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The Most Popular US Destinations for Tourists from China

Statistics by the U.S Commerce Department show 3.5 million Chinese nationals visited the US in 2017 and spent a whopping $33 billion dollars. Since then these numbers continue to grow each year clearly indicating the United States is a popular holiday destination among the Chinese. To travel to the US from China tourists have to apply for a U.S. visitor visa or check their EVUS status online. So where are the most popular US destinations for Chinese nationals? Read on to find out.


The Most Popular US Destinations for Chinese Nationals

Chinese Travelers Love New York


things to do in new york, best places to shop in New York City, popular US destinations for Chinese nationals


Among the most popular US destinations for Chinese nationals, a trip to the Big Apple is definitely a must for most Chinese tourists otherwise their journey to the United States would be incomplete.


Popular for its bright lights, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Times Square, Central Park, 5th Avenue, world-class museums such as Metropolitan Museum of Art and the United Nations headquarters, New York City has a lot to offer its Chinese visitors.


A key attraction for most tourists from China traveling to NY is Niagara Falls. These are three large falls that are in Buffalo, New York. A trip to the falls from New York City will take you several hours but Niagara Falls is a magnificent sight to see.  


The falls at the border of US and Canada are actually one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions receiving over 14 million tourists annually.


Washington DC is a Must for Travelers from China


best places to travel with kids, popular US destinations for Chinese nationals


This is the capital city of America and its center of power.  Over 300,000 Chinese travelers visit Washington, DC every year.


Obviously, most Chinese tourists make the trip to Washington to see the White House. Taking photos outside the house where the US president lives offers something to remember their US trip for years.


After visiting the White House a trip to the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial are some of the other attractions Chinese tourists include in their DC travel plans. At these national monuments, they get to learn about America’s great history.


A trip to Capitol Hill, The National Archives and the Smithsonian Museums are also popular stops.


Among Popular US destinations for Chinese Nationals in Los Angeles


cultural areas of los angeles, popular US destinations for Chinese nationals


LA has a large populations of Chinese- Americans probably that is one reason why many Chinese tourists make their way there.


After Mexico, China had 1.1 million people travel to Los Angeles in 2016. These travelers spent $1.6 billion on entertainment, food, hotels, and retail.


What do Chinese tourists do when they visit the second largest city in the US?


  1. Go to the Hollywood Walk of Fame to take pictures of stars bearing names, hand, and footprints of famous celebrities.
  2. Visit Dolby Theatre, the venue where the Oscars are held each year.
  3. Take a tour around The Madame Tussauds Hollywood, where wax figures of world leaders, sports icons and celebrities are on display.
  4. Go up to the Hollywood sign.
  5. Soak up the sun at Venice Beach.
  6. Visit Universal Studios where they get to enjoy some movie theme actives like Jurassic Park- the Ride, Transformers-The Ride-3D and the Walking Dead walkthrough attraction. To attract more Chinese guests and make their visit more pleasurable Universal Studios offer park tours in Mandarin.


Hands Down Hawaii


Jurassic Park in Hawaii, Kauai


Hawaii has always been a wonderful US destination for many travelers looking for the perfect beach holiday. This state is made up entirely of islands, there 6 main islands, and the weather is beautiful all year round.


Chinese tourists who vacay in Hawaii enjoy surfing, learning about marine life, whale watching, touring volcanic sites or simply lounging on the beach.


One of the favorite places to be in Hawaii is Waikiki Beach on the south shore of Oahu. Oahu Island is home to Hawaii’s biggest city Honolulu.


If you’re a Chinese tourist going to Hawaii you will be happy to know the Hawaii Tourism Authority has made their website easily accessible in the Chinese language for you to read up on about Hawaii before or during your visit.


From the website you’ll know about Hawaii culture, activities to indulge in, culinary offerings, etc.


Las Vegas Might be the Most Sought After Destination


popular US destinations for Chinese nationals


Popularly known as sin city, Las Vegas has been called the entertainment capital of the world entertainment capital of the world. Why? Because it offers visitors a lot of entertainment options such as a lively nightlife, riveting shows, museums, theme parks, endless pool parties, etc.


One of the most popular US destinations for Chinese nationals, Las Vegas has something for everyone.


A major reason why Chinese tourists head to Las Vegas is to enjoy the gambling venues in the city. I’m sure you have seen it in the movies in Vegas gambling is big business.


There are numerous large casinos and if you’re into gambling or just want to try your luck Las Vegas is the perfect place to do some gambling. And remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!


Surprisingly Chinese Nationals Love Arizona


the grand canyon


Hundreds of tourists travel to Arizona each year largely to see the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon one of the natural wonders of the world has been carved out by the Colorado River over the past 6 million years.


It has an average depth of 1.6 km (1mile) and a width of 29 km (18 miles) making it one of the deepest gorges on earth.


Chinese visitors to the Grand Canyon can use hiking trails to get to viewpoints which gives amazing views of the Canyon. Helicopter rides over the attraction are also available.


Ride mules in the Grand Canyon nature trails and whitewater rafting on the Colorado River are also some other activities guests enjoy.


Like Niagara Falls, this attraction receives millions of visitors each year, around 5 million. So if you plan to visit the Grand Canyon I recommend making your travel plans in advance.


During the summer getting accommodation at hotels or camping space in the national parks can be difficult.


In Closing There are Many Popular US Destinations for Chinese Nationals


There are many popular US destinations for Chinese nationals to explore. The US is a large country and if you’re traveling there from China or anywhere else in the world deciding where and what to do can be overwhelming.


I hope this article makes planning your trip to the United States easier.


Let us know how your trip was once your back!


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