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Why You Should Travel Using Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments for travel are quickly becoming quite a popular option for business and leisure travelers to Los Angeles and many other major cities in the US.


If you happen to be looking for a place where you can do more than just sleep, this type of accommodation is the ideal solution.


That being said, what does a stay at one of these apartments include, what do you look for, and are there any benefits? Here’s a quick look at some of the reasons and benefits of staying in a furnished apartment.


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Furnished Apartments for Traveling- Is it a Good Idea?

The Flexibility of Furnished Apartments


When you’re traveling, it’s easy to feel as if you’re unable to fully relax in a hotel room. However.


If you’ve traveled and rented one of the furnished apartments in Los Angeles you know it can be a fantastic way to unwind at the end of the day, regardless of whether you’ve traveled for business or pleasure.


In your temporary abode, you’ll have more of the flexibility and individual freedom that’s a requirement for complete relaxation.


For example, your kitchen will be totally equipped and ready for you to use, as opposed to just having a mini-fridge and a coffee maker.


This also means that you won’t need to go down the hall for ice or downstairs or out when you want to grab a bite to eat, and there won’t be anyone to be bothered that you’re wandering around in nothing but your bathrobe.


You’ll have more of the space you need for you to be comfortable and relax, and if someone comes over for the weekend, you’ll be able to accommodate them in a spare bedroom as opposed to on the bed right next to you.


Renting furnished apartments for travel can also be more cost-effective, depending on the length of your stay. Not only will you be able to save money on things like eating out, but if you’ll be staying for about a month.


The cost will be much less than what you’d pay at a hotel. It’s also incredibly easy to book an apartment from the comfort of your own home.


There are quite a few sites and apps that provide you with an online marketplace where you’ll be able to find the ideal apartment for your stay in Los Angeles or any other major city.




Your Home Away From Home


Renting a fabulously furnished apartment will mean that you have no need to go out and find furniture to fill it, and you also won’t have to move everything you own from one city to the next if you’ve taken a temporary work assignment in another city.


If you happen to be staying indoors for longer periods of time, you’ll have the ability to redecorate it a bit so that you’ll feel more at home too.


There are even a few things that you’ll be able to do so that you can make quick changes while not needing to do any sort of major shopping. Some of these things are really simple. 


You can easily change the bedding. Warm, cozy sheets, some great pillows, and a gorgeous comforter can work wonders when you’re trying to make your home away from home cozier.


Small house plants can be a fabulous and inexpensive method of adding a bit of color to the interior of the apartment as well as a fantastic way to provide a bit of extra oxygen and increase productivity.


You can also use things like your preferred laundry detergent, scented candles, or room spray to make your accommodations smell more like your home.


Adding these familiar scents can help to make you feel more at ease when you’re in a new place. 


furnished apartments for travel, apartment


Furnished Apartments Are a Fantastic Option When You’ll Be Staying for Longer than 5 Days


Yes, getting settled into furnished apartments can be a bit more complicated than getting settled into a hotel room, and some of them won’t offer the same amenities that you might find at a hotel (like breakfast, spas, and gyms).


You may even have to go to a rental office or meet with a representative before getting the keys. 


Because of this, if you’re traveling for less than 5 days, you might think it isn’t worth your while. Additionally, many owners and rental companies might not want to rent for periods of less than a week. 


However, if you’ll be staying for longer than that, it means not having to wait in a lobby or call down to the front desk if you need something, or having to order food every time you get hungry.


furnished apartments for travel, apartment


Interesting, Busy Neighborhoods are Best


If you’re going to be renting furnished apartments for travel, you might want to do a bit of research on the neighborhood they’re in.


Try to find a balance between convenient transportation within downtown areas and the more interesting qualities of neighborhoods found outside of the city center.


Places that offer many restaurants and shopping areas nearby are also great so that you don’t need to spend a lot of time getting there and back. However, you also don’t want to be in a noisy party district.


Remember that it’s always much easier to head to the corner store for a loaf of bread than it is to wander around for blocks on end searching for a place that’s actually open.


If you’re unfamiliar with a city and want to do a bit of research on neighborhoods, it’s a good idea to ask people on social media sites.


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When to Look for Furnished Apartments


Finally, when you’re looking for furnished apartments, start looking early, spend quite a bit of time finding what suits your needs, and trust your gut.


This might seem to be a bit obvious, but you’ll come to find that you’re able to locate the best places when you start your search a few months in advance. Trust your gut too.


You’ll never be happy if you end up renting furnished apartments that you didn’t trust your innate instincts on when you were looking.


Choosing furnished apartments for travel might feel a bit weird at first but you’ll find that it saves money, will make you feel like you’re at home and will prove to be a great option for extended stays. Be sure to subscribe for more travel tips!

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