Hidden Gems in Las Vegas Everyone Should Explore On Their Next Trip

Las Vegas is globally famous for its luxurious Casinos and sleepless nights. However, the value the city has to offer is worth more than the couple millions it trades every day. Having fun in The City of Entertainment is not limited to crazy partying and all-night gambling sessions. Here are 3 hidden gems you should watch out for during your next trip to Vegas. You can thank me later!


Hidden Gems in Las Vegas


Having fun in the City of Entertainment is not limited to crazy partying and all-night gambling sessions. You can look for other things to do in Las Vegas that will still make your vacation unforgettable. If you want to have an entertaining and extraordinary vacation getaway, here are 3 hidden gems you should watch out for during your next trip to Vegas.


Outstanding Viewpoints


Although Las Vegas mainly defines itself by its urban activities, many breathtaking viewpoints are accessible to travelers. You can visit the Grand Canyon, the Valley of Fire and the Fortification Hill, admiring them from a helicopter flight is a unique experience you can couple with a night flight over Las Vegas’ Casino lights. Another local secret is Red Rock Canyon. An incredible hiking location about 25 minutes off the strip.


Incredible Local Galleries


hidden gems in las vegas


Art is a luxurious possession, and is there any better place to exhibit such valuable objects than a Vegas Gallery? For art amateurs or simply curious tourists, Las Vegas City offers exceptional art galleries, where the finest of the arts are exhibited. If you have the time for an intellectual tour, visit the Bellagio Gallery Fine Art.


Art in the Desert


hidden gems in las vegas


As we saw previously, The City of Sins is not limited to its borders. While most travelers limit themselves to Casino and luxurious hotels, renting a car and driving around the city may be just as pleasing. If you are a keen explorer or merely curious enough, you can pass by Ugo Rondinone’s Seven Magic Mountains or explore ghost town of Rhyolite. Both sites have their own mystical atmosphere that will transport you to places further than Vegas.


International Traveler’s Tip


The Importance of ESTA


Traveling to the U.S.A. involves submitting a traveling authorization called ESTA. Available for two years, this document enables foreign travelers to visit the most beautiful cities and landscapes in the United States. To enhance your experience, ESTA.com is offering its services to facilitate the ESTA document acquisition. Register on our website for a simple and effective ESTA process.


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You don’t have to succumb to the regular tourist traps on the strip. Expand your sites and your adventure and enjoy these hidden gems in Las Vegas.

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