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5 Exotic and Exciting Honeymoon Destinations Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About

So many newlyweds hit up the same honeymoon destinations. And I get it, they want that iconic experience. But for those of you who are looking for something new, these destinations are sure to deliver a trip full of excitement. Each year, approximately 2.3 million couples “tie the knot” in the United States. The actual ceremony is an important part of getting married, but what many couples look forward to the most is their honeymoon. And while the destination is very important, so is the accommodation. You can find some amazing villas at, but finding the right destination is a must.


If your big day is coming up and you want to explore honeymoon destinations that are a bit more exciting and exotic than traditional destinations, such as Hawaii, consider some of the options on the list here.


Exciting Honeymoon Destinations Your Mom Didn’t Tell You About


1. Harbour Island Where Pink Sand Beach Isn’t in Your Dreams


Best known for the unique pink sand beaches, there’s no other destination in the world that surpasses the romantic aura and elegance offered at Harbour Island. In addition to picturesque scenery, this particular destination is home to a wide array of exotic marine life, beyond the typical stingrays and turtles.


Pink Sand Beach Harbour Island,


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One of the most appealing parts of Harbour Island is the seclusion it offers. While everyone should visit this destination at least once in their life, it’s a great honeymoon spot.


2. Dubai Where Desert Landscapes and Aqua Marine Waters Take You Away


The most popular of all the seven emirates of United Arab Emirates, there’s no question that this cosmopolitan city offers quite a few appealing attractions for any honeymooner. With amazing desert landscapes, mega-malls, beautiful golf courses, and skyscrapers unlike anywhere else in the world, there’s no question that Dubai is a great place for unparalleled luxury and never-ending romance. There are so many things to do in Dubai that you’ll want to go back for more!


exotic destinations


During your visit, you are going to find countless things to do, including helicopter or hot air balloon rides, yacht excursions, a Dhow dinner cruise, and more. Your honeymoon will truly be unforgettable if you choose Dubai as your destination.


honeymoon destinations


3. Seychelles Where Seclusion Gets Romantic


Seychelles is actually an archipelago that’s comprised of more than 115 islands, beautiful white sand beaches, charming landscapes, and more and it provides the perfect backdrop for your romantic excursion. During your visit, take the time to hike down the Anse Major Trail, or take a romantic stroll along Anse Lazio beach.


4. Cape Town Where there is Something for Everyone


Found on the most southern tip of the African continent, with beautiful scenery all around, a destination for your honeymoon that may not be as popular as others is Cape Town.


south africa cape town,


This historic city is a melting pot of cultures from all across the globe, making it a great honeymoon destination and vacation spot. During your visit, you can spend your time enjoying the spectacular view from Table Mountain or explore the various countryside towns situated on Cape Country Meander. You will find there is something for every honeymooning couple visiting Cape Town.


5. Banff Where Pristine Landscapes Take You Away From it All


What’s your honeymoon desire? A non-stop excitement or romance and relaxation? Regardless of what you choose, you will find Banff delivers.


honeymoon destinations


With the charm of the Canadian Rockies, this destination is the ideal blend of beautiful green parks, high-rising mountains, and pristine lakes. There’s no question this is a unique and exciting destination, but there is much more to Banff than what you may initially think. It’s also home to grizzly bears, fine dining establishments, and unique boutiques.


While visiting, make sure you pet wolf-dogs and be on the lookout for elk!


Pack Your Bags!


As you can see, there are more than a few amazing honeymoon destinations for you to visit. If you still don’t know where to go, consider one of the options on this list. They won’t disappoint, providing plenty of romance and exciting things to do in a new and exotic location. Celebrate your nuptials by going somewhere you only ever dreamed of – it will be a honeymoon that you never forget.

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