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Why London is One of the Best Destinations to Visit in 2020

London is one of the most visited cities in the world. The city today is far from what it used to be; modern development fused with ancient culture has birthed a vibrant metropolis that attracts nearly 27 million tourists each year, all with a London bucket list of their own.


It’s a city that’s on every millennial’s travel wish list. And while it might be the smallest city in England, don’t underestimate the myriad of places and activities it can offer. If you’re heading there, you’ll want a London bucket list of your own.


Below is a list of 8 must-visit places in London that will surely knock your socks off and are budget-friendly. And if you are lucky enough, you can even have a free tour in London.


London on a budget


Some Things to Add to Your London Bucket List


When You Visit London, Take a Swing on the London Eye


This has to be the most iconic feature that depicts London. It’s a giant Ferris wheel located at the south bank of the River Thames that measures approximately 135 meters high and 120 meters in diameter.


The London Eye, London bucket list
The London Eye


If you want a brief aerial view of London, then hop onto the wheel. Tourists normally share a spacious pod and from the top, they can spot famous historic monuments such as the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and the Tower Bridge.


Visit London and Explore Camden Where the Culture is 


If you are one of those tourists that are into culture and history, then Camden is the place for you. It’s a popular cultural neighborhood in North London known for weird cultural experiences such as Goths, rockabillies, punks and the likes.


Camden record store, London bucket list
Camden record store


The market in Camden is extraordinary and diverse with plenty of street food to indulge. The stalls are uniquely designed selling a whole range of products such as clothing and vintage furniture.


Feel Chic in Soho When You Visit London


I don’t think there is any millennial who isn’t conversant with Soho or better yet, has never heard of Soho. It can best be described as London’s hotspot. If nightlife is more your thing, then Soho has got you.


Soho London, London bucket list
Soho London


There is an array of bars, pubs and restaurants beautifully displayed along the streets of Soho. This area has come to be known as the base of London’s sex industry and the LGBTQ+ community has a sweet haven here.


Soho is equally superb during the day as it is at night. There are a number of cafes, theatres and Jazz clubs that attract a lot of younger tourists and music lovers.


Learn the Art of Graffiti in London


Top of the best artsy areas in London has got to be Shoreditch. Pop culture lovers really get to release their creativity and unwind in the streets packed with bars and cafes. You can also find a number of grand art galleries when tourists can buy take-away souvenirs.


Leake Street grafitti
Leake Street graffiti trunnel


Graffiti is generally illegal in London; however, there is a particular street in the city called Leake Street with a ‘free wall’ where graffiti artists get to express themselves in the art.


You can also check out Brick Lane, Camden and Brixton for some cool street art. 


Dine on a Cruise on London’s River Thames


River Thames is England’s longest river and it’s a must-see for every tourist visiting London. This majestic river has been a base for settlement of many Londoners dating from prehistoric times.


There are cruise packages offered by a number of companies across the Thames that typically run from 30 minutes to several hours day and night.


London, best places to propose
River Thames


The package allows people to view London from a different angle not forgetting the ample food and drinks served on board.


Visit the O2 Arena 


The O2 Arena is a giant dome originally constructed as a way to usher in the millennium. A bunch of exhibitions and activities have been hosted here, mostly those geared to promoting the welfare of children.


Today, it’s an exquisite place to hang out with your friends as you enjoy live music, stage shows and movies at the cinema.


O2 Arena
O2 Arena


For the exercise enthusiast, the O2 Arena offers guided walks where you can climb along the dome to the roof.


Just outside the O2 arena, you will find the footsteps of Hollywood stars at the Leicester square. Many tourists come from all corners of the world to have a glimpse of these footsteps as a way of honoring men and women in film.


When You’re There, You Must Visit Buckingham Palace


The Buckingham Palace is home to the British Royal family since 1837 and is currently the residence and administrative headquarters of the UK.


Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace


It features a huge park with beautiful gardens where tourists get to relax after a long day of sight-seeing.


The most fascinating activity of the palace is watching the world-famous changing of the guards. The queen guards are replaced by the new guards as they match to Buckingham palace.


London After Dark


London is vibrant during the day and pumps it up at night. There is always an event or two at almost every street in London drawing heaps of tourists.


As the sun sets, the street lights illuminate the buildings giving London a magical and dazzling look. Walking tours come in play and contrary to popular belief, shopping at night is the most enjoyable and freeing.


London Bridge at night
London Bridge at night


Some historic monuments are in close proximity and tourists can tour them after dark when it’s less sunny and less human traffic. Gothic architecture such as Big Ben and Westminster cathedral can easily be spotted on foot during tours.


In view of these amazing places, it goes to show that London is indeed a tourist heaven. It equally mesmerizes both the young generation as well as the old.


The best advice that I can give to someone planning to visit London is to conduct ample research and plan their London bucket list accordingly.


With this, you will be able to tour more places as well as enjoy the food and sights that will come on the trip.

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