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If you are a complete travel aficionado who also likes to stay in shape by following a keto-friendly diet, then you have come to the right place. 


Today we are going to share some tips on how to maintain a low-carb and high-protein diet even while traveling. As hard as this may sound, packing keto travel snacks and preparing keto road trip meals just takes a little planning.


keto road trip meal, keto on the road, restaurant food, woman eating


Keto on the Road

Planning In Advance


Preparing beforehand can have a big role to play in regulating your daily food intake even while traveling. For doing this, you will have to conduct thorough research of the available food options at the place you are traveling to such as coffee shops, restaurants, diners, and grocery stores. 


Your vacation is bound to become a lot less stressful, and you can also stick to your diet plan if you possess prior knowledge. It is also advisable to reserve restaurants in advance after taking a look at their online menu. 


You can even call up the restaurants beforehand and ask about customized meal plans so that you can have a taste of the local cuisine while maintaining your keto diet.


Keto Travel Snacks


You can buy keto travel snacks at gas stations. Yes, you heard that right! Gas Stations are filled with lots of keto-diet-approved snacks like the staple pork rinds and keto-friendly nuts


You can also opt for viable meal options which are not centered around high-carb foods from small convenience stores that have cold food storage sections. They often carry hard-boiled eggs, salami, and cheese sticks. 


Mastering The Art Of Restaurant Dining


Being confident while eating out can be your key to attaining success with a keto road trip meal plan. You’re bound to eat at restaurants while traveling, so learning how to order in keeping with the keto diet is an important skill to master.


When ordering your meals, simply saying no to bread and asking for green veggies will go a long way in helping you keep to your keto-on-the-go goals. And don’t forget that vinegar and olive oil serve as excellent salad dressing options. 


Once you are done with the meal, you can skip the regular desserts and opt for berries with heavy cream or a cheese plate. 


keto road trip meals, keto on the road, salad


Keto Road Trip Meal Options




You can easily find keto-friendly salads on the go such as tuna salads, chicken salad, or just a bowl filled with greens and topped with nuts, avocado, and cheese. 




Hard-boiled eggs are readily available at convenience stores, supermarkets, and cafes. For adding to the delicious quotient of your meal, you can opt for carb and sugar-free ready-made egg mayo from the supermarkets. 




Keto diet might limit your fruit intake to just strawberries but you can enjoy a bountiful amount of berries on a daily basis. People having access to a fridge on road trips can even carry a carton of cream for enjoying a delectable travel sweet treat. 




Slice up an avocado in half or mix some chopped cucumbers, peppers, and other veggies along with sour cream, mayo, or any low carb sauce for enjoying nourishing goodness on the go. 




Take your pick amongst a variety of cheese options or low-carb yogurt of natural, plain, or Greek variety that can be sweetened with a handful of berries.




Carry your homemade chocolate cookies, almond butter cookies, or no-bake peanut butter cookies as healthy and tasty keto travel snacks. 


Protein Shake


Low carb protein powder and similar keto supplements can be enjoyed on the go by simply adding milk or water. These can cater to your protein macros in a brilliant manner.


Dark Chocolate 


Dark Chocolate lovers can rejoice as this savory finds a spot in our list of keto travel snacks. However, you need to restrict yourself to just a row each day and make sure that it has more than 85% cocoa content while being as low carb as possible.


Chia Puddings


Chia pudding serves as a tasty and nutritious snack option that can be added to your keto road trip meal plan provided you have ready access to a fridge. All you need to do is combine together berries, low-carb yogurt, and chia seeds. This pudding will have to be left in the fridge for about 24 hours before serving as the perfect mealtime snack. 


keto road trip meal, keto travel snacks, keto on the road, breakfast


Making Good Use Of The Hotel Kitchenette


Health-conscious millennials are now staying at hotels with a kitchenette so that they can prepare their own meals even on vacation. This also makes it easier to stick to the ketogenic diet as you don’t have to deal with the constant temptations of restaurant food. 


However, you need to know beforehand whether you are getting a complete kitchen or just a microwave and refrigerator for food heating and storage. 


While visiting large cities, you can also search for apartments that can be availed easily at affordable rates. They are roomier compared to hotel rooms and feature a well-stocked kitchen for preparing your keto-friendly meals. 




Home is the best place to eat, right? This is why it is always advisable to embark on your journey only after being completely nourished. 


Home-cooked bacon, hard-boiled eggs, reheated egg muffins, plain Greek yogurt with berries, cream, and nuts can serve as a filling breakfast option on the day of your trip. 


You can even gobble down a sausage sauteed with tomatoes and mushrooms or a slice of avocado coated with mayonnaise or olive oil. 


Just remember, you don’t have to leave your keto diet at the door. You can take it with you by knowing how to prepare and pack keto travel snacks, order keto-friendly meals at restaurants, and making use of kitchenettes to meet your keto road trip meal plan.


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