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Exos Backpack Review, travel gear, backpack, carry on

Carry On Style – Exos Backpack Review Gets a 10

I was recently sent the EXOS backpack to review. It’s not too often I give a travel product a full on ten, but I am loving this bag. I put this thing to the ultimate test and used it over a three-month period during which I traveled from Atlanta, Georgia to Mexico, Los Angeles, Chicago, Edinburgh, Düsseldorf, Sarasota, Los Angeles again, Florida again, San Francisco and of course back to Atlanta in between. Yeah, that’s the last three months of my life. And I did it all with my new favorite carry on, the EXOS Bravo Series Black backpack. 


Exos Backpack Review, backpack, travel gear, carry on


So what’s so rad about the EXOS backpack? Here’s the skinny on what I love about this travel pack.

  • It has multiple large/deep compartments (a large, medium, small and wallet size).
  • Laptop case on the back.
  • Wallet size compartment is perfect for the things I need fast in the airport (passport, money, phone, headphones, lip gloss you get it.
  • The small compartment is awesome for my clear bag of liquids. I can easily access this in the security line and not worry about holding up the line.
  • The laptop case is awesome for easy access to my device (for use and security).
  • The medium compartment is what I use for my shoes (and where I stuff my cords, plugs and small electronics and makeup case).
  • The large compartment is awesome for my clothes (which I roll up), my camera, some of my camera equipment and anything else I can fit in there.
  • The large compartment also unzips completely like a suitcase allowing access to everything without having to dig through a deep pocket.
  • Smaller interior pockets allow you to keep things organized.
  • On the outside of the EXOS backpack there are multiple hooks and clips where I secure extra things like my Chuck Taylors, a scarf, a jacket and even a water bottle.




The Reality of Traveling with One Bag like the EXOS Backpack


I travel like every 10 days. This means I can either pay for checked bags or carry on. I always carry on with my Darth Vader suitcase and now my EXOS backpack. However, if I’m flying on Spirit Air, I use ONLY the EXOS backpack because it meets their bare bones standard so I don’t have to pay extra for carry-ons.


Realistically, I can and have traveled for five-day trips with nothing but my EXOS backpack.


I love this bag, it’s worth every penny. I will be using this pack until it falls apart. For more information on where to get the EXOS bag, check out their website here.


Exos Backpack Review, backpack, travel gear, carry on

The EXOS Backpack was sent to me to test out. All of my opinions in this article are true to my experience. 




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