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How to Make the Best Out of a Delayed Flight

Flight delays are a nuisance that will have affected most people who travel by plane at some point or another. Not only do they have a knock-on effect when it comes to making connecting flights or engagements; but they can also provide tedious hours of boredom. However, while delays are never going to be enjoyable, there are ways to make them bearable with these airport tips and tricks.


flight delays


Airport Tips and Tricks So You Can’t Get Bored When You Experience a Flight Delay


Explore the Airport! Especially if you have kids


One of the best airport tips and tricks and probably the first thing to do if your flight has a delay for a while is to learn your surroundings and where everything is, and the best way of doing this is by exploring.


Take note of where you need to be, and when, but then the airport is your domain.


flight delays airport
Teach kids about planes!


Once you know where everything is, it will make your stay in the airport less daunting and hassle-free, allowing you to relax.


Airports are filled with all kinds of things to help pass the time. You can find many different types of restaurants, stores, even art galleries, and pretty statues and fountains.


One of my favorite things to do at the airport is to find a good spot to watch the planes take off and get caught up on work.


Head to the Lounge


Seated areas in airports are okay, but lounges are a lot better, and, of course, there will be food and drink on tap. If the delay is caused by an airline, by asking nicely, they may let you into the airport lounge.


This will allow you to relax in comfort, while also refueling with a bite to eat and refreshments ahead of your next flight.


airport tips and tricks, kids in the airport
In the SAS Lounge at Terminal B Newark International Airport


If you are a rewards member of a particular airline or carry a credit card that is partnered with an airline for miles, you probably have a discount on airline sky clubs and can even use your miles to pay for your entry. 


Catch Up On Work


While waiting for your flight, whether you’re in the lounge or not, it’s the perfect time to catch up on some work.


If your job allows you to work remotely, what better way to pass the spare time thrust upon you than by sending some emails or making important calls.


When you do arrive at your destination, there will be more time for yourself, knowing that the work you planned to do on arrival is already complete.


flight delays airport, airport tips and tricks


Take a moment to find a quiet spot with outlets, or maybe you rather grab a booth in a restaurant. 


Game and Entertain Yourself


Delays can cause stress and irritation, so, gaming is the perfect remedy. Smartphones and tablets can produce stunning gaming experiences that will immediately immerse you into the action, taking your mind of a frustrating flight delay.


safety measures for kids with cellphones


You could opt to play a game that gets you moving around the airport, such as Pokémon Go, or you may wish to spin the reels of some exciting slot games at RoyalVegas CA; as you may be able to pick up a cash prize or too at a mobile casino while waiting for news on your flight.


Wine and Dine


Everyone can eat some lovely food in an airport lounge, but many airports now come equipped with high-end eateries that offer fine dining opportunities to guests. I don’t think anyone is a fan of food on a plane, so, getting stuck into some beautiful food before your flight is advantageous.


dining in Europe, the best food cities


Good food warms the soul too, and it will do a great job in helping the annoyance of a flight delay slip away. 


If you’re more interested in wine and small bites, most airports now have little wine spots where you can grab a delicate appetizer and a paired glass of wine to pass the time. Trust me, there are worse ways to pass the time.


All of us are likely to encounter a flight delay at one time or another, and they will always prove to be frustrating and a great annoyance. However, by using our airport tips and tricks above, you’ll find the experience more useful and even enjoyable!

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