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3 Top Destinations: Things to do in Thailand

In the last decade or two, Thailand has garnered a lot of attention as a tourist destination. The country is known for its exotic beaches, rich culture, delicious food, and happening lifestyle. There was a time when Thailand was stereotyped as a tour destination for budget travelers, backpackers, and bachelor party animals. However, over the years the tour dynamics of Thailand have evolved to a great extent, and it has now developed as an excellent travel destination for people of all ages, preference and socio-economic class.


Things to do in Thailand

From luxury, exotic white beach resorts to budget motels, from the metro city and beach towns to lush green mountains and forests, from water sports and attractions to nature and shopping, Thailand has something to offer for everyone. It is easily one of those destinations where you cannot cover the country in a single trip, and you want to go back again and again to enjoy more flavors of it. Although it is tough to shortlist the best Thailand destinations since every single town has something unique to offer, here are some of the must-visit Thai destinations.


Things to do in Thailand



Known as one of the largest islands and one of the most developed cities after the capital city, Phuket is by far one of the best destinations in the country. It alone has so much to offer that you can easily spend a week in Phuket and treat it as a standalone holiday without visiting any other regions in the country, and you will still feel you have not had enough of it.


Phuket Island is a hub to a very happening and lively urban town and a different beach strip. If you are looking for a lot of music, party, and food, then you will fall in love with the Patong beach and the delicious eateries at the lively Bangla Street. If you want something secluded and serene, then Kata and Karon’s beaches are your places to be. You can take a further boat ride to a more Koh Phi Phi to get a taste of a beautiful white sandy beach.


Phuket, Thailand, warm destinations
Phuket, Thailand

Koh Samui

If you are looking for a serene and secluded, straight out of a fairy-tale location where you can unwind at a luxury beach resort while gazing at the beautiful sunset, then Koh Samui is your place to be. Samui is one of the newest tour destinations, which is probably why it is still not very touristy and has a more serene feel to it compared to Phuket. That said, it is in no way dull or boring and has a lot of sightseeing, water sports and other attractions to offer.

Things to do in Koh Samui



Pattaya was initially a fishing town in Thailand and was later known for its famous pubs and nightclubs. However, it is no more a haven for bachelor parties and is fully developed into an exciting travel destination. Pattaya is established as a beach town with dozens of exciting things to do. You can choose from some attractions such as the Safari world, Water Park and sightseeing in Pattaya. The city is easily accessible by road from the capital and is an excellent option for short budget getaways if you do not want to take connecting flights to other Thai regions farther away.


pattaya thailand with kids


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