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Visit Dubai Desert Safari

If You Plan to Visit Dubai You Might Want to Add These to Your Bucket List

Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations in the world thanks to its great diversity of activities and places to visit. With its well known luxuries, beautiful buildings and huge shopping centers it’s pretty hard to not want to visit Dubai.


Sure you can spend your entire vacation shopping, dining and lounging around your exquisite hotel, but there is much more to be explored when you visit Dubai.


Here we show you the best things you can do in Dubai during your next vacation. 


Visit Dubai


Don’t Visit Dubai Without Doing These Epic Things

Visit the Spice and Gold Souk


Near Al Bastakiya, (the most historical part of Dubai) you will find the traditional Arab markets (known as souks), the oldest in Dubai. These souks have a traditional charm that you have to live on your trip to this imposing city.


If you visit them, do not miss the opportunity to buy any of the unique spices of the place. Here the custom is to bargain over prices, therefore, never accept a price immediately.


If you want to, you can get things up to 50% off, but you must be patient and kind when negotiating prices.


Spice souk


In addition to being able to acquire the world’s most exotic spices and traditional Arab clothing with a much lower value than in any commercial center in the city.


If you know the current gold prices and you love jewelry, you will undoubtedly find huge quantities of them at prices that can hardly be offered elsewhere.



Desert Safari


The desert safari Dubai is one of the most famous activities. You can choose from a wide range of different safaris, each with its additional benefits, among which 4 x 4 transport and barbecue-style dinners stand out.


Visit Dubai
Desert Safari


In some safaris, you can enjoy belly dance shows. In reality, any type of safari is a unique experience, as you will be fascinated with the beauties of the desert.


Take a Break at Zabeel Park


If you thought Dubai was filled with only buildings and technology, this park will show you that it is not.


Your children will also love this place where, for just one dollar, they will enjoy the varied and recreational courtyards that Zabeel Park has.


For just one dollar you can enter this magnificent natural space, where you will delight your view with beautiful varieties of regional plants and enjoy a pleasant climate harmonized by the singing of birds.


Zabeel Park Dubai
Zabeel Park Photo source CCL


In addition, throughout the park, you will find fun mobile phone chargers shaped like palm trees. So it’s just a matter of connecting your phone and, while it charges, you can relax with its wonderful attractions.


Zabeel Park is located between the Souk and Gold Souk (traditional Arab markets) and the Burj Khalifa, not far from the Palace of the Crown Prince of Dubai.


For all this and much more, Zabeel Park is the ideal place to relax inside Dubai.


Enjoy Jumeirah Beach


Most of the beaches in Dubai belong to some luxury hotels and, therefore, are not public or free. However, Jumeirah beach is beautiful, free and where you will enjoy excellent views of the Burj Al-Arab hotel.


Visit Dubai Jumeirah beach


It is a fairly accessible beach. You can arrive by bus and, although the day is sunny, it does not get as crowded as other beaches in the rest of the world, so you will feel like a privileged being before such natural beauty.


The area is nice and has clean, clear water, which contributes to making it one of the best places you can find in Dubai.


Rent a Private Yacht


Visit Dubai rent private yacht


If you are looking to do luxurious things, there is nothing better than hiring your own private yacht. Being known as the city of the rich, Yacht Rental Dubai is quite standard in the region.


Visit the Best Hotels in the World


Even if you don’t stay in one of the best hotels in Dubai, you can get to know the beauty of its facilities and amenities.


Going for a walk in the best hotels in the world in Dubai is a fun experience that you can do without spending a single penny.


Burj al Arab, Dubai hotel
Burj al Arab, Dubai hotel


It is only a matter of verifying that hotels allow access to the general public, and then marvel at the architecture of these luxurious hotels.


Enjoy a Delicious Brunch


Brunch is a meal where breakfast and lunch are combined, hence its name, which is an acronym in English that is formed by joining the word breakfast (breakfast) and lunch (lunch).


Brunch is a very famous culinary tradition in Dubai that takes place mainly on Fridays to celebrate the start of the weekend.


Arabic food


The best hotels and restaurants in Dubai are famous for their delicious Friday brunches.


If you want to enjoy a delicious brunch on your visit to Dubai, make sure you don’t arrive on Ramadan dates or the Muslim month of fasting.


Marvel at the Water Fountain Show


If you still don’t know what to do in Dubai at night, we suggest you see the magnificent spectacle of the water fountain at the Dubai Mall, near Burj Khalifa, so you can marvel at the water dance.


The water show is very short, since it lasts about four minutes, but sitting in the comfort of a cafeteria and enjoying it is still a magical experience.




If you want a free view, you can visit the Apple store inside the Dubai Mall and go up to the balcony.


Keep in mind that the number of seats is limited and the place is very likely to fill up very quickly. This is so for tourists who attend and arrive from very early. If you can’t find seats, you can enjoy the show from the front.


If you visit the Burj Khalifa building and buy the VIP pass, you will enjoy an exclusive view of the show from its terrace while having breakfast. There is a wide variety of restaurants around that can also function as viewpoints.


Take a Cruise


Marina Dubai


We all love cruises, and touring the port of Dubai is one of the best experiences you can live in this city to please all your tastes. This will allow you to enjoy beautiful views and incredible buildings.


You can take advantage of the cruise to enjoy a delicious dinner with Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. This is a great opportunity to get to know the city from a new point of view.

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