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Xel-Ha Park, Gauge Rybak, best vacations for kids

The 3 Best Kinds of Trips to Go on With Your Kids

As a parent who loves to travel, I am always thinking of what the best vacations for kids are. If you grew up traveling with your parents, you already know how those trips can shape your childhood and even change how you think when you’re older.


Not only do you get to visit a lot of cool places, but you make memories that will never be forgotten, you end up with a lot of stories to tell your friends and relatives, and you bond with each other in ways you may not get to experience in other everyday situations.


You also get to try a lot of new things in different places with different cultures, people, and activities, and if you get used to this when you’re young, it can help you have a much more open mind when you’re older. 


Xel-Ha Park, Gauge Rybak, Kidfriendly, best vacations for kids
Rope swing at Xel-Ha Park


Now that you’re a parent yourself and your kids are old enough to appreciate the trips you take them on, you can start to include them in your plans and truly make it a family affair.


Maybe you’ve taken some time off from traveling while your children were too young, but you’ve got one eye on a specific destination. Or maybe you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to planning a family-friendly trip.


If you want to start making unforgettable memories with your kids and take them on amazing trips they’ll love, check out this list of the three best kid-friendly vacations. 


The Best Vacations for Kids


Best Vacations for Kids to Make Lasting Memories

Take Them On a Road Trip


Embarking on a road trip is one of the most exciting types of trips because you have total freedom of where you go, what you see, and how long it takes you to get there. Those who have road-tripped it before can tell you how necessary it is for everyone to plan at least one road trip vacation during their lives.


There’s so much to explore, whether you decide to map a route through major cities or exclusively pass through national parks and natural wonders. 


north american road trip tips, road trip kids


Going on a road trip with kids is quite a different experience than going with a group of friends or just with your partner, but of course, it’s different in a positive way.


You’ll have a lot of opportunities to get to know each other better, including how everyone reacts to new experiences and new and unfamiliar places. There will be long stretches of driving that may lead to driving games, silly fun, and heartfelt conversations.


You will most likely be in close quarters for a good amount of time during your trip—plenty of time to bond. 


The most fun and exciting way to go about a road trip is to rent an RV. Aside from the “cool factor” of driving around the country in a motorhome, your kids (and you!) will definitely appreciate the extra space during the long-haul driving times.


RV Travel


It’s also a good way to save a bit of money on accommodations and food, provided you have the means to keep and prepare meals in your RV. Plus, you can get your kids much closer to nature and camp in the middle of nowhere to fully enjoy the scenery around you.


You can find options that are budget-friendly or extravagant, depending on what kind of trip you can afford. One good website to check out for RV rentals is Outdoorsy. You can choose from a variety of types of RVs, from trailers to large motorhomes, and there are rental listings across the country.


Whether you’re searching to rent RV in Bozeman MT or on the other side of the country in Jacksonville FL, you’ll be sure to find what you need. 


Legoland Beach Retreat, best vacations for kids
Legoland Beach Retreat


Kids Always Love a Theme Park


Disney World is probably the first theme park that pops into your head, but it isn’t the be-all, end-all. It’s a pretty extravagant trip destination, so it might not even be attainable for some families.


Rest assured there is a myriad of other theme parks that offer just as much excitement and thrills for your kiddos. 


Universal Orlando Resort, Islands of Adventure, Marvel Island
Universal Orlando Resort, Islands of Adventure, Marvel Island


Sure, there are some downsides to a theme park trip, but it’s nothing you can’t handle if you’re prepared. If you’re visiting during peak season, prepare yourself and your kids for long lineups for the rides.


Some parks may offer fast passes for a price, and if it’s in your budget to spring for the privilege to cut the line, it can be well worth it on a super busy day. Otherwise, at a popular park, you could be waiting a couple of hours for each ride.


The crowds can get overwhelming, especially for younger kids, so plan to take breaks during the day and find more secluded spots to eat and unwind. Lastly, there is a lot of walking and standing involved in a day at a theme park.


This may not be a problem if your kids are a bit older, but for young children, they may tire early, so keep that in mind too and plan for lots of rest breaks. 


Luxury Resort in Playa del Carmen, Paradisus La Esmeralda, best vacations for kids
Luxury Resort in Playa del Carmen, Paradisus La Esmeralda


You Can Never Go Wrong with an All-Inclusive Beach Getaway


Beach vacations are a typical summer travel plan for families because they’re affordable, relaxing, and, best of all, simple. They require minimal planning and organizing, which is a huge perk for those who dread itinerary planning, but offer a lot of fun, sunshine and downtime.


Luxury Resort in Playa del Carmen, Paradisus La Esmeralda, summer travel style


They’re an exceptionally attractive vacation if you’re planning a trip on a budget but still want to give your kids that “adventure” feeling of traveling around the world. 


Luxury Resort in Playa del Carmen, Paradisus La Esmeralda
La Esmeralda Paradisus


You can book a family-friendly all-inclusive resort holiday that offers tons of activities geared towards kids. There might even be a kid-only area of the resort where you can let your children have fun on their own while you and your partner sneak off for some quiet, kid-free time.


Of course, you can always find activities for the entire family to do together for some quality time together. Whether it’s simply playing in the sand and surf or embarking on some wild excursion, your next family beach vacation will surely provide lots of unforgettable memories. 


Flam, Norway with kids, best vacations for kids
In this moment, not only was I the proudest mom, but I knew beyond any doubt that I would never abandon my promise to show him this incredible world.


Take Them On a Magical Adventure 


If you really want to make an impact on your kid(s), take them somewhere magical, teeming with adventure, stories and heritage. Some of the best vacations for kids are places like Norway, Finland and Mexico. 


best places to travel with kids
Imagine this, we stayed in the Arctic Snow Hotel in Finland


Places like these are teeming with ancient myths, legends and folklore. But that’s not the best part. They are filled with adventure. Whether it’s zip lining in the jungle or snowmobiling into the Northern Lights. 


These types of destinations almost always have exquisite museums where your kids can see artifacts from the myths they are learning about. And that really makes the magic jump out. 


The Little Fairytale Traveler Avaldsnes, Things to do in Norway with kids,
This kid…He’s always being funny! The Little as a Viking ha!


These are some of the best vacations for kids, so, what are you waiting for? Grab your suitcases and start packing for your next adventure as a family. Whatever trip style you choose and whichever destination you end up at, the important part is the time you spend as a family having fun and bonding while you try new experiences together.


Don’t forget to take lots of pictures so you can look back on your trip later!

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