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6 Destinations That Are Warm All Year Long So You Can Escape The Cold

Staying in one place year after year and following the same routine can be so boring. You’re probably dying for a change. And if it’s cold where you are, you’re probably dying for an adventure to a few warm destinations.


Nothing beats a sunny vacation, especially if the trip isn’t digging deep in your pocket.


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Warm Destinations to travel to


Warm Destinations Where You Can Thaw Out This Winter


Indonesia (2,975 sunshine hours annually)


Indonesia is a place where sunshine comes to stay. Occupying the fourth position as the world’s most popular region, it is packed with amazing travel sites and lies on about 17,000 islands. Its extreme geographical diversity creates room for beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and jungles.


Komodo Island, warm destinations
Komodo Island


I could write an entire blog post just on Indonesia and all its beautiful beaches. To name a few of the best Indonesian islands, you might want to explore; Lombok, Sulawesi, Borneo, Komodo, the Maluku Islands, We Island or Moyo Island.


Phuket, Thailand (2,069 sunshine hours annually)


Phuket is a place where you can create lasting memories of relaxing, soaking up the sun and adventure. Home to many prominent beaches as well as classic seaside resorts, there are endless vacations to be had. 


Phuket, Thailand, warm destinations
Phuket, Thailand


Phuket experiences rainy seasons, unlike Indonesia which has steady sunny spots. Its regular temperature ranges from 27°C-36°C (80°F- 95°F) with high humidity making the place even hotter. 


The Philippines (2,105 sunshine hours annually)


The Philippines is quite famous as a warm destination. It’s a place for every tourist who loves amazing meals from stylish family-friendly restaurants and who love to view breathtaking landscapes, stunning sceneries, mountains, and beaches.


Not to mention its “worry-free” vibes. Visiting a place like Coron where there are loads of things to do would certainly give you fond memories of your warm weather adventure.


Coron, Thailand
Coron, Philippines


A trip to the Philippines will certainly be cost-friendly and give you all the sunshine you could want for.


Reunion Island (2,652 sunshine hours annually)


Of all the warm destinations, Reunion Island holds the record as the most unique island paradise to visit. Rain showers pass rapidly leaving long hours of sunshine everywhere. This destination is known for its inexpensive beaches, coastlines and cliffs.


Piton Maido, Reunion Island, warm destinations
Piton Maido, Reunion Island


If you like options, this is a great place to travel to. You can be on the beach or hiking a cliff. Either way, you’re going to have an epic adventure.


South Africa (3,254 sunshine hours annually)


Situated on the Southern Island, South Africa gets loads of sunshine making it an ideal spot for a vacation. It’s one of the happiest places to visit on earth especially for the “beach bums” since it is home to several beaches.


south africa, giraffe, warm destinations
South Africa sunset


If you get enough of sunbathing, Kruger National Park will surprise you with its awesome big game. South Africa also features great city life, awesome adventure, culture, wildlife, and magnificent sceneries.


Not to mention the sun-soaked coastlines.


Havana, Cuba (2,140 sunshine hours annually)


This is a great vacation destination thanks to the fact that it’s warm throughout the year. Its serene environment and picturesque beaches will kick the chill right out of your bones. 


Havana Cuba, oldtimer
Havana, Cuba


There is also an incredible culture to explore. If you book a trip here, be sure to leave some time for the city.


Malaga, Spain (3,000 sunshine hours annually)


Warm winters and hot summers find solace in Malaga, Spain making the place a perfect deal for a holiday. This fascinating city will blow your mind not to mention the crazy outdoor activities.


Nerja, Malaga, warm destinations
Nerja, Malaga


Its numerous sandy beaches will give you plenty of options if you’re looking to relax in the sun and sand.


Canary Islands (2,580 sunshine hours annually)


Perhaps one of the world’s most popular warm destinations, the Canary Islands are a sight to behold. If you have been dreaming of an exotic vacation where you can enjoy outdoor adventure and the beach, then this is the place for you.


Located off the coast of northwestern Africa, the Canary Islands is a Spanish archipelago made of rugged volcanic isles.


Playa Francesca, Canary Islands
Playa Francesca, Canary Islands


Its beaches are known for their black and white sand and stunning beauty. Tenerife, the largest island, even has a sometimes-snowy active volcano Mt. Teide. There are many things to do in Tenerife for just about anyone to enjoy.


While the Canary Islands are magnificent. the inland areas have varying temperatures, unlike the coastal regions which experience sunshine the whole year.


That said, you can visit the part of the island adjacent to the Atlantic since it is always warm. 


Goa, India (1,500 – 2,000 sunshine hours annually)


Goa is located on the west coast of India. This destination boasts warm temperatures all year round with little wet weather. The combination of the two makes the perfect place for anyone who wants to escape the cold and their daily grind.


Goa, India, warm destinations
Goa, India


You don’t have to cash in your bank account to visit these warm destinations. Even if you’re flying from the US. Travel smart and save money with the tips I mentioned, and the only worry you’ll have is which bikini to pack for your trip.

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