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Bucket List Things to Do in California

California is a state that has endless opportunities for fun, adventure, sightseeing, and living life to the fullest no matter your age or background. So much so that many people create bucket lists of things to do in California that detail all of the activities they’d like to experience and all of the locations they want to visit.


Ready to start your own California bucket list? Be sure to include all of the destinations below on your list, since they’re among the best places in the state for fun and excitement.




11 Things to Do in California

1- Visit Indian Casinos


Try your luck at the casino slot machines or table games and you could rack up a lot of extra dough to put toward other bucket-list adventures. Dozens of amazing Indian casinos fill the state, each giving visitors their choice of game and opportunities to win.


Like most other casinos, free play, free drinks, free food, and other incentives ensure a great night is had by all.


things to do in California, Hollywood sign


2- Hollywood Sign


The Hollywood Sign is one of the most iconic landmarks in the state as well as one of the top tourist attractions. Hike your way as closely as possible and view the entire city of Los Angeles.


What a wonderful moment on any vacation!


3- Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills is a city worth visiting for multiple days.


The simple experience, the ambiance offered in Beverly Hills is worth every moment you spend exploring the designer boutiques and galleries that spawn the city, along with the luxurious golf courses and country clubs, celebrities and other upscale amenities that make the city a little bit better than what the TV could describe.


things to do in California, death valley


4- Death Valley


Although temperatures in Death Valley soar well above the 100-degree-mark, anyone should experience this desert destination at least once. There is an amazing racetrack in Death Valley that makes it worth the while, as well as other attractions and sights found nowhere else in the state.


Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California Vacations, things to do in California


5- Golden Gate Bridge


Watch the sunset on the Golden Gate Bridge and you can mark one more item off of your California bucket list. The GGB is one of the most popular attractions in California.


Along with Alcatraz Island, it’s located in San Francisco Bay. You’ll fall in love with the charm and ambiance on the bridge.


6- Visit the Salton Sea


The Salton Sea is one of the most unique areas you’ll ever see in life. It is hot and humid but one look at the artfully nature-painted area and the great photos you capture to ensure you don’t mind the heat.


7- Cypress Tree Tunnel


Cypress Grove is a picturesque area many people have seen in photos on Instagram, but in person, it is even more enchanting. The cypress groves feel as if they’re losing in as you walk through the cozy, intriguing area.


things to do in California, Napa Valley


8- Napa Valley


Known as ‘Wine Country,’ Napa Valley offers a myriad of vineyard and wine tasting opportunities, but there is also the amazing Wine Castle which deserves a visit. A tour through dungeons, courtyards, and other rooms is an adventure to remember.


The castle has more than 100 rooms for visitors to explore!


9- Visit a Hot Spring


Visit the Mammoth area of California where you’ll find several hot springs. Some are better than others, but all offer an amazing experience.


Take a dip in one of the hot springs and bask in the comfort and relaxation it creates. You’ll return home feeling brand new after a dip in a hot spring.


things to do in California, Yosemite National Park


10- Yosemite National Park


Although THE Yogi Bear is unlikely to make an appearance during your trip, Yosemite Park is nonetheless an adventure that you’ll never forget. You can choose from a myriad of adventures and things to do in the park, from rock climbing and hiking to wildlife viewing and many other excursions.


beach, California, sunset


11- Take a Beach Stroll


The incredible California coastline filled with white sandy beaches and other impressionable sights is worth a trip from anywhere in the United States. You can do many things when visiting the California coastline.


Bring your swimsuit and smile and ensure you check out the gorgeous waters of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy life in a whole new ambiance while you check off your list of things to do in California!


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