to do is dive into fun in the sun. But a little pragmatic planning will make your summer travel extra super-duper!


So what’s the numero uno super-secret-sauce tip for a stellar summer sabbatical? Drum roll it is…


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Get Your Docs Locked and Loaded!


The number one travel tip for your summer vacation is keeping your money close and your travel documents even closer.


Okay, don’t laugh. We know this is a Captain Obvious tip. But keeping your money and travel documents protected and safe is a huge deal when it comes to summer travel.


In fact, according to the U.S. Dept. of State & Bureau of Consular Affairs over 300,000 American passports are lost or stolen each year. 


You can’t afford to be a victim of this statistic when it comes to your sum-sum-summertime fun. The loss of an ID or a passport can put a total kibosh on your travel plans.


Aside from getting totally dissed at security checks or clearing customs (if you’re traveling internationally), replacing lost travel documents can be a monstrous pain in the patootie.


So what’s the best way to keep your money and travel documents from getting lost or stolen from no-good thieves? Always keep them on your person at all times and have them easily accessible at a moment’s notice.


Travel can be hairy and hinky. The demand to have your documents at the ready is more intense now than ever before. Nowadays, there’s even a possibility you may need to show proof of up-to-date vaccinations with a vaccination passport.


Today’s heightened security and increased travel regulations are stressful enough, so eliminate some of your worries by avoiding mishaps with travel documents.   


For example, it’s never a good idea to pack credit cards, cash, or travel docs in carry-on or check-in luggage. That’s just a disaster waiting to happen for a myriad of reasons, mainly the threat of loss or theft.


And shoving precious papers in your back pocket is a thieving pick-pocket’s dream opportunity to palm your passport. Thankfully, we’ve got a few ways to keep your goods safe, handy, and trendy too!


Summer Travel Without stress


Keep Your Travel Docs Secure with Style


Of course, you want to crush a chic look and flash a fabulous summer travel style.


The best way to squash a sizzling summer look is to sport a bulky old fanny pack. Now, we love the retro 80s fanny pack, but there are far better travel accessories that keep your cash and IDs super-close while still rocking your summer glam-jam. 


To illustrate, we are in love with some of the new crossbody anti-stealth bags we are seeing on the market. The strap is designed to cross your body and the bag is slim enough to where it rests close to your body (a deterrent for thieves) and the crossbody isn’t cumbersome so it won’t get in your way.


These specialized travel-doc pouches come in classic leathers, colored fabrics and some of the funky designs we’ve seen are too cute.  


If you’re a guy, a similar travel doc pouch can be attached to any of the new trending designer men’s belts we’ve been ogling with glee lately. The belt travel-wallets we’ve been eyeing are handcrafted and make a sexy statement for any fashion-conscious guy and they are the perfect size for passports.


We are giddy over the distressed leather hip bum bag for men because it’s so vintage-looking. Don’t think because these special travel pouches attach to a belt that they resemble a fanny pack. Quite the contrary because the new finely crafted pouches coupled with a classic designer utility belt cinch a nifty, natty look.


Whether you’re shopping for crossbody bags or a slim travel wallet for your belt, the designs out today are modern, sophisticated, and totally hip.


The best summer vacation is one that has you looking on-point and traveling safely. Keeping your money, passports, and IDs together and close to your body is the best way to prevent theft or loss. Thanks to masterful new designs and clever travel courier-pouch trends, you can do this in sassy style.


We hope this number one tip for summer travel without stress makes your vacation easier no matter what your plans are. So, stay smart, look hot, and have a swimmingly awesome summer break!


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  1. Smart tips here. Keep those passports close-by to dissolve the common stressor of losing the thing.


    Ryan K Biddulph / Reply

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