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What to Wear On a Plane So You Can Travel With Ease

Packing for travel can be a stressful and arduous endeavor, but we barely take time to think about what to wear on a plane or even the moments leading to the flight. 


Maybe it’s your first flight. Or maybe your last flight seemed super stressful and you want to do it better. Before you inconvenience yourself or others, you should know there are some proactive measures you can take not only for the comfort of yourself but for the ease and comfort of others.


Trust me, this will make the logistics of your transport go much more smoothly. The last thing you want is to be stressed out 30,000ft.


Why Is the Airport So Stressful Anyway?


It’s naive to think that what we wear on the plane doesn’t have a significant impact on the overall airport/flight experience. What you wear is not only about the comfort it provides, it’s also about your stress level, ease and the others around you.


What you choose to wear on the plane can, without a doubt, make or break your entire travel day. From waiting in the TSA security line to the treatment you receive by airline personnel and even your health, what you wear makes all the difference. 


When it comes to air travel, it’s of the utmost importance to wear something that can keep you relaxed and comfortable. To feel and look good while jet-setting, do avoid or stay away from the following fashion blunders during an aircraft flight. 




What to Wear On a Plane So You Don’t Get Stressed Or Stress Anyone Out

Don’t Wear High Heels Do Wear Something You Can Slip Off


Mad props to the ladies who jet set in their stilettos and 6″ pumps without so much as a twitch. If you’re anything like me you probably don’t dream of sprinting in your Steve Madden pumps with a bagel in one hand and your carry on in the other.


No, you wear flats so you can shamefully sprint to your near missed flight in comfort.


Heels have long been the number one cause of aches and pains, from hammer toe to chronic foot pain. Unless you are one of the famous Charlie’s Angels, high heels don’t particularly promote a clean exit either in case there’s an emergency. 




As such, please wear comfortable shoes. You can be practical and wear your heaviest/bulkiest shoes so you don’t have to pack them. Aside from that, consider wearing slip-on shoes because they will ease your way through airport security. 


Instead of wearing expensive heels, you can always visit and browse for a wide range of slip-on shoes or sneakers that are good for travel.


Don’t Wear Tight-fitting Clothes Do Wear Something With Room


Do you know what deep vein thrombosis is? This health condition develops when precarious blood clots emerge in your veins. Keep in mind that these blood clots can lead to a fatal condition called pulmonary embolism. 


Being in a seated position for a long time can propagate the risk of deep vein thrombosis, as well as constrictive clothing. Therefore, it’s best to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes such as socks and nylons, especially those that leave marks and blemishes on your skin. 


Tight-fitting clothes can confine the blood flow in your veins. So, get rid of those skinny jeans and opt for loose-fitting garments in natural fiber to furnish your skin with some breathing or ventilation.


It’s advisable to wear compression stockings when traveling to lessen the likelihood of deep vein thrombosis.


what to wear on a plane, Christa Thompson, Travel Blogger


Don’t Rock Too Many Accessories Do Keep it Simple


Wearing too much of everything can be a bad thing and accessories aren’t an exception.


Wearing more than two watches or more than two pieces of jewelry can be very tiring and downright an overstatement. Try to limit wearing a single watch such as a swiss military watch. Try not to put on a lot of accessories at the airport because you might lose it. 


All you need are sunglasses, a watch and daily wear jewelry. 


Avoid Excess Layering Do Wear Destination Appropriate Attire 


Although layering is a good way to pack lightly, try not to overdo it by layering a lot of clothes on you. Always consider where you’re going before doing any layering.


Why would you wear too many layers when you’re going to a tropical destination such as an island or a beach? If you’re afraid of being too cold while on the airplane, a simple jacket over your normal clothes is enough. If you want more heat, you can also wear bonnets and mittens.


It would also help if you ask your flight attendants about the airconditioning of your seat.


Christa Thompson, Gauge Rybak, What to wear on a plane


No Belts Unless You Have to


Just like accessories, your belts will always be taken off when you’re entering security checks. If you have perfect fitting trousers or shorts, then wear them on your way to the airport.


If you must have a belt with you during your vacation, then pack it away inside your luggage. Although it is standard protocol for airport security to instruct people to remove their belts, it’s very tiring and annoying for some.


Avoid the hassle and wear the right fitting clothing. 


Limit Cologne or Perfume Try Something Light Instead


For the sake of your companions, avoid wearing heavy colognes or perfumes.


Keep in mind that you will be likely in a small-scale but crowded area. Odors are, for the most part, aggravated on the plane, where travelers are likely in a small area, and the musty air is, like it or not, upcycled throughout the close quarters.


Ideally, you should never wear any cologne or perfume. If you want to be that perfect seatmate for your fellow passenger, it’s best if you don’t smell like anything. To have or attain a zen-like scent, ensure to save a clean set of clothes for the plane.


Restrain yourself on the usage of perfume and cologne. 


Remember, perfume is subjective. You may like the scent of roses, but your fellow passengers might find its distinctive smell as harmful and deadly.


Most especially, people with asthma or allergies can have a negative response to strong colognes or perfumes. I tend to use hand lotion instead. It’s just enough to keep my space fresh and not bother the people around me.


As a reminder, it’s best that you only bring a small number of your expensive perfumes or colognes when you travel. Airport security in every airport, in every country, has a strict rule on the number of substances you can bring on board.


If you’re caught with a full bottle of that expensive perfume before boarding, it’s either you leave the bottle behind or cancel your trip and stay with your perfume. 


what to wear on a plane


Avoid Contact Lenses Wear Your Glasses 


When traveling in the air, the humidity can decrease by up to 20 percent. The rise in humidity can make your contact lenses desiccated and can lead to eye irritation.


If possible, wear eyeglasses in flight instead of contact lenses. Moreover, if you tend to fall asleep during the flight, it can irritate your eyes as well. 


The Takeaway


Knowing what not to wear and what to wear on a plane is key to having a comfortable and convenient travel experience. Sure, it’s not that easy to know what you should wear, but it’s rather easier to know what not to wear on a plane. 


Some of the things that you should not wear on the plane are high heels, cologne or perfume, tight-fitting clothes, warm-weather clothing, and contact lenses. So the next time you are jet-setting, know some flying fashion blunders to get the best out of your travel. 


Christa Thompson

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