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How to Stay Organized on Road Trips

Before you venture onto the big open highway, be sure to check out these road trip travel tips. Road trips are one of the most entertaining activities a group of friend or families can enjoy together. It’s a way of making some lifelong unforgettable memories; from the dazzling views, sharing delicious food, good music, to the spontaneous fun and quality time together. But, driving around the country in a car where everyone is cooped up can be challenging. No matter how long your road trip is, you will be living out of your suitcase, so making a list of what you will need for any scenarios that might happen instead of being foolishly spontaneous is a smart move. It’s not an easy task to be organized and prepared for anything that might come your way. So we are right here to help you with the puzzling task of how to stay organized on road trips.


Road Trip Travel Tips


Packing is the Core to a Stress-free Road Trip


The easiest way to determine how many of your clothes you will pack is deciding on a suitable suitcase size that will fit your car. Always check the expected weather beforehand, you don’t want to end up packing your jumbo waterproof jackets to a sunny place, and you don’t want to forget your raincoat to a rainy place. So, choose your clothing depending on the road and the destination. Categorize everything and pack them separately to guarantee easy and fast access to whichever you might need; this will also save you the hassle of unpacking everything just to get to that one sock you can’t find.


Do you know that feeling you get whenever you are leaving the house for a slightly longer period than usual and you feel like you have forgotten something? You can easily avoid that annoying feeling just by making a packing list of the essentials you are going to need through your trip; it’s one of the greatest hacks of all times to be prepared with everything you might need.


Organized Fun is Way Better, So Be Prepared


Remember back in Friends when Monica and Ross kept checking off their essentials checklist before leaving for London? That is the right way to be prepared no matter how appealing it is to just jump in your car with your friends and go on a road trip. The idea of having a spontaneous road trip is what makes it sound fun, but forgetting to bring a map or enough money for gas will be a deal breaker.


Here are some essentials you need to thoroughly think about besides clothes:


  • Sunglasses and its case to avoid sun glare, it’s proven to improve visual acuity if you had to drive in the rain.
  • Scarf or bandana especially if you have a long hair, and you will drive with windows down just to avoid messing up your hair or getting distracted by it.
  • Chargers, electric converters, adapters, and preferably a portable power bank.
  • Sunblock and mosquito repellent if you are going to go camping.
  • Toiletry Bag basics with personal hygiene items, skincare and haircare products, tissues, and a sewing kit just in case.
  • Health essential items like first aid kit, motion sickness pills, pain and fever relievers, and hand sanitizer or wet wipes as you never know what might hit your way.
  • Important documents from your driving license, personal ID, to road maps instead of depending completely on the software version just to be prepared if GPS is down somewhere.


Keep Your Car Clean and Organized


Keeping your car organized is the key to staying organized on a road trip. But before heading out, you need to make sure your car is in its tip-top shape; checking your tire condition, brakes, gas level, changing oil or filter if needed, and having a spare tire will save you from getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.


Keeping your car clean and organized is not an easy task, especially if you are going to eat a lot of snacks and junk food throughout your drive. Getting a roll of big plastic bags to use as garbage bags is smart; what’s even smarter is to place a bag up front and another one for the passengers in the back just to make sure that everyone is responsible for their own trash. Make a road trip rule that everyone empties their garbage bag every stop you are going to make. This is guaranteed to keep the car in the condition you started out the trip with and it’s less stressful to drive in a clean car.


Trunk organizers are a great way of bringing order into your car, if you are clueless about trunk organizers, get down to some research, is a good starting point. They are not only for the trunk of your car, but they can also be used everywhere.


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Trunk organizers can be used in a lot of ways, here are a few:


  • Tossing the trash temporarily until you reach a stop.
  • For food organizing, as you can store your food neatly with the cooler and everything you might need during your trip.
  • You can store your emergency supplies, whether for the car or for health-related issues, to keep them in handy whenever you might need them.
  • If you have kids, you can use this to save your car from toys, snacks, and travel games being all over the place.


Gather Your Family and Friends and Have Fun


Pack smart, but pack more than what you will need, think through different scenarios just be prepared. There is some stuff you will not know you need until you need them; leak-proof plastic bags for example, in case someone got motion sickness and wanted to vomit will save you the trouble of unpacking and packing everything just to re-wash your car. Some people are not just happy staring into the scenery, so make sure to pick some music, podcasts, or audiobooks; some car games and portable movie-playing devices just to keep everyone entertained and having fun. Road trips are a creative and an awesome way to change our daily routine into something new that can bring the whole family together or bring a group of friends close.

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