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A Traveler’s Guide to Supplements

When you travel often – both into the world of myths and legends, and into the real world of planes, trains, and automobiles – you start to get certain things down pat, including which travel supplements to pack.




Hopefully, by now, you haven’t forgotten to bring a cell phone charger in a few years. Among your travel routines, the toiletry case is something you should aspire to perfect.


You can basically keep it packed and forget about it, only checking it briefly before a trip to make sure nothing has expired and to replace the razors. 


The toothpaste, deodorant, and wipes – those things you should have a good handle on by now. But what about supplements?


While traveling, it’s essential that you take your probiotics because you’ll most likely be eating foods that you’re not used to eating. Taking probiotics is beneficial because they feed the digestive system with the nutrients it requires to maintain a healthy balance.


Here is a list of additional supplements to add to your travel toiletry case.


travel supplements, toiletry case


Travel Supplements – What Should You Bring With You?

Vitamins as Travel Supplements


Most American adults take some kind of daily multivitamin. Some adults even take a chewy, candy-like daily vitamin. But when it’s time to head to the airport, do you remember to drop a supply into your bag?


Just because you’re going on vacation doesn’t mean your body is, and you’re probably more likely to eat less healthfully when you’re on the road.


So, if you take vitamins regularly, don’t forget to include them in your toiletry bag.


travel supplements, vitamins


More Vitamins


That’s right – there are more vitamins to bring! When you fly on an airplane you’re in an enclosed space with a lot of other people.


Airports also put you into close contact with other people’s germs. For this reason, many people travel with a supply of additional vitamins – often in an effervescent tablet form that can be dropped into water or another beverage.


It is thought that these tablets may help enhance the immune system in the fight against all those germs you came into contact with.


Melatonin as a Travel Supplement


Many travelers swear by this supplement. Melatonin supplements are used to help promote sleep, and one of their key uses is to prevent jet lag.


It is recommended to start with a small dose once you’ve arrived at your travel destination and are ready to try to get some sleep, to get into step with the people who live in the place where you’ve arrived.


This is assuming you’re traveling east – into the future as it were.


travel supplements, cbd oil


CBD Oil As a Travel Supplement


These days, there are increasingly more places where you can buy CBD oil, including both retail locations and online marketplaces.


Often taken for relaxation, CBD oil is also taken to help with stress about traveling. Available in gummies, soft gels, and tinctures. You can learn more here.


If you didn’t want to take CBD, but still wanted to get similar effects, you could consider hemp gummies. When it comes to hemp vs CBD, you can read what distinguishes the two here so that you can make the right choice for yourself.


You can apply CBD spray, lotion, and balm directly on the skin for temporary aches and discomfort while traveling. At, you can get the top CBD Oil reviews of 2020 and choose the best one for yourself.


Headache Pills as Travel Supplements


Whatever type of pills you take when you normally have a headache should be included in your travel case. There’s nothing that will make your vacation a bummer like having a headache.


Well, there are things – but you get the idea. You’ll also be popular if you travel with a group and you’re the only one who is prepared for the possibility that someone’s head might hurt.


travel supplements, lotion




Travel tends to dry out the skin, so sometimes a more intense lotion regimen is needed than when you’re at home. There are some private label supplements and skincare to consider when packing.


Air travel especially can make your skin dry. Just remember to make sure that your lotion bottle size is within TSA guidelines.


Travel, though romantic and adventurous, is sometimes challenging. There are delayed flights, long layovers, or overbooked hotels.


You might argue that this is part of the appeal, part of what enriches us when we set out to see the world. But travel exposes you to elements your body is not used to, and it’s always a good idea to give yourself a boost – any way that you can.


In Closing


Remember to always check with your doctor before taking any supplements. And it’s important to note that some supplements may interfere or interact with certain medications. With this in mind, double-check your toiletry case and make sure you’ve packed the travel supplements that are right for you.


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