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5 Must Have Items in Every Traveler’s Backpack

If you’re setting off on a big adventure, you might be wondering about packing a travel backpack. Backpacking can be defined as hiking on foot while carrying a backpack with all the personal belongings throughout the journey. Many pro and seasoned travelers love this style of traveling because it offers them complete control over flexibility and mobility. Not only can they travel and blend in the atmosphere at their own pace but they also can enjoy more time to get mingling with the local people. 


While it is fun and engaging to travel with a backpack, packing a travel backpack can be a challenge. The guide below will help you out with the list of essential items before you embark on your immersive adventure. And if you’re looking for some super badass camping gear, I made an epic camping gift guide you should totally check out.


So You’re Packing a Travel Backpack, But with What?


Important Documents to Keep in Your Travel Backpack




It is the most important thing that should always occupy your mind before and during your traveling trip, especially to foreign countries. When packing a travel backpack, your passport should 1000% be at the top of the list.


Traveling Plans and Printed Tickets


Having a good traveling plan is a huge benefit, especially in saving your overall cost. In the long run, traveling plans can also help you to be more flexible and adapt to unexpected changes in your long journey. Also remember to print out your tickets for the airplane, bus, etc. Just in case you do not have access to your e-ticket (due to poor wifi signal or your phone might go out of battery)


Driver’s License


A lot of countries will accept U.S driver’s license. If you plan on renting a car during your trip, your driver’s license will always come in handy.


packing a travel backpack


Cell Phone Accessories Everyone Should Pack 


Universal Adapter


Remember to get yourself an all-in-one universal adapter. You will find out that a lot of public places often offer a free recharging spot for your mobile phone.  With a universal adapter, you do not have to worry about wasting your time strolling through the local vendors to find the right one. Your entire trip, especially if you travel to different continents, will be a lot more convenient and enjoyable.


Portable Phone Charger


The portable phone charger is a valuable alternative besides your standard one. If you plan on spending a couple of days trekking through the forest or mountain, you might find yourself in some situations that the whole splendid scenery is laid before your eyes, but your out-of-battery phone refuses to let you capture the moment. When packing a travel backpack, you might want to make a sticky note for this one. 


Extra Wearables You’ll Want to Have in Your Travel Pack


Waterproof Wear


If you travel through various tropical regions, one heavy rainy day during the summer might catch you in surprise. Prepare a waterproof layer for these situations.


Extra Pair of Shoes


During your backpacking adventure, it is no doubt that your shoes will bear abundant pressures, even more so if you travel through areas with uneven surfaces or engage in activities such as mountain hiking or climbing.


An extra pair of shoes will back you up in case you, unfortunately, tear your current one. Also, if you still have space in your backpack, a pair of flip-flops or sandals is nice if you travel to the coastal areas.


Extra Clothes


One of the most exceptional experiences during traveling is to spend time with the locals. If you plan on spending the nights in the local homestay, extra clothes will definitely worth their weight in gold. Remember to use your favorite clothes rolling or bundling technique to maximize your backpack’s space and minimize wrinkles on your clothes.


Food and Water to Pack in Your Backpack


Small canned foods or a couple of energy bars are often the great choices if you want some extra energy along the way. They do not take up many spaces in your backpack and still provide you with the needed stamina. Nobody likes dehydration. A refillable water bottle is a perfect solution to keep you going on your long trip. A note: drink up your bottle before going through the airport security. They usually do not let a filled bottle pass through the checking gate.


Other Cool Stuff to Consider Packing in Your Travel Backpack


Professional Camera and a Tripod


If you are a professional photographer or you take photography as a serious hobby, then a professional camera and a tripod are the must-haves. They do add a lot more weights in your backpack, but their benefits will always overcome this small setback. 


travel filming tips, packing a travel backpack


Imagine yourself standing in front of a breathtaking waterfall or under a lovely sunset; nothing can beat the perfection that a professional camera on a tripod can offer. No matter if it is a long exposure picture, a panoramic shot or an HDR photo (High Dynamic Range photo), you can capture all of these moments with the best quality and sharpest images. They will linger in your memory forever.


A Skateboard


A lot of X-sports fan do travel the world with their skateboard. Additionally, a lot of backpacks have an actual design to support skateboard carrying. It is essential to take note of the difference between a standard skateboard and a longboard. A standard skateboard is shorter than a longboard but contains harder wheels which support trick performing. A longboard is produced with softer wheels which make it convenient for cruise mode on various surfaces.


A longboard impressively transforms the traveling style and experience. Imagine there is just you and your favorite longboard, together cruising down the way on a famous hill, or cruising along a peaceful countryside with dotted mountains in the background. Do not hesitate to invest your time in finding out the right longboard to fit your traveling plan. There are a variety of options ranging from cheap long boards to expensive ones that will tailor to your custom needs.


A worthy note: Some airports will require to check in your skateboard. That is why it is important to have a backpack that your skateboard will fit.


Interesting Books


When you want to lay back under the blue sky to enjoy the serenity, there is nothing more relaxing than to finish one of your favorite books. A traveling book is also a good idea as you can plan your next itinerary, or understand a bit more about the local culture where you are visiting. Nonetheless, if you are fond of writing, do not forget to jot down a page or two on your traveling journal. It is genuinely an excellent way to relive the memory of your adventure. I have some cool books in my Pamper Yourself Gift Guide you should totally check out. 


For more travel tips, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a post! You don’t have to stress about packing a travel backpack. If you feel like you missed something or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me in the comments below. 

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